Gay Adoption: It’s A Thing. Coming Soon To A State Near You, We Hope


IT’S A THING. IN FLORIDA. The state attorney general has chosen not to appeal the ruling that struck down the gay adoption ban, which means that the homosexual adoption spree can theoretically begin any moment now. Where is Anita Bryant. I want to see a reaction shot from her, or possibly have her put into a reality-TV-show style confessional so I can savor her rage and confusion.


This is exciting news for gay couples who have been considering adoption or are in the process of trying to adopt, but possibly even more exciting for the thousands of children languishing in an overflowing foster care system. Their pool of potential adoptive parents has just widened to every couple who wants to raise a child, not just those parents who enjoy penis-in-vagina sex!

Since the tentative lifting of the ban, Broward County agencies received more than a half-dozen calls from openly gay and lesbian residents, said Sasheika Eugent, a spokesperson for Childnet, Broward’s foster care and adoption agency. Miami Dade County and Palm Beach County agencies said they hadn’t yet tracked those calls.

At any time, there are about 950 children available for adoption in Florida, with about 19,000 in foster care.


Those of you playing along from home may have noticed that Gaga tweeted she was giving her first interview on her new album, Born This Way. And now we have kind of garbled and unclear footage of that interview with Anderson Cooper, which is virtually impossible to understand but which may include her saying that Born This Way is her “magnum opus.”


When was the last time you watched Sesame Street? Yeah me neither, but apparently we should be because they’ve been very gay and very fashion lately. For instance, True Blood parodies, appearances by Neil Patrick Harris and Wanda Sykes, and a tenuously gay-sounding tweet by Bert! Which, I mean, really? Bert has a twitter account?


Apparently going braless is “in” right now, and ONTD seems to be of the opinion that this is a bad thing. Discuss.


This is for all you people who are still watching the Parminder Nagra/Keira Knightley parts of Bend It Like Beckham on repeat. Knightley is considering a role in The Children’s Hour, a play banned in the thirties about two schoolmistresses accused of a lesbian affair. Unfortunately it’s being produced for the London stage and not as a moving picture show but still, there will probably be stills released like that time Daniel Radcliffe did Equus, so. (@telegraph)


Is she gay? Someone on the internet wants to know. (@foreign)

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  1. it’s unlikely that i will ever put on a bra today. i think that the commenters on ONTD were objecting to the fake nipples (which is like a product in the opposite spirit of not wearing a bra, imo) rather than the braless thing. but maybe i’m just perky this morning and looking on the brightside.

  2. Does everyone know that Bend It Like Beckham was originally a lesbian love story and they had to take out that aspect to get it made, but they left some of the scenes exactly as it were? I feel like everyone should know this because then that movie/the world makes so much more sense.

  3. If Missy Elliot doesn’t have at least some girl likeage to her, I will eat these computer speakers.

    • You made it a win-win. Either Missy Elliot is gay/bi, or I get to watch someone eat speakers. Don’t worry though. If you have to eat the speakers, I’ll totally have EMS on stand-by. :)

    • me too! i went to shanghai this year and expected to see pajama wearing people milling about (i read online about how it’s the “cool” thing for native Shanghainese to walk around showing off their PJs) but no, i didn’t see any.

      and for the first time in my life a 3-4 years back, i lived in a place with winter and i was really happy when i could spend the day braless in what is practically my sleepwear- track pants and hoodies.

  4. Oh yeah, I came across that Sesame Street twitter a few months ago. Cookie Monster’s tweets are golden, Abby Cadabby’s seem pretty good even though she’s after my time, and Elmo… man, I never liked Elmo. Just something about him made little-kid me decide he had nefariously ulterior motives.

    Also, just the other day I stumbled across a moviefilm of The Children’s Hour on TV, with Hepburn and Garner and all that – but, being the uncultured swine that I am, had never heard of it, and figured I’d already missed too much of the movie to bother. Drat. Though in the thirty seconds of Google it took me to reassure myself I wouldn’t be getting any actor names embarrassingly wrong, I’ve already gotten ending spoilers. Triple drat!

    Adoption is, of course, completely awesome, but seeing as I’m more comfortable with Muppets as a topic of discourse than classic film stars I think I’ll just leave it at that.

    And the braless thing…well, that’s going to be one hell of a limited trend, considering some people wear bras for a reason. (Not me, though I do prefer an underwire because I am paranoid about not having enough boob to actually hold a bra in place and it’ll just slide around…)

    Geez I’m rambly today. It’s the giddy comment award high, I tell you!

  5. i went to the mall without a bra on today. i didn’t have a clean one, but lets just pretend i’m trendy

  6. hate bras, never wore them, never will. but my breats are so small they kind of disappear into the rest of my body. but not my nipples..when it’s that’s a thing.

      • that is hilarious. my two-year-old goddaughter has started including her ‘boobies,’ all on her own, when we play the body-parts game (i.e. where are your eyes, ears, etc. in case that sounded creepy and weird).

  7. I went to school on Tuesday, actually FORGOT to wear a Bra. I decided it would become a thing I would intentionally do. I guess it works for me cause if my boobs get any smaller I’ll be more concave then convex.

  8. I gotta say, my tits manage to defy gravity for their size, but I still don’t really like going bra-less most of the time. Since like the 4th grade, any amount of even moderate jiggling can be a little uncomfortable. Plus, I imagine consistently wearing bras (along with never popping any pet youngings out of my vag) have helped counteract gravity, hence why they are still freakishly perked.

  9. really? fake nipples? makes me think of neuticals, the fake balls they can give animals after they’ve been neutered. creepy.

    now every time i see a girl with hard nipples i’m going to have suspicions.
    talk about a conversation starter, “pardon me miss, but are those your natural nipples?” SCORE.

  10. Keira Knightly is awful live. Just awful. It’s sad but true.

    Besides, who needs her in The Children’s Hour when you can have Audrey Hepburn any day? :)

  11. Um hello, Kate Moennig on Dexter tonight?? ANYONE???

    She was hot, of course, had more tattoos, it was wonderful…

    But sadly she was wearing a bra. Shane does not wear a bra.

    Still, unf unf unf all day long.

  12. Yay for queer adoption! Everyone should have the right to be financially strapped, exhausted and neurotically worried about little people over whom you realistically have no control!

  13. The OG “Children’s Hour” (book and movie. READ THE BOOKS.) is awesome. I actually cried a little.

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