FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: What’s Your Type??

The cover image is of Shayna Schmidt and Melissa Weisz in New Yiddish Rep’s “God of Vengeance.” (Photo by Ronald Glassman)

Happy Friday waffle fries! You made it through another week and I’m so proud of you. I bet you also did something really great, like finished your to-do list one day, or smiled at your friend who looked sad, or got out of bed and stretched your bod. Good for you!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my type, primarily because I’m a thirsty ho who’s always thinking about cute girls, but also because I’ve been reading/watching a lot about Indecent by Paula Vogel. Have you seen Indecent? It’s a play about a play: Vogel uses a twentieth century Yiddish play about lesbians and sex workers as source material to write a play that tells theatre history, American history, and Jewish history. It’s beautiful, it’s gay, and it makes me feel very aware of how precious life is. ANYWAY. There’s a video of the cast and creative crew and well, I’ve got a crush. Her name’s Adina Verson, she plays the ingenue character in Indecent and she’s got curly dark hair, she wears glasses that take up her whole face on the red carpet, and she looks like she’s got an MFA in acting. To put it frankly, she is very much my type.

I have two types. One is the Adina Verson type: probably coastal elite, probably has an MFA in acting, definitely was a vegetarian for at least a year of high school, looks amazing in movement wear.


My other type is the Brittney Griner: light-skinned with dreads, masculine of center, ball is life, she loves her mom and baby sister, and is probably bad for me.

This is fine. I’m fine.

Do you have a type? Do your friends tell you that all of your crushes look alike? Mine do. I just own it. I know what I like! I wanna hear all about your type. I also want to hear about your week! I also want to hear about your plans for the weekend! Listen – I want to hear any and everything you want me to hear. Let’s chat about it all!

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