FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: What Would Be A Great Music Collaboration?

HELLO TO ALL THE HATERS AND FAKERS. Ahahaha, no, hello for real. How is the weather treating you? Some of us here in America are melting into the seats of our cars and then peeling ourselves off of them like wrappers from taffy candy, but at least there’s sun!

I’ve been celebrating the warmer weather by listening to SZA’s new album “Ctrl” on repeat. It’s an R&B (and summer) album for sure, but there are melodies and riffs  reminiscent of 90s alt-rock bands – but specifically The Sundays, The Cardigans, and Sneaker Pimps – that are so well incorporated that’s it’s driving me up the wall a little bit because I can’t place my finger on who it sounds like exactly. Ugh, who cares, I love you, SZA.

But because it feels a little to me like a cross-over album, I’ve been thinking about this song a lot:

Remember. Remember Tim McGraw and Nelly absolutely blowing our minds with this song? The country/R&B crossover hit our dreams? No, it was actually terrible. Also probably most of you reading are like, “For one, I was three years old when that song came out, and two, I don’t listen to music like that.” Fair! But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t use the same template to create the collaboration of our dreams. For example, here was mine a couple weeks ago:

What’s yours? Also how are you? If you don’t want to get into it that’s fine, too. We can keep it light. Is there a pride where you are and are you going? As always we welcome pictures of your dogs and your cats and your other various pets.

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  1. i would really like to see a collab between tegan and sara and celine dion and not just because it’d be the most canadian thing my heart could stand, but also because they are all harmonizing ANGELS.

    imagine a capella it’s all coming back to me now. just imagine.

  2. My doggy had surgery on Tuesday. She’s okay. She’s recovering at home, getting more energy every day. Thank you to everyone who wished her well!

    Bernie <3

    I have a lot of feelings, but my therapist is on vacation, so I can't talk about my feelings. #allthefeels

    Happy Pride, y'all! Please rainbow responsibly.

  3. The best collab ever has already happened: John Denver and the Muppets!

    I’m headed to a few Pride things around San Francisco this weekend. Feeling conflicted about a lot of it (the corporate $$$ is staggering), but since I’m new to the area the parties and events are just such good opportunities to meet people that I’m going to participate.

    • whoa okay you might be right. and i am aching with jealousy that you are going to sanfran pride

    • THANK YOU for the John Denver and the Muppets love. That Christmas album is the most beautiful thing on this planet! <3

    • John Denver and the Muppets is the only Christmas Album my gay atheist witchy self listens to anymore. 10 points to Griffyndor.

  4. YES SZA’s new album is EVERYTHING. I’m not even a music person (I can’t answer that collab question) but every single song on CTRL was ~vibes~. I’ve got an optician’s appointment tomorrow but after that I’m heading down to Tate Britain for the ‘official’ opening of pride (nobody can tell me when to start my pride!). There’s going to be performances, interactive art and of course, things to *buy*…That was the sound of my purse crying in the distance. It’s a lot cooler now so I at least wont melt when I head out of the house tomorrow, and I can wear the pride shirt that I got from Hollister.

    • right like HELLO supermodel. heard an *airhorn* @ “nobody can tell me when to start my pride!” have so much funnn

  5. someone put Nine Inch Nails vocals over Call Me Maybe’s audio and it’s BY FAR the most i’ve ever liked NIN. tbh i think we should take all songs by men and mix them with carly, because it would solve the problem of too many songs by men AND the problem of not enough songs by carly. i will accept my mccarthur genius grant by direct deposit, thank you.

  6. Pride! Last weekend was our Pride parade and festival. I discovered last year that I love (being in) a parade, and I learned this year that I still love it! Louisville’s parade is a joyous, colorful affair (aren’t they all?), and it’s an amazing feeling to me to walk down a downtown street with a few thousand people cheering me. (OK, not me in particular, but US. Still, so amazingly wonderful!) Louisville is a pretty LGBTQ-friendly city (despite being attached to Kentucky), and the participation of local officials (mayor, congressman, etc.) is a sign of that. I’m already plotting what we should do for next year’s parade.

    Meanwhile, things with my job have really evened out in the past couple of months, and my mood (which took a real nose-dive a year ago) has come back to a nice equilibrium. My Kid is taking a summer art course that is going *really* well for him, and the two of us are growing into what feels like a damned fine, healthy household.

    I’ve got a lot to be grateful for right now.

  7. Life is life. 5ish days until I have a month and a half off from school for the summer.
    I just came back from Arizona & I 100% have fallen in love with cactus & I can’t wait to move away from this town. It’s like I was shown a little piece of peace. I bought a cactus from Pheonix and I’m keeping that as my symbol of peace until i can go away again not not work 6 days out the week with people I don’t even like.
    I am almost done with an essay I want to submit to autostraddle *fingerscrossed* it’s taken awhile because sometimes I am too tired when I get home.
    I’m going to be writing hardcore for literary magazines the last part of summer.
    Oh and it might not be queer, but I loves me some Preacher.
    Anyways that’s it.

    • a cactus as a symbol of peace is the human spirit at work right there. here for: no school, moving, solitude from coworkers, and your upcoming autostraddle piece

  8. For the music thing: Not a collaboration necessarily, but…since Jenny Owen Youngs covered “Hot in Herre” I just want Nelly to cover a JOY song (preferably “Fuck Was I.”) Alternatively I’d like to see Lorde and St. Vincent do something together, because they are both Vaguely Intimidating Angels.

    Meanwhile, I’m doing better than usual this week because 1) Orphan Black’s official Twitter retweeted me, so I’m essentially famous now and 2) A cute girl asked me on a date. Knowing my track record this means something bad is going to happen to me very soon, but I’m riding the high while I can…

    • no do not jinx this verycoolname!!! i believe in you. 1) i spit up my drink imagining nelly either rapping or earnestly singing fuck was i and 2) lorde and st vincent is not a joke and youve just thrown down a very heavy gauntlet

  9. I genuinely think Lorde and Enya should collab on something. Or just use computer magic to place Lorde’s “Writer in the Dark” vocals over some old school Enya when all her tracks were suuuuuper dark (like I’m talking 80s and 90s Enya).

    Yeah I’ve for sure been bumping “Ctrl” since the weather got nice and I think Drew Barrymore’s interview about the song “Drew Barrymore” was mommi as hell.

  10. i mean the look drew gives her in the video… i’d literally just put on a to do list “lorde over enya”

  11. A collab between ranchera musicians and zydeco musicians who do the old school slow Cajun stuff too.
    It would be awesome, but I think it would give most Americans a headache.

    • Can I just say I 6000000% want to write a short film about a crossdressing ranchera musician who falls in love with a woman and they have a secret sexy forbidden love affair. Pretty sure ranchera music is pretty much men’s only so you get the conflict. :D

      • I don’t know about the 21st century ranchera scene but I do know about Chavela Vargas. She did dress like a man, smoke cigars and drink like a fish. Had a love affair with Frida Kahlo.

        She sings and appears as ghost in the Frida movie

        Also a woman is responsible for giving Cajun music a legacy and interest beyond just Acadiana.
        Cléoma Breaux Falcon(pronounced FAL-cone).
        It was very uncommon for a woman to perform in public, especially a married one so in a way she too was rule breaker.
        She got her brothers into recording stuff too.
        They’re like the Carters of Cajun music.

        So if you write that film you could have petite femme fiddler or accordion player have a love affair with this ranchera musician of yours.

        • I’m in love with Chavela Vargas.
          It’ll be set in the 50s. I can see a petite woman doing drag so she can play her playing the vihuela and trumpet in the band. She passes as a man, but still has a feminine vibe about her. She falls in love with a scientist. Or something like that. I can see the scenes in my head, but the plot is still far off….
          I totally have to check out Falcon thanks!

          • She is so great.

            Good luck and write your thing, QWOC are quite underep’d right now.

            Cléoma’s brothers were Breaux Frères and she’s often listed under Breaux too,for ease of association probably and possibly cause she got married twice. Which uh back (pre-vatican II) then meant you pretty much left the Church if my great gran-mere’s divorce was anything to go by as an example.

  12. I great music collaboration would be me with someone who has a recording studio, patience, and follow through

    • A and I aren’t v close to eachother on the keyboard but this typo does fit with the self obsessed theme here; standing by it

    • level with me because i know nothing about recording or music really but: how much work and money goes into a diy recording studio

  13. Ok I was very much convinced I was an adult when that song came out and now I have all these memories of terrible bars “on the outskirts of town” where I danced with my 30-something bosses and pretended to be straight coming back at me. Now I’m wondering if I need to create my own version of Kayla’s “Did I Ever Look Straight Once In My Life?”.
    I want a collab between Marianas Trench and Blink 182 (from 2004) but I want it to be a cappella and pretty, to make all my teenage emo girl dreams come true.

  14. Rihanna duetting with Skin, and extra instrumental arrangement with Ólafur Arnalds.

    Also, I have just realised my friend’s daughter is already, at 6, so much cooler than I’ll ever be…here she is at her birthday party:

  15. Not a collab but I want a young guy to sing ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’ from Grease. And if he’s in drag he can dress as her and if not he can dress like a t-bird and do it

  16. Has anyone else noticed increased gay Tinder activity during Pride month? Or is it just what happens when you turn it on for the summer…

  17. D&D Sluggers and Screaming Females. I can’t even quite imagine what it would sound like, they just both hit my happy buttons so well.

  18. I have no music mashup ideas, but I’m so excited about Shania Twain’s new music and potential new album coming out soon.

    This has been an interesting week. It’s pride week in Toronto, so there’s been a million things to do. I’m super smart and scheduled my english test for my Permanent Residency tomorrow morning, so I’ve been mostly laying low and not doing lots of things. On Tuesday there was a screening of The Life and Death of Marsha P Johnson and it got me so pissed about everything in the world but also even more motivated to make the world a better place and fight for trans women of color.

    Speaking of pride, my company had a pride party which sure was something. By that I mean it was a work party organized by two white cis gay dudes, and you could tell. There was no mention of the history of pride or any educational aspect (which my company is usually good at doing.) One of the organizers is the actual worst. He was going around telling people that the A in LGBTQIA2S is ‘ally’. I was lucky enough to learn that from someone I work closely with, so I corrected her right away, and now there are 5 more people in the world who know what aromantic, asexual and agender mean! And they were all very open minded about it, which was good. I generally don’t feel comfortable educating people out of safe-spaces, so I’m really proud of myself :D I wish I had a chance to correct the dude who said it, but at the same time he should be teaching himself, he doesn’t have the excuse of being straight.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend, and stay safe is all Pride activities!

    • Good luck on your English test!!! I’m sure you’ll be great. Also yay for educating people about a/ro/sexual/gender :) You are awesome :)

    • you ARE awesome, both for going to a work party and for putting in work while you were there. let’s all be priscila this weekend

  19. I want to see a collaboration between Dolly Parton and Mavis Staples, like not really an odd pairing but surprising they haven’t already done something together. My sappy heart needs it!!!
    I’ve been like stumbling through my first week of summer, but like in a cute way maybe, just like so unsure of what I’m doing and what I should be doing with ALL this free time. Today I made pretzels with a friend and they were sooo good. I have like no plans beyond the next few minutes so its fine. its fine. im not wasting my time daydreaming about a crush, pshhh that would be downright silly.

  20. I am marching in the Chicago Pride Parade for the very first time on Sunday for Chicago Public Library (if you see me say hi!!!) so that is very exciting. I was out yesterday buying a shirt on which to put iron on letters that say LEZBRARIAN to wear for the parade and this amazing thing happened– I was trying on crop tops and I just felt really awesome? Like I felt like I was IN my body maybe for the first time…. ever? It felt really great, y’all. I felt really great y’all. Like… I am awesome and sexy and I have never felt that way before ever. So. Yay!

    I’ve had a lot of complicated feelings about Pride over the years, but this year I feel like a whole new person and I’m super excited to just go have fun! I’m looking forward to Dyke March and partying it up all weekend and really celebrating how awesome we queermos are.

    Because we are fucking magic.

    • I’m in Chicago until the end of the month for a class at the Newberry Library, and I definitely plan to go to the Dyke march today too! I haven’t decided about the regular Pride though. That shirt sounds awesome!

  21. I like when bands do a cover of a well-known song but in a different genre, like that Disturbed rock-ballad version of “Sound of Silence”, or many of the covers played on Like a Version. Today I’m in a fog of pain, muscle relaxers and self-pity though so can’t come up with any ideas for new ones.

    ALSO for any old-school Radiohead fans out there, the 20th anniversary remastered version of OK Computer came out today complete with long-awaited studio versions of some b-sides. This is my favourite:

  22. This has been a not super great week. Food is still mostly a no. But I CAN tolerate ice cream super well, so I have a great excuse for eating ice cream. Also, overnight oatmeal stuff is really fantastic and yummy and I have been living off of that and ice cream and soup and ensure (and if like me you can’t really tolerate solid food but want fruit in them, just puree the fruit instead of leaving it whole). I’ve got both an endoscopy and an MRI (for my ankle, to make sure that it’s Issues are just a case of lingering tendonitis and nothing else) on Monday, and I’m just kinda nervous about that bc medical tests.

    My other gripe is government websites being Inexplicably Broken–I’m trying to register to get my medical marijuana cert and I’m getting an error message that’s very clearly due to a code problem and not a problem on my end. So that’s frustrating.

    • ugh, hollis, not being able to eat is awful. and then here is this thing that would probably make your health situation much more manageable STUCK ONLINE. good energy your way for monday <3

  23. My ideal collab would be Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift holding hands and walking off into the sunset never to return.

  24. I am not sure who’d I’d like to see collaborate. Though I would like to see Tom Morello(seen him live multiple time solo and part of RATM and Audioslave), and Bruce Springsteen(haven’t seen live), which is a combo that has happened in the past live. The song based on The Grapes of Wrath. I kind of feel like it fits the current climate going on. Plus, an whole album of protest and pro union songs from those two would be cool. Another interesting one could be Tim From Rise Against working with Laura Jane Grace, maybe on a pro queer immigrant song?

    How is everyone’s week going? Mines has been fairly good. Last night went to a lbtq night with a friend I have like a crush on. We drank a little and danced. I did that awkward dance where I want to close dance, but was dancing from a distance because I didn’t want to mess things up. You know what I mean?

    I went to Trans Pride last Saturday night hosted at the LA LGBTQ center. It was a really good time. There were so many trans women taking selfies with each other, making out, and just being happily free. So great! Jeffry Tambor was there via skype to accept the ally award(he was also on Colbert to promote his new book). Margaret Cho was also there doing a short set, which funny and bad. Like some jokes were great, others felt like she was making fun sexual abuse, maybe it was her coping mechanism for herself, it didn’t go over too well. After her set I was 20 feet away from her. She more cooler in person(though her bf seems ind of meh). I also got to see my friend sing with the trans choir, which if you are in LA is a good show to watch. Afterwards went to the Latinx gay bar, New Jalisco, saw a drag show that features poc, including one or two twoc dancing and lip singing. So, awesome. We also went to a 90’s pop up bar that had both straight and lgtbq people dancing and making out in harmony. More straight clubs need to be this way.

    More flowers

    Thank you for viewing and reading my tread. Have a positive weekend!

    • i do know this close but not too close close dance and WHAT A DANCE IT IS. once again al you’re out on the town and i love it. noooot a lot worse than a comedy show that misses the mark and they just keep plugging away at it. i’m glad otherwise you got to be surrounded by so much positivity and music and floor make outs!

      • Thank you. Sadly I wasn’t making out, but yes it was a good time. As for the dance it was like some space between us, but I dunno. I Just so want to make out and close close dance with this person. Ugh.

  25. I have no musical genius to add, sorry.

    I just wanna vent that on Wednesday I went to see my back specialist, and after she decided on a treatment course of more injections in my back, I asked her if it was gonna be a problem that I have a tattoo on my back, because one of the times it was. WELL she launched in to this big rant about how tattoos are horrible and disgusting and that “people” hate them and she doesn’t know why people do it to themselves and how she would judge someone who had visible tattoos and blah blah blah….and then repeatedly asked me if I was going to get more tattoos. I was like UHHH who do you think you are?!

    ANYWAY it’s the first day of World Pride and we’re of out to our usual haunt and hopefully we can get in before all the tourists arrive for next weekend hehe. Have a great weekend y’all!

    • WOW THIS IS SEEMLY HIGHLY UNPROFESH NO? literally get off my back, lady. have fun tonight vicky!!

      • In my head I was like “lady you’re not my mother!” Totes unprofesh. Maybe she is just jealous of my kick arse tattoos.

        Have a good weekend Erin ?<3

  26. I posed this question during a meeting today and things devolved pretty quickly.

    I obviously first had to make everyone watch the entire Nelly and Tim McGraw video to get inspired and things went downhill from there.

    Once someone got to Elvis and Nicki Minaj we decided to call it a day. I will say it was a very entertaining way to spend a Friday afternoon, so thank you for that!

    For some reason North Carolina saves all of its Pride activities for August and September. It is definitely hot enough to melt into your car seat here so I’m not complaining too much about spending my weekend indoors.

    • ELVIS AND NICKI MINAJ AHAHAHA but why and how. Im in the very state of north carolina and i was lied to about pride

      • Hahahah it was along the lines of someone that would call him out for his culture appropriation in the middle of said collaboration. Were you lured here under the pretense of pride?

  27. I’m not going to any prides at all this year and I’m kind of disappointed about it. I was making plans but I’ve found out in the last few days that I have a fitness test in like a week so now I’m dedicating all my free time to exercise in an attempt to cram for it – is this even possible? I feel pretty doomed.

    I’ve become a vaper recently, it’s been that hot, but I’m hoping to become solid again in time for the test. Despite leaving behind one of my favourite hobbies (smoking), when I ask for tips for being better at running people are telling me to learn to breathe. I thought I had been pretty successful at breathing up to now, I’ve made it to 31 and I’m just like what does this even mean? so this brings me to the reason I’m commenting because I have no musical collaboration ideas to offer, anyone got any tips for improving my fitness in a week – it’s a bit marginal as to whether I’m up to the standard, you are allowed to fail and retake a few weeks later a couple of times but, for a whole host of reasons, I really want to pass it this time.

    • as someone who has crammed for more than fitness test i will tell you this: for the next week eat more protein than you’re used to and drink like a gallon of water a day. IM SORRY THAT WATER IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER but in this case, youre body’s gonna be working on reserves come the day of!

  28. Also I’m slowly catching up on Ros Na Run. I’ve got to the break up over the coming out. The coming out story isn’t as good as it could be and got me thinking.

    Does anyone have any way of making an interesting story about someone being monosexual gay and coming out when their partner is opposite gender/breaking up with said partner without it slipping into bi-erasure? I’m so fed up of Adam saying ‘I think I’ve fancied guys before but I love her’ and ppl saying ‘of course you can’t love her, you’re gay’. Like I think he is gay not pan/bi but those two things (loving a woman and fancying a man) aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Only way I can think of is an affair sl but I’m fed up of those on soaps. (would still not say ‘i dont fancy women’ but could end relationship & add queer element to character). Or him breaking up w her & telling her ‘I’ve never fancied women’ I guess? Would that still be exciting enough for a soap?

    (I’m like really far behind btw so no spoilers, I just want general discussion of this phenomena on soaps)

  29. Well, I’m about to be a boastful braggart for a second, but I think after so many years of slogging it out and changing my whole entire career path I deserve it. I landed a real actual salaried adult person job! It’s a fantastic position at an academic library that will heap tons of responsibility on my shoulders and potentially launch me to stardom in the field of data management. I can also continue my disciplinary research if I want, and I plan to. I just uploaded some of the data from my incomplete dissertation research into a data repository and set it to “public” and this made me absurdly happy. It’s visible to everyone. This is the first thing from my dissertation research I’ve shared in any meaningful way :p Almost makes me wonder if I couldn’t squeeze some publication out of it after all.

    As for musical collaborations, I’ve got a great one – me singing for any of my favorite bands :p I happen to be wearing my Breaking Benjamin shirt right now, the one I bought at the concert I went to, and that would be a hell of a band to sing with. Actually, Ben Burnley did invite fans up on the stage to sing Diary of Jane with him when I went to see him, but he prioritized the kiddos who came to the show which frankly I find very sweet and awesome. Good on ya, Ben.

    There are actually some real collaborations out there that are wacky but worked out well, much better than Nelly and Tim McGraw *blech* On the Sound City album where Dave Grohl invited a whole bunch of musicians to come to his studio and use his old-school analog mixing board to record stuff, there are some great tracks. “From Can to Can’t” with Corey Taylor was a radio single, but I highly recommend “You Can’t Fix This” with Stevie Nicks. She did a wonderful job.

    I’ve also been hearing Seether’s track with Amy Lee, “Broken”, a lot lately. I think it would be awesome for Amy Lee to sing with pretty much any hard rock band. Amy with Disturbed? Amy with Stone Sour? Sign me up. Also, Maria Brink’s collaboration with Papa Roach sucked, so I want a new “feat. Maria Brink” song that doesn’t suck. For those who have no idea who the hell that is, Maria Brink is the frontwoman of In This Moment and she is generally an awesome human. Here’s a great song where she expresses support for bisexuality:

    • Yeah, that’s super-lucky. Library jobs are so hard to find these days. I hope it goes well for you!

  30. I don’t know about musical collaborations, but seeing the PLL article below it did give me an idea. We know Emily is a dancer, so I see her and Mona doing the lake scene from “Dirty Dancing”. Emily’s in the lake, and she’s lifting up Mona. And when the asylum people come for Mona, Emily tells them, “Nobody puts baby in a corner.”

    • I dont know what any of this means but anybody picking up anybody in a lake has got my vote!!

  31. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals basically just cleared the way for HB 1523 (the anti-LGBTQ bill) to become a law in my state (Mississippi). I took some of my aggression out at my first kickboxing class tonight which was really fun but I’m still so sad/mad/scared about it

  32. Like a lot of my weeks lately, this one has been a blur. I’ve just been so busy between work and everything else I need to do that it seems like time is passing quickly and slowly at the same time. I ate pizza and played board games with an old friend and some of her friends on Tuesday night, I only got home at midnight which definitely cut into my sleep. I spent a bunch of other time researching health insurance. I really hope I picked right because I need to start using it. I need to find a physical therapist to treat the trigger points in my jaw muscles from night bruxing, and then start tackling the trans stuff. Beyond that, it’s mostly been work work work, with me squeezing in some conversations with friends online and reading some lesbian vampire/wings/mermaid fics, since I don’t have enough brain to concentrate on any substantial fiction.

    If I want to start online dating, I’m going to need photos, and I am not a photographer so I have no illusions about being able to do it myself, and while my friends are lovely people they’re not photographers either. I’m assuming I can pay money for such a thing, but I have no idea where.

    I’ve been looking for stuff for LGBT women to go to around here, and haven’t found much so far. seems like it’s aimed at a completely demographic than me. The Billy de Frank Center seems like it might have a few things. Is it just me or is it weird having only gender-segregated trans groups? I think it’s weird. I don’t really need support groups, though, I’m looking for social groups. There also are, as usual, more options for queer men than women. Do I really have to use Facebook? I hate Facebook, to be honest. I don’t trust it or want to put anything about being queer on there.

    • i think meetup is still a thing! i agree on not feeling totally safe putting that kind of stuff on facebook. and if you have a phone or computer that can take pictures, why not try that first? tbh selfies are my favorite anyway

  33. Is tinder a nightmare for gay and bi women? What apps have you guys used? Every few months I download Her then get cold feet and delete it again :/.

    • honestly tinder seems very manageable to me bc even if you’ve matched with someone who you then realize is a person that maybe uses “lol” way too much, you can unmatch with them! it actually feels a lot less invasive the okcupid because not just anyone can message you/see your profile. YOU SHOULD USE TINDER!

      • I don’t know what age Meg is, but I fall into Tinder’s “we’re going to charge you more because you’re old lol” category, which kind of makes me not want to bother with it. I don’t know how much that sucks, though.

    • Okay so it’s a long story, but I recently ran a Tinder, Bumble and Her account for an event. I think which app you should use depends on the area you live in/ which app people in your area use the most.

      Tinder is fine, but I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by Bumble. When you match one of you has to say something within 24 hours, and then the other has 24 hours to respond, whereas with Tinder I feel like everyone matches, and no one ever talks.

      I really want to like Her, because I appreciate that they took the time to make an app for gay women, buuuuutttt there aren’t that many people on it in my area. Also you can unmatch with anyone at anytime on all three of those apps.

  34. For some reason I think Empress Of covering the Cars’ “just what I needed” would sound great. I also wish I had the audio know-how to make a mashup of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill and Carly Rae Jepsen’s Gimmie Love (if those two collaborated I would shoot directly into orbit). Carly should also collaborate with Empress Of! And Troye Sivan! Also Robyn, Robin S, and Rihanna should all do something together and form a holy trinity of Robi/yns.

    • OH MY GOD THE ROBI/YNS THING. i really just had a moment. robin s.’s show me love remains the best dance song of all time and imagining all three of them in a video for it is fucking me up

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