Friday Open Thread: IT’S HALLOWEEN

Hello super awesome queermo pals! Welcome to the Friday Open Thread, where we all talk about our week together and offer support, encouragement, kudos and a sympathetic ear. And since it’s Halloween, that sympathetic ear might come in the form of a gruesome severed ear cookie!

Which brings me to my next point: IT’S HALLOWEEN! IT’S HALLOWEEN! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY. Halloween is my favorite holiday — last year, I ran about town with The Illustrious Stef Schwartz while dressed as a unicorn. And this year, Halloween’s on a Saturday! Holy crap, that’s awesome! So what am I doing, you ask? How am I spending this Gay Christmas, the Gay Christmas that’s followed by a Sunday morning and not work or school the next day? You are surely thinking that it will be a celebration to end all celebrations! That, contrary to my personality the other 364 days of the year, I will stay out all night and get breakfast at a diner the next morning still in costume. You’re probably imagining I’ve been working on my costume since November 1st of last year, and that Abby and I have some fabulously cute couple situation like Marceline and Bubblegum or the two leads from Waiting for Godot.

In an ideal world, this would all be true. Unfortunately, I’m in my last year of my master’s degree — I work here at Autostraddle, over at The Inquisitive Eater, and I’m teaching this semester. I’m taking four classes. I’m gearing up for my thesis semester, during which I’ll be working on my novel… and I’m already working on that novel, so. This week my friend read me an Onion article aloud and all of a sudden I was crying, that’s how stressed out and overworked I am. Didn’t see those tears coming at all! I try to have some fun occasionally, but this year I am too damn busy to do Halloween in any proper way. And it’s killing me.

So here’s how I’m planning to combat that and still have a perfectly fun Halloween while doing all the work ever.

I Am Doing My Homework in Last Year’s Unicorn Costume


This is something I’ve been doing for the whole month, let’s be real here. Had to read Proust this month for school; I already knew from reading a large chunk of it in French that I didn’t exactly care for Swann’s Way, so I put on my unicorn onesie and read Proust. It greatly improved the experience. Now I’m reading Minor Characters by Joyce Johnson, which is AWESOME and absolutely does not require that I be unicorn to enjoy it, but you know what? The homework still feels enhanced by being a unicorn. I am writing this open thread as a unicorn. I considered teaching as a unicorn this Thursday, but I have a guest speaker coming in, so I’m just not gonna do that.

I Will Carve a Pumpkin, Dammit

Last year, I carved Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King.

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I carved this.

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This year, I’m not sure what I’m going to do—the pumpkin is sitting on my dining room table and I’m not sure who he will be. And I’m probably not going to get around to carving him until the Friday Open Thread is live on this here website, so I’m taking suggestions! What shall I carve into my pumpkin this year?

I’m Thinking of Baking Some Samhain Bread

I do not currently identify as a witch, but I feel like I get closer and closer every day. So when I stumbled upon these two recipes for Samhain bread while doing research for my other editorial job, I was like, huh. This looks interesting. Especially interesting because, while I do not identify as a witch just yet, I do identify heavily as a stress baker. So maybe, after I hit a bunch of deadlines this Friday, I’ll take some time to bake some Samhain bread. Or if I can’t sleep that night — generally I bake insomnia bread.

I Will Hand Out Candy To Small Children and Only Cry When They Cannot See Nor Hear Me

At some point in my life, I would like to place the Gringotts poem on my door, dress as a Ravenclaw, and hand out chocolate coins. I think children in the know would get a kick out of it, as would parents. And those that didn’t understand it would still get chocolate coins while I amused myself. This year, I will be a sad unicorn with a bag of Hershey’s candy and a wistful look upon her face. I will long for the days when we all went Trick Or Treating and when I did not have to experience holidays from underneath a two-ton mound of work.

So what about you, ghouls and bois? What are you doing for this, the best holiday of the year?

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    I am a witch. I am always a witch because for some reason, when I dress up in my witchy armor, I am more powerful and impervious to what people think of me. Far before I was comfortable being out, or comfortable any time, at least I felt like me on Witch day.

    We wear costumes every day, but on Halloween, I dress like me.

    Be safe and have a great weekend, all of you <3

  2. My parents are going out of town so I have to go home for the weekend and hand out candy to small children.
    Instead I’m going to dress up as a broody Irish undead activist who wears grandpa sweaters and I’m going to lock the doors, turn off the lights, eat candy and knit. (And then on Sunday I’m going to hit the post-Halloween costume/decoration sales because it is always Halloween in my heart and in my dorm).

      • Simon Monroe from In The Flesh – he’s basically this big broody queer Irish zombie who’s super aggressively passionate about equal rights for the “partially deceased” and like…replace “partially deceased” with “queer and/or mentally ill” and shrink him and subtract the Irish and it’s me!

  3. I dressed up as a clown for work today, which made the 2 year olds in my class both excited and confused. They all wanted to touch my nose.
    I love Halloween, but always wait until the last minute to get a costume and then end up going as Rosie the Riveter with things already in my closet. This year I made an effort!

    • I think both of these costumes are pretty cool. I’m surprised none of your 2 year olds were afraid of Clown-You.

    • another crazy person who works with 2 year olds!!! 2 year olds in costumes IS SO DAMNED CUTE. one little boy was Max from Where The Wild Things Are, and I died.

  4. I can’t believe it’s taken me 15 years to think of this costume, but I’m going as Luke Danes this year. Super easy and cheap, too: plaid shirt (already owned); green army jacket (already owned); jeans (already owned); boots (already owned); blue baseball hat (borrowed from a friend); green scarf (bought at thrift store); grey fingerless gloves (bought at dollar store and modified with scissors); black apron (borrowed from a friend); spatula (already owned); dirty dishtowel (already owned); pad of paper and pencil (already owned).

    Those in the know will get it, and love it, and those who don’t won’t, but oh well.

    • Best lesbian costume ever

      Everyone dumb will be like “so, yourself as a waitress?” And you’ll be like I SAID NO CELL PHONES IN HERE COFFEE POISONS YOUR INSIDES I’M GIVING YOU GREEN TEA.

    • This is amazing! It’s a perfect costume with just the right amount of Gilmore Girls (all the Gilmore Girls is the right amount).

      Please post pictures!

  5. Okay all, since I wrote this, I bought tickets to a Nosferatu screening in a Cathedral accompanied by a real organ. It’s only two hours long, the exact amount of time I have to not be in my apartment doing work. And I’ll be home before I turn into a pumpkin.

    Speaking of pumpkins, what should I do to the pumpkin on my dining room table?

  6. I’m rocking my Hufflepuff robes again. I could make another costume but there’s only so many days of the year one can wear their Hogwarts robes without a care. I do make good use of the sweater and scarf in the winter, though.

    I think my current plans are to lie around in costume with my fiancee and watch scary movies tonight, then take her nephew trick-or-treating tomorrow. I hate scary movies, but she loves them, so I can handle one evening of them to make her happy.

    A lot of our friends are having parties but this week has been one of the most physically and mentally exhausting on record, so I really want to spend this weekend glued to various cushioned pieces of furniture, with one exception for a four-year-old dressed like Batman.

    • Please post pictures of your Hufflepuff robes! Where did you get the sweater, etc? Or are you one of them crafty queers who knitted it yourself?

  7. I don’t actually have Halloween plans? Like I just sort of forgot that Halloween was a thing this year because in my mind it’s STILL SUMMER DAMNIT I DON’T CARE IF IT SNOWED TWO WEEKS AGO. Because yo, it’s a weird adjustment to not go back to school?

    Also since rafting season is over I currently don’t have a job but am trying to get one of my friends to help me get some nominal employment in Ecuador so I don’t have to worry about getting a “real job” and can just do chill there for like 4 months and kayak like every day.

    I dunno, we got a lot of rain so my Halloween will probably be spent boating, then chillin at my friends’ house around the woodstove and/or campfire with whatever local boaters are around. At some point someone will probably pretend to be mauled by a bear and/or a moose to freak everyone else out.

    • Spending Halloween around a woodstove/campfire sounds like the best thing ever, tbh. I am seriously sad about my lack of campfire here in NYC right now.

      Sometimes in a city it doesn’t even feel like it’s Autumn.

      • I’ve been thinking about making some mulled cider in a crockpot since it’s 90 degrees out rn but I still want autumn traditions / nostalgic aromas in my apartment. Crockpots are kind of hearth-like without all the temperature increase. Maybe just scented candles?

  8. Tonight, my best friend is coming over to bake spooky cookies and watch cartoons, since we haven’t hung out since she nursed me through my last breakup. I’m really excited and I’ve decorated like ten mini pumpkins for ambiance.

    Tomorrow, my other pal is taking me to see Crimson Peak, because we’re both all about Del Toro movies. I’ll most likely spend the evening handing out candy in my super comfy black cat onesie and snacking during the ol’ 9 PM lull. Fun times.

  9. I work weekends so I won’t do much but I’ll probably try to see Rocky Horror Picture Show (for the first time, I tried last year and just kept forgetting), The Others, and The Sixth Sense, and maybe Crimson Peak. Most likely I’ll be hiding from the neighborhood kids (we moved a couple of months ago) as they ask for the candy we bought for them a week ago but accidentally ate all of it.

    It’s been a great (I went to a wedding, got drunk, and a woman flirted/etc. with me all night and it felt good and I also didnt feel super guilty afterwards) and also tough (abuse and shit comes up and also my parents aren’t as okay with my gayness as I believed) week so if you guys could send some okayish vibes my way I’d super appreciate it!

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

    • I have much the same problem with keeping candy in the house, so I’m taking a risk and buying it tomorrow—hopefully they won’t be all out of the good stuff.

    • I definitely recommend Rocky Horror – it’s absolutely fantastic and definitely my favourite vaguely Halloween movie!

      Sending good vibes your way xx

  10. I love dressing up, making Halloween is my absolute FAVORITE holiday! I try to wear a different costume for each event.

    This year, I revived Velma, Zombie Slayer for the Zombie Walk.

    I did duplicate my firefighter outfit for two costumed bike rides.

    Next up is a party and some gay bars on Saturday. I’ll be going as Janis Ian AND this time, my best gay is going to be Damian! So excited! Here’s a peek, from when I wore it to another thing, earlier this year.

  11. I will be going as Peggy Carter tomorrow evening, accompanied by two friends going as Angie Martinelli and Steve Rogers. I am so excited. Also, the one dressing up as Angie literally made me the Peggy dress?? What?!?! I am so excited!!!!

      • We took a photo and captioned it “Peggy & her lovers.”

        And two other people in my dorm ended up going as Hawkeye & Black Widow so we had a five-person Marvel contingent and it was excellent.

  12. Hah! The grad student time-saving hacks for participating in Halloween despite workload. Same. This is my last year of grad school. Next year gonna pull out all the Halloween stops but this year mostly living vicariously. Looking forward to seeing all the Straddler costume pics in the comments!

    I made holiday bread (cranberry spice) but used a bread machine so it only took 15 minutes of my time heh. Bread bot does all the work.

    I have a pumpkin carving tradition and have decided this year’s pumpkin is going to be The Cheat from Homestarrunner. But I haven’t bought my pumpkin yet! Your open thread convinced me to follow thru this year.

    Last year’s pumpkin was an 8-bit space invader, and year before was Monty Burns from The Simpsons.

    So I guess my suggestion for pumpkin carving is, what webcomics or other character-based content are your favorites? Maybe do a google image search for those?

    Happy Halloween Straddlers! <|8)

    • well I rode my bike to four different grocery stores and they were all sold out of pumpkins. Halloween heartbreak 2015. </3 But I'm way ahead of the game for Halloween pumpkin carbe 2016!

      On the plus side, it was a beautiful evening for a bike ride and I got to see some ppl walking around in costumes, so that was fun.

      Long live <a href="" The Cheat!

    • I LOVE HIS WORK!!! I browsed a book in Barnes that showed a lot of his work and it’s AMAZING. I also saw him as a guest on Martha Stewart and he literally uses hundreds of pumpkins in his home studio. He even carved a pumpkin on the show. MAN I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT. Maybe next year. MAYBE. JUST SOMETHING SIMPLE. LIKE A BOX. LOL.

      • Well he does sell how-to DVDs on his website. I think with all your Metal Earth skillz, you’d made cool pumpkins too so I vote you should go for it.

  13. My dog, Bernie, is a taco (again). This is her third year as a taco. She’s Taco and I’m Tako ( (If you’re reading this, Roberta, sorry).

    Today is my mama’s birthday. We’re “celebrating” tomorrow (me, mom, sister, dad). We’re all having lunch (wish me luck!), then my mom and I are seeing the matinee of Chicago on Broadway, then my sister and I are seeing the evening performance of The Lion King on Broadway. Yay free tickets to Broadway shows!

    • THIS DOG IS A TACO! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

      Also, that sounds like a hell of a celebration. Enjoy the day!

  14. Halloween is my all time favorite holiday of all time!! It’s the only one that I truly consider a sacred event, and I never miss it! I’m going to a party dressed as a Transylvanian from Rocky Horror, but most importantly- I actually have a girlfriend this Halloween! Automatically the bast Halloween ever! :)

  15. I normally don’t get into Halloween too much, but last weekend I went to a party in a warehouse that my friend organized, which was complete with a burlesque show and fire throwers. He’s really obsessed with Halloween, so I guess that has me more in the spirit this year.

    Also, tomorrow I have to work, but my co-workers and I are going to wear the funniest/lamest costume ever. We are going to paint our faces like Kiss and wear berets…so we will be FRENCH KISS!

  16. Oh, also I want to comment on what it is like to be a teacher around Halloween. There is just so much candy everywhere all the time, even in high school.

    Today I watched a teenage boy pour a bag of skittles into a water bottle, shake it up, and drink the entire bottle.

  17. I’ll be at work both tonight and Halloween Night. :(
    Still, even though I’ll be missing my favorite holiday I consider it a fair trade if I don’t have to work New Year’s Eve (there are stories behind why).

  18. I’m going as Ron Swanson (easiest costume I’ve done in years, the only thing I’ve had to hunt down is the moustache everything else (red flannel shirt, jeans, hiking boots, pocket knife) I already own). My partner is going to be breakfast food (made bacon and eggs out of cloth to sew to a shirt) to make it a couples costume. I’m pretty excited.

    I usually do pretty elaborate group costumes, I spent late nights in college teaching some good guy friends to sew in order to complete our justice league get-ups and I did a pretty intense Princess Bubblegum costume one year. Having a more low-key costume this year has been enjoyable but strange!

  19. Well I think my plans are to go with a friend and her gf to West Hollywood carnival and see where the night takes us. I am probably just going to wear my orange jump suite I got a few years back, put on a new shade of purple lipstick(not because it’s Halloween, but because I look damn cute in it).
    Hmm I may just have to say this in regards to my friends(though I’m queer af myself). lol

    How’s everyone’s week going? I’m still in having no luck in the queer world of OKC. There really needs to be a more trans friendly app for queers who prefer gay cis men to no message them, or at least not message them inappropriate comments. I am also still struggle at home to not be gendered, but I not giving up.
    I also, started reading Carrie Brownstein’s book Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl. I am a few chapters in, and I think I am more in love with her now. Plus, some of the songs make even more sense to me now that I know some of the backstory.

    Had a nice hike on Sunday, and here are somethings I saw.

    And channeling Mitch Hedberg, this is either on hip bridge, or the sun is too bright for them.

    Thank you for viewing and reading my post. Have a safe, positive, and queer Halloween.

    • I’m not sure why any of my pics are not loading. Did something change for this week? I know aren’t set private and one of the images I found via a google search.

      • Have you tried Her? It’s ostensibly just for women, and I haven’t gotten any of the creepy threesome requests I get on OKC on Her. Free, too!

        • Well I am an android user and they promised it will be out during the summer, but that proved to not be true. I was using dattch for a while, but it’s harder for someone who is a genderqueer trans women, and hasn’t started transitioning yet(cost related). Plus, most of the women I found interesting on that app were the ones who like last logged in 3 months ago, or think I am the one asking for the threesome; when in fact I am just a queer looking for other queers(not men) to do stuff with.

    • :(

      I gave up on OKC a couple of months ago. I was ghosted by a lady (fine by me, she was totally flaky) and I don’t have the time or patience to play games. Wishing you the best of luck in your online dating!

      • Thank you. I think I’m in that situation. This lady called me too queer for her, but said she likes me, and last night kept texting me pictures of herself in costume. But, yet when I try to set something up she’s always busy.

  20. I also have no luck with OKC. I wish there was also an option to block people inviting me to a threesome because that happens more often than I am comfortable with.

    • Seriously! They need to stop. I don’t care how “fit and fun” you are. I am not your unicorn.

    • I think I’d rather get those messages than creepy cis gay men hitting on me. One guy started getting religion(that we both are) into it, and lets just say it wasn’t funny or charming like he thought it was. It was just creepy.

  21. I’m going as the Golden Snitch – I mean Snatch, no I mean Snitch. So I’ve covered a black dress I already own in gold fabric and ribbon and have a gold corset and my best gay is doing my hair and makeup all sparkly and gold and drag queen-y and I’m SO FUCKING EXCITED! and then we are going out to the gay bars to get really drunk and make bad life choices. The last time I did this with him I ended up flashing the bartender, so who knows what will happen tomorrow.

    It’s particularly exciting for me because I have a really rocky history with Halloween (I was sexually assaulted at a Halloween party in college) and this is the first year that I’m excited to dress up and go out and have fun. So Yeah!

  22. I really enjoy dressing up for Halloween, but I always want to put 0 effort and money into it. So this year my plan was to dress up as cellophane, in honour of Sia’s song. I did actually managed to make a cellophane jacket, but after walking in it for 10 minutes to try it out, it ended up being more like a ball of plastic attached to my body. So instead, I’m going as my back-up plan and all time favourite: the Hippie. Primarily because if I wear my hair the right way, I resemble John Lennon a bit too closely.

  23. I love Halloween! My girlfriend seems to find this to be cute and entertaining. I just might give out candle to the little ones and watch a lot of scary movies. I’m not sure if i should go to this party not

  24. Not really halloween-related, but I really wanna tell you about this week’s success: a year or so ago, I suddenly realized that I probably wasn’t straight. I then thought a lot about it (way too much, actually- after all, you don’t decide stuff like this with your brain, but with your heart. And your genitalia, I guess) and I was afraid that I just wanted to be different as always and had kind of worked myself up into thinking I was lesbian.
    now I’m quite sure though, my fantasies are about women since I can remember, I never was in love with a man (except in elemantary school, when I would “fall in love” with boys who lent me a pen when I needed one) and really really can’t imagine having a boyfriend. I always thought “I don’t want a relationship, what am I even supposed to do with a boyfriend”, but since I consider that I might be a lesbian, I would love a relationship or at least a sweet little affair, is that to much to ask for??

    However, I really wanted to talk about this, so I promised myself I would tell a close friend as soon as the subject love&relatonships came up.
    It came up real soon, since my friends love to talk about stuff like that (I don’t. Talking about feelings is hard, man)
    So I told her all the stuff I just told you and she was fantastic. She acted just like you are supposed to: told me, she’d love me no matter what (only exception: if I was pedophile), that she was sure I’d figure it all out and be happy and “live out my sexuality” (her words exactly) and that she felt really honored
    and then I was really really happy because I felt like I had accomplished something and spent the rest of the day smiling goofishly

    Now to the halloweeny stuff: here in italy, you are supposed to go to the graveyard and light candles on all hallows eve, but there are a lot of parties anyway, and I’m attending one and please help me! How do you get to know girls who you wish to make out with? I’m absolutely clueless :(

    And this was my first comment here, after silently reading this website for a couple of months. Yay! I feel even more lesbian now

    I’m also really sorry that this got so long but confused teenagers sometimes just need to tell people about their confusedness and everyone’s so friendly here so you were my perfect victims ♥

    Have a fun halloween! :)

    • “How do you get to know girls who you wish to make out with?”

      This is a question I ask myself often, and probably forever. Best way though is to be you! Walk over, listen, say hi, be introduced by a friend, mistake them for someone else, awkwardly glance at them then run for your life in the opposite direction. Basically do whatever feels right to you!

      I have also had “hey wait stop I like that nerd shirt/we have milkshakes and wanna meet you!” Work before as well.

    • How to get to know women: walk up to them and introduce yourself. Comment on the party, the costumes, the anything. My favorite thing to talk about is books!

    • I just wanna say your first paragraph is something I totally relate to. Like I’ve never liked guys either and at an early age I am pretty sure I was already into girls.

      As for getting to know girls..this is going to be super cliche but just be yourself I guess. Say something about what they’re wearing. Ask them their interests, what they love to do outside of work/school/home. Make eye contact??

  25. I have to go to a bachellorette party tonight at two gay male bars with a bunch of straight women. They want the theme to be disney characters.

    I was too shy to do a full costume of characters from the company I work for and then go to a bar the night before halloween and after work, but now I feel like it’ll be weird to go without a full costume. Sigh.

    Why cant I be a squirrel in the fall or Indiana Jones when it isn’t 89 degrees at midnight D:<

    • I also went to a bachelorette party tonight and it is just a weird experience all around, being the only lesbian in the mix.

  26. I’ll be dressing as a scarecrow and my girlfriend (who is unfortunately at a different party on the other side of the city) will be a zombie rabbit (because, you know, rabbits live in pumpkin patches, as do scarecrows, but mostly because she already owns the costume).

    I’d recommend carving it like Ellen Page, but that’s just me.

  27. I went home for Halloween this year and am looking forward to spending the day eating far too many sweets with the greatest eight year old I know.
    Also my dog and parents are there, so it’s gonna be excellent. :D

    Also also in need unrelated to Halloween but nonetheless AMAZING, I have recently reconnected with my (half) sister and today we spent all night realising that, even though we haven’t talked since she was about 4, we are the EXACT same person and like all the same things and I have no idea how.

    And get this: She talked to me today about “smashing gender roles”, our mutual love for OITNB and The L Word, and her girlfriend.
    She is ELEVEN.
    Guys, my queer heart can’t take this much amazing news in one day.
    Hopefully we’re meeting up soon and I honestly cannot wait. Queer genes reunited!

  28. Awwww, Ali. I hope Halloween is good for you.

    I got to see a favorite band downtown this past Tuesday and it was awesome!!!!!!! Like it rocked my face off and my neck was sore from head banging (because it was a metal concert, so of course I head banged). I saw them in 2010, too, but this was just downtown (instead of going to Virginia) & so it was cool to feel that fuck yeah feeling when the singer was like, “YOU’RE FUCKING AWESOME, BALTIMORE!” And I managed to get up front! And a guy gave me thumbs up for knowing all the words to one of my favorite songs & I was like Aw yeah, I know im cool lmao.

    My pup is still adorable, I know you all need to know. 9 u 9 tee hee.

    I’ve been watching spoopy stuff, but watching so much tv makes me feel kinda icky. I’ve been reading a fair bit; I bought a ton of books in the space of a week about 2 weeks ago. And then today I bought makeup. I’m so bad hahaha. But I got purple mascara which will hopefully be cool :) it’s light purple, pastel, so it should show up on my lashes, which are dark.

    And tomorrow I’m going to a friend’s party, which in really looking forward to, bc ive only seen one friend this month, and I only got to see her once. October’s been kinda blah, really.

  29. this weekend I am going to a party with my best friend and there’s going to be excessive amounts of black lipstick and hairspray involved. If we don’t end up somewhere between Robert Smith and Jareth the Goblin King it’s not a success.

    unfortunately, my (new) gal pal, can’t make it. But she’s promised me a weekend of watching movies so I will be wearing black lipstick next week too.

    Not sure how long it’ll stay on for. ?

  30. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii gays and gals!

    halloween! I feel sort of happy about it but never get anything together! this year I am wearing a polka dot dress and curly bug antennae and will be a ladybug, because I am not equipped to try super hard.

    my besties have been visiting, which has been very nice, though I have spent a lot of time in witchy bookstores and herb shops the last three days because that is what they like to do.

    oh and I have an interview! to be a therapist at an eating disorder program, which I am really excited about! could be pretty cool! eating disorders are not specifically like my thing, they’re just adjacent to all the counseling stuff I do like embodiment and sexuality and all that ba-jazz. so, cool!

  31. This has nothing to do with Halloween but y’all are the only people I can share this story with (’cause I do not talk sex life with my IRL friends).

    I was going down on my girlfriend tonight, and this scene occurred:

    *toilet in bathroom starts running*
    GF: Shut up, ghost toilet!
    Me: Something something, joke about Moaning Myrtle because moaning and sex.
    GF: I’ll let you into ~my Chamber of Secrets.
    Me: *has to stop because I’m laughing too hard*

    I think I picked the right lady, everybody.

  32. I am not as grumpy as I could be.

    The dishwasher is on the fritz, the weather for tomorrow is supposed to be fucking awful and I skipped out on a family thing with the side of my family that gives a shit about me for a thing that is now cancelled because of predicted inclement weather.

    But I have soup I can heat up and other things I can defrost for food-food so that I don’t have to handle or try to clean up after raw meat till at least Monday.
    And Halloween movies and popcorn.

    So what ever I can’t bake or make what I wanted to make or no one is going to see my lazy subtle Scarlet Witch costume of win.
    I can dress up in multiple things I never wear in public and spin around in this little cape I just found that was probably something my mom made for a child’s Dracula costume.
    I can pretend I’m Mey. :)

    I am nervous about Sunday though because one the graves I’m visiting is close to where VooDoo Fest is at and I worry might not let me have access if I look too much like a festival goer.
    The easiest way to avoid that would be of course to dress like not my self, but when paying your respects to someone dead who can’t comment on the ways you’re not fitting is hmmm…
    Come as you are when doing something you mean? To be something else would be to falsify what you do?

    I don’t feel like I can identify as witch because I’m maybe something a step further than that, but will never be ready to contend with it.

    Anybody else prefer old black and white horror movies for Halloween?
    I feel like ones in colour are for all year round but for Halloween black and white are a must.

    My brain is a rabbit.

  33. So this morning I went to a Halloween event with my fellow lgbtq+ youth which was fun ? I was a little nervous about going because I didn’t know anyone before hand but I made a bunch of new friends. I sort of dressed up as small Alison from fun home but it wasn’t a great effort. Later I’m going to my grandparents’ place for my granddad’s birthday and then I’m watching movies with my friends. I think I’ll wear my typical Leslie Knope costume for that.

  34. Happy Friday/Samhain/Halloween, everyone!

    I went to see Henry V tonight. The casting was gender-blind, and a woman played King Henry. It was good until it got to the part where Henry kisses Katherine (also played by a woman). I was annoyed, because Katherine was part of the spoils of war, and Henry felt entitled to her, and that made me mad. But the rest of the production was great, and Henry was not bad to admire.
    I also caught Demi Lovato on the Tonight Show when I got home. Um, yeah. Lots of cleavage.
    Tomorrow I’m going to a Halloween party. I’m debating going to the lesbian bar in costume (I’m dressing as Arthur – the children’s book character, not that horrible movie with Russell Brand). Should I change costumes to maximize my chances of making out with other ladies?

  35. Hey all! It’s almost Halloween and already Halloween in other parts of the world!! =) I LOVE HALLOWEEN. Of course I used to hate it when I was a kid because scary scary things. I believe in vampires until I was like 10. And I can’t watch horror films TO THIS VERY DAY.

    BUT ANYWAY. How is the whole straddleverse? I feel like when it’s Friday I am totally totally amped up.

    Last weekend I was in Vegas with my co workers who like 50 and wanted (AND GOT) the special brownies. That weekend was sure special. And tiring. My body feels like it went to camp for a month and partied every night.

    PUMPKINS!!! I have been excited about carving since they started displaying pumpkins at the store in late September. Confession: I’ve never really been to a pumpkin patch LOL. I wish I would/could at least once, they have some pretty big pumpkins I would love to carve. I don’t even know how I got into carving but 3 years ago I decided to give it a go and found it challenging and fun and sometimes easy.

    This year I had 5 patterns in mind 1. Stark Wolf 2. Iron Throne from GoT 3. Something halloween/a witch 4. Jack Skellington 5. Cartoon turned halloween i.e Snoopy in a vampire costume. I eventually decided on:

    Snoopy was a close second so my nieces asked me ever so nicely to carve it for them. TOMORROW before trick or treating. I’m also going to be the Minecraft guy Steve. I have my own diamond sword. LOL.

    Also made this SX3 Alliance Fighter from Metal Earth. Also FYI the Iron Man model that’s in red and gold has shipped AAAHH TOO EXCITED

    Much dapper in Vegas thanks to Sharpe Suiting.

  36. ALI! Seeing you in that chair in that lovely apartment (which you must have only recently moved to!) made me have a strong pang for NYC and you and your family of humans and animals! Not to mention the UNICORN costume!

    Me? I’m going to a dinner and then a seance-y thing (it’s experimental noise music but you never know, THE SPIRITS may visit). Have a wonderful weekend!

  37. I’m starting to wonder if there is a queer creative artist/techie/witch archetype. The same kind of personalities seem to be involved (I’m one myself)

  38. Hey folks, I’m late again. If I was going out for Halloween and dressing up I feel like The white rabbit from Alice in wonderland would be an apt costume…

    Ok so I thought finishing my Masters would mean I could do Halloween but B-Fri got married and I maid of honoured/iced the cake/helped decorate the hall, and then I had to work extra at the dayjob and then I had to redecorate my living room while Missus was away and now I am working my whole weekend so I’ll be in last years dinosaur onesie handing out chocolate buttons to my friends 15month old on his first trick or treating trip and inviting them into my furniture less living room… :/ oh and I have uncarved pumpkins desperate for faces…

    I feel you Ali. The unicorn onesie will make it all better. Even Proust.

    Have an amazing Halloween folks :) hope you get many treats.

  39. I made a Gandalf the Grey Pumpkin! It is my greatest achievement to date. And then tonight I’m going to a roller disco :D


  40. Thanks to Pinterest, I crafted homemade Maleficent horns, and despite the crazy rain/windstorm Seattle is having, I will be taking my son trick or treating. He might go as Aurora or Ninja Turtle. He hasn’t decided yet.

  41. Happy Halloween! I went as a Rockford Peach this year. It was fun except I kept getting red lipstick all over my wife. (She was Doc Brown from BTTF.)

    So we were basically the League of Their Own/Back to the Future crossover episode you probably never wanted to see. Sadly we do not seem to have a pic of this, but here’s a me! (provided I did the html right, I’ve never posted a picture in the comments before!)

  42. Halloween is not really a big party here in Brazil :/

    I came here to say that only now I noticed that this dark part on your profile picture is not really a mullet, Ali. It’s not a mullet. I liked your mullet. Bye, mullet.

    PS: it’s not a mullet, right? I’m still confused.

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