Foolish Child #23: Foolish Tempo

Foolish Child is a biweekly comic series by Dickens

I am a queer coparenting mama to Dickens Jr. Doodler by day, 911 dispatcher by night. All my favorite shows look better on Tumblr. I am two years and 450K words deep into constructing a fanfic called Ages and I'm never giving up on it. Bering & Wells.

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  1. I’m sorry if this is due to ignorance or a lack of understanding on my part, but I don’t really understand the comment that the white girl is making in the second to last panel.
    Does it referencing how some lower-income whites have appropriated some aspects of black music and culture as “theirs” because they grew up in predominately black neighborhoods? I knew a couple of people in college who felt that way – though I tried to explain how it’s still appropriation.

    • Honestly I’ve noticed more higher-income white people blast music like this. In my neighborhood it was the Catholic school kids, the private school kids and the twenty-somethings who got off the stop at the frat house who blasted this type of music even louder when they spotted me and my friends/family members, talked ‘hood’ with their friends and then completely switched up their speech when answering a call from their moms and bosses.

      The ‘lower’ income white folks I know sometimes have diverse music tastes and some and other times say that they like all music except rap- a complete turn off for me, by the way, when the opinion is completely unsolicited.

      As for the music being “theirs”, it probably has more to do with a completely unfounded sense entitlement unrelated to their socio-economic status.

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