DIY Mod Podge Refinished Table: Like A Regular Table, but Prettier!

Recently I bought a giant container of Mod Podge for a craft project, and lo and behold, I still had like 98% of the jar left over when I finished. So it was convenient that I stumbled upon an entire website devoted entirely to Mod Podge crafts! Also convenient that I had picked up this tiny cork table from a secondhand store. I had been keeping houseplants and also a tiny tablecloth on it, but my cat has gotten really into burrowing into my plants when I’m not around and spraying dirt everywhere. But now my table is both cute and easy to wipe down, thanks to the magic of Mod Podge and this tutorial! Glory be.


1. Using a jar of Mod Podge and a paintbrush or sponge brush of medium to large size, coat your table top with a layer of Mod Podge. It shouldn’t be so thick it’s gloppy, but it also shouldn’t be so think that it dries up as soon as you move the paintbrush.

2. Take your fabric and lay it down over the Mod Podge, smoothing it out with your fingers so there aren’t wrinkles. If you are intense, you can use like a roller or a paint scraper or something to make this go easier. Your fabric doesn’t have to be cut to the exact size and shape of your surface; you want a few inches hanging off the edges. If you have more than a few inches, trim it down with scissors.

pay no attention to the empty bottle of wine i just noticed is in the background of this shot

3. Let your table dry; the fabric shouldn’t be soaked through but will probably feel kind of damp for a few hours. After it feels dry, flip your table over. If it’s a rectangular table, congratulations! You have it pretty easy. All you have to do is cut from each corner of the square of fabric to each corner of the table, and then fold each of the four flaps you have in, and stick them to the table’s underside with more Mod Podge. If you have a circular table, like I did, you can cut little flaps all the way around, just a few inches wide, and glue them down one by one. It’s very meditative.

4. Flip the table right side up again. Last step! Take your paintbrush out again and brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over the surface of the fabric. You don’t need to put it on very thick at all this time. Also, if your fabric is a complicated print, you might want to paint in a pattern so you keep track of what you’ve already done; once the Mod Podge dries it can be tough to tell. After you’re done, let it dry for a while, and you’re good to go! Happy tabling, also if you now want to cover every solid surface in your house with cute fabrics, you’re not alone.

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    This is exactly what I needed, I got a free table a side table a couple weeks ago and started sanding it down to repaint, the whole table and drawer are real wood, except for the top, which is ugly shiny but beat up pressed wood. I knew I wanted to do something to cover the top but wasn’t sure what, now I know just what to do! Now just to find some cute fun fabric!!

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    this is so cute and i want to do it to every surface in my house but i’m pretty sure that then i would just never stop spilling coffee on things!

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    I want to do this ASAP! I think my girl has some mod podge, but I don’t think it’s the original kind, it’s a special finish or something.

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    i’m so glad someone has finally expressed their undying love for mod podge on this website. i feel like we can all go home now.


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    Do you know that my girlfriend has now planned out a series of tables that we’re going to make? Thank you for this! We are gonna have buckets of fun and also buckets of tables. :0)

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