“Glee” Releases The Santana Coming Out Scene You Never Saw

Last week, the Glee team began releasing scenes cut from Glee‘s third season, like The Klaine “Box” Scene, starring Kurt and Blaine, and The “Hello 12 Scene”, starring Rachel and Jesse St. James. Today Glee released two more cut scenes and one of them is a scene you and me and all of us here would’ve really liked seeing somewhere between the beginning and the end of Episode 306. See for yourself:


Last week, they released the Quinn/Rachel “Bridesmaids” scene that was advertised in previews for Episode 314, but never showed up in the final cut, which may also be relevant to your interests:

Oddly enough, they’ve yet to release any Finn/Rachel or Adult scenes that somehow ended up on the cutting room floor…hm. Well, what do you think of these scenes? Would they have changed how you felt about those episodes?

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  1. Wow, that was…actually not terrible at all. You mean, instead of that convoluted, heteropraising, inane bullshit we got with Finn, we could’ve had that short and lovely self-acceptance/team acceptance scene?


    Oh wait, normal doesn’t exist on Glee.


    Also, that Santana scene would’ve redeemed the episode almost. I don’t know what’s worse – that they unleashed that shitshow of I Kissed A Girl and promptly dodged all offended outcries from it, or that they actually filmed good, important, INOFFENSIVE scenes and subsequently cut them from the episode.

  3. I personally think the coming out scene is shit because I find it a bit unrealistic, yet I’m completely in love with brittana so I take it :/ I can’t believe this didn’t make it to the episode. I hate glee

  4. i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy i hate ryan murphy

    (and santana is flawless)

  5. I’m probably going to be one of the few people that believes that including this scene would not have done much to redeem the episode. It doesn’t change the fact that Glee felt the need to out Santana in the first place, perhaps because they were getting bored with her storyline and wanted a quick fix for it already. It doesn’t change that they never gave Santana any say in the timing of her coming out, and sent some very negative messages to people still in the closet. It doesn’t change the fact that Finn was not held responsible for his actions. It doesn’t change the fact that this puts Santana in real danger (see: Kurt season 2, also Corrective Rape Suggesting Guy from this episode). It doesn’t change how irresponsibly the rest of the story was told.

    That being said, it would have been nice to at least have Santana in some control of her coming out process. Also, Naya did do a great job in this scene. Four for you, Naya, four for you.

  6. I would have liked to see this scene but unless Finn was slapped in the face multiple times or completely absent, I don’t think the episode would have been that much better. That episode still makes me really angry and I still can’t believe that that stupid Katy Perry song was not only the name of the episode but actually performed.

  7. They should have left this scene in! Sometimes, I feel like I have a love/hate relationship with ‘Glee’…they bring up a lot of important topics and do some things very well, but they can also really mess some things up.

    Also, why did Brittany never have to come out? And why don’t they ever talk about (in more detail–more than just mentioning it) her bisexuality? I mean, yeah, in a perfect world, no one would have to come out because everyone would just accept each other and realize love is love. But sadly, that’s not reality. And I feel like ‘Glee’ basically ignoring Brittany’s bisexuality and coming out process just contributes to bisexual invisibility. ‘Glee’ should choose to talk more about it…they could help dispel bisexuality myths and combat biphobia. They’re missing a great opportunity to shine a positive light on the bi community.

  8. Santana’s coming out scene wouldn’t have changed the overall tone of the episode but it would have shown at least one scene in which Santana comes out with attitude and success. Instead we got Finn The Hero saving the day and singing that stupid version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun that to this day I haven’t watched or heard in full because I cringe too much, and a heartbreaking rejection scene with her grandma. Which was good, but really sad, this would have balanced it a little.

    But I guess they didn’t have time to include it between singing I Kissed A Girl, having Finn monologue about teen gays that commit suicide and including some gross Puck and Idina Menzel feels.

  9. Someone pointed out in a YouTube comment (I know! A smart, insightful, GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT YouTube comment!) that while Santana’s words were powerful and the way she and Brittany look at each other is genuinely sweet, the scene is sort of devoid of real dramatic impact because we know NOTHING about the other Cheerios. It’s basically like she’s coming out to a bunch of cardboard figures in uniforms.

  10. Oh, I can see why they cut this scene, obviously they needed to make more room for Puck to save all the crazy women from themselves.

    I’m so glad I quit this show, it’s just not worth it.

  11. This show is ridiculous.
    “Oh, can’t show the super hot lesbian actually being accepted by were probably super hot cheerleading team because then people will get the wrong idea! Why don’t we just have ugly-hulking-thick skull, I mean, Finn, to out her instead!” <- 50 year old man that is probably in charge of Glee cuts.

  12. If I had seen that Santana scene, I maybe would have decided to re-watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer AND continue watching glee, instead of replacing Glee time with the Buffy.

    Que Pat Benatar and Too Little Too Late.

  13. I don’t understand why they write/film scenes like this coming out for Santana when they seem to be the first scenes cut from an episode. Maybe someone higher up in the network disapproves and tries to limit the amount of gay that audiences actually see, but it’s like they film the scene anyway and then take the credit for producing a “progessive” show when half the scenes that would actually BE progressive are never shown.

  14. Also, unpopular opinion here, but that coming out scene meant almost nothing to me. We have never seen Santana interacting with the cheerleading team or anyone outside of the Glee club for the matter, so we are not really given a context as to what sort of reaction to expect. The worst thing is that they hired a bunch of extras to be these cheerleaders, who really just function as a faceless blob of nothing. Like there’s almost no reaction, it’s almost as if Santana were saying all she said to a wall.

    • This is completely true. Sadly, it was still better than anything else in the episode. At least she was speaking for herself, briefly in charge of her own narrative, the protagonist of her own story, etc. Our expectations are extremely low, and it is pretty ridiculous that this counts as “good.”

  15. Brittany never had to come out because pretty much from day one she’s been the girl who has slept with everyone in school. Apparently if you’ve got a lot of love to give, people figure it out on their own. You don’t need to come out about it.

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