• Yes, and it’s so good! He and his partner run a farm while he keeps his day job to still, y’know, like make money and stuff. There’s a llama named Polka Spot. Sometimes they slaughter pigs and it’s super sad. Oh! And there’s this other guy, Farmer John, who actually knows what he’s doing so he does most of the actual farm-y stuff. He cries about goats and is generally adorable.

    • Also:

      I was very confused to see Tosh.0 nominated for anything other than “fastest time-to-remote-inspiration for South Park viewers,” but then I realized about Viacom.

  1. harry potter and the deathly hallows 2 MUST WIN, or
    you are a fool (logo) and you will lose
    and how is carmen carrera even nominated for most addictive reality star? seriously, she has zero charisma uniqueness nerve talent.

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