Daily Fix: Someday We’ll Find it, The Rainbow Connection, The Homos, The Feminists, And Glee!

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Today on Autostraddle: Carly rounds up the season finales in her Tuesday Televisionary and her number one feeling is GLEEEE!, Robin Shoots America’s Best Dance Crew Fanny Pak! (They’ve got their own sneakers now.) Also check out our preview from the NewNowNext Awards — video and photos!

+ Yesterday wasn’t so good for the gays, was it? I’d like to open today’s story hour with something sweet for your little homosexual-friendly soul.:

+ Okay? Okay! Let’s go!

+ Even plastic people have more heart than NOM — Levi’s mannequins will be sporting white knots to support marriage equality. Levi’s actually has a long history of gay-friendliness … AS Photoblogger Robin shot one of their campaigns, in fact! (@nytimes)

+ The Lynch will do no wrong, I am guessing. (@variety)

+ Adam Lambert admits that the elephant in the room is … pink! (@tvguide)

+ Prop 8 is a Distraction, or: NOW can we Dump Gay Marriage as a Cause?: “I’d like to suggest that we end this drain on resources that we call gay marriage. The fact that the measure is wrong does not mean that the fight for gay marriage is the cause we should be battling for.” (@Bilerico)

+ I am so happy that Jezebel exists, and deconstructs things like this: Feminism Makes Women Unhappy, And Other Tall Tales:Actually, this is what happens when a self-proclaimed Harvard grad continues to read only the introductions to research papers. It’s so much easier to just read the abstract and then judge the ongoing battle for social equity as ultimately harmful for women!” (@Jezebel)

+ … and also does things like this: Top 10 Sesame Street Moments!

+ Logo’s “Beautiful People” Makes For Beautiful Television:Equal parts wistful remembrance and raucous, candy-colored fantasy, Beautiful People is sort of what The Wonder Years would look like were it directed by a relatively well-behaved John Waters.” (@AfterElton)

+ Katy Perry proves that pop is more than just cherries and bubble gum:We liked her answers as much as she likes kissing girls. Or so we like to think.” (@Complex)

+ 10 Sexy Sustainable & Swimsuits for Summer (@TreeHugger)

+ The Big Gay Sketch Show Presents: How the Mormon Stole Everything: (@logoonline)


ACLU Responds to Prop 8 Loss:


How You Like Us Now?

Last Time: 122

May 26th was not a good day to be gay. Let’s go over this:

Prop 8 upheld

Obama’s got nothin’ to say about it

“Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” ain’t goin’ nowhere

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons “shot a bill in Reno just to watch it die”

Marriage Support Dropped In NY: [“Let’s hope this is one of those famous “outlier polls” we keep hearing about (@Joe.My.God)] …

and lest you seek comfort from our favorite gay on the teevee “The Ellen Show,” guess who was on yesterday? Kris Mothereffin’ Allen! Also I believe there was a segment regarding a human’s ability to balance a lawnmower on their head.

AND SPEAKING OF Kris Allen, AT & T may have swayed voting results. (@nytimes)

In summary, the events of 5/26 = -122

+ Nobody Can Hear Larry Stickney Tweet: Protect Marriage Washington, the organization Larry Stickney and Oregonian Gary Randall set up to repeal Washington’s new domestic partnership law, has two Twitter followers. And one of them is Sam Mittelstaedt, their web developer.” (@PamsHouseBlend) +5

+ Kids still like us! (@sfgate) +5

+ 18,000 will stay married! +15

+ Autostraddle exists and we promise to change the world for real!!! +30

Total = 55!


And Your Auto-Straddler of the Day!


x-iconfrom Intern X:
So I’m a big nerd and I like comics. Megan Rose Gedris does two lesbian themed webcomics, Yu+Me a story about a blossoming lesbian relationship set in catholic school has been around since 2004, so as a young gay I thought this was one of the coolest comics I had encountered. More recently she started another comic I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space!!! which is campy and retro and all around a great comic. The art is great and gets better and better throughout both comics so go read it now!
alex-iconfrom Alex:
20 Facebook Tips & Tricks you might not know (@hongkiat) like how to remove advertisements.

stef-iconfrom Stef:
A lot of you guys may not know this, but Team Autostraddle NYC just bid a sad farewell to our first ever “office space”/friend’s boss’s apartment — the fabled Castle in the Sky. In lieu of a replacement, I would like to suggest Cameron’s house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which is conveniently on sale for just $2.3 million. Can we still have a boardroom table with a stripper pole, guys?

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  1. “Instead of asking for one way to grant rights and benefits, we ought to be advocating for a multiplicity of options.”

    -I disagree with that statement. It’s much more expensive to change public policy to reflect a multiplicity of options than it is to grant the legal framework already in existence to all.

  2. Thanks for putting up the Jezebel article. I was so pissed when I read Douthat’s piece in the Times yesterday, and I’m so grateful someone took the time to read the research article carefully. Figures that he cheapened the research to get a splashy editorial out of it. I really liked the point, “if we come into the world — work, domestic, social — expecting equality and then don’t get it — which many of us don’t — and we start comparing ourselves to men, of course we’re going to be pissed.” I realize Douthat wanted to propose his own [infuriating] conclusion and opinion of the research presented, but I’m not likely to give his opinion that much time if it’s presented in a condescending manner.

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