Daily Fix: Obama Likes Us SO Much, He Talks To Everyone But Us

Today on Autostraddle: In the wake of last week’s Prop 8 ruling, The Autostraddle Roundtable asks: What now? Also! Autostraddle’s First Annual Rodeo Disco Pride Party, read all about it!

+ American Idol’s producers forbade Adam to talk about being gay … until after the show wrapped. Probs drew that contract from the same well as the one Ellen signed for the first two years of her talk show?  (@queerty)

+ Surprising to both the gays and the publishing/media people: in [India], where it’s still illegal to be gay, a newly relaunched LGBT magazine is becoming a strong voice for a growing community. (@advocate)

+ Interview with Melissa Ferrick: ”I was really scared to come out and wasn’t really settled in my orientation or what I wanted to call it. I still dated men at the time. I didn’t want a label back then and I still don’t like them. So I didn’t do it then.” (@afterellen)

“I like you so much, I talk to everyone but you.” -Ani DiFranco, “Hell Yeah”

+ There is no end to the well of loveliness that is Adam Lambert: HEY! HEY! YOU! YOU! Adam’s got a boyfriend! (@celebbuzz) and his name is Drake Labry!

+ Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is getting re-made, will clearly be awesome, I hope Haviland is in it. (@variety)

+ Jim Carrey on Prop 8 (@joe my god)

+ Maggie Gallagher vs Tobias Wolf : “[Gallagher] also dismisses support for same-sex marriage among the nation’s youth, saying, “I don’t think you should go to 18 year-olds and ask them to decide the future of marriage.” (Well, I don’t think you should go to heterosexuals and ask them to decide the future of gays and lesbians. -Intern Emily)

+ Anyone But Me, Episode 8: Welcome to the Party, Now Clean Up the Mess – Part Two

+ Sigh: Yes, the Bruno-Eminem Crotch Run-In Was Staged (@defamer)

+ Stuff Lesbians Like: Continuing to Follow The L Word Actresses. (@grace the spot)

+ Miss Piggy does Peaches’ “F*ck the Pain Away” (@youtube)


How Do You Like Us Now?

Last Time: 60

The “Everyone Else Likes Us” Edition

+ Bill Clinton Likes Us! ”The persecution of gays and lesbians is a violation of human rights and an affront to human decency, and it must end.” (@washington tv) +5

+ Typical straight Guys Like Us! What’s most poignant about “Typical, average straight guys in favor of gay rights” is its wildly active “Wall,” where group members and allies have posted enough supportive comments to choke up this straight gal. (@salon) +5

+ Douglas F. Gansler might like us! ”Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler is analyzing whether same-sex marriages performed in other states can be recognized here in Maryland.” (@abc) +5

+ Public School Teachers Like Us! Or, at least don’t want anyone to bash our heads in with bricks! New Anti-Homophobia Policy in Schools”Teachers are being urged to stamp out negative comments such as “that’s so gay” in a new policy to rid schools of homophobia.” (@herald sun) +5

+ Dick Cheney Likes Us! ”I think people ought to be free to enter into any kind of union they wish, any kind of arrangement they wish.” (@associated press) +5

+ Christine Quinn Likes Us! ”On the first day of Gay Pride month, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn made perhaps the most emphatic statements to date from a public official that the New York state legislature would pass marriage-equality legislation before the end of June.” (@the advocate) +10

+ Grover from the Muppets likes us! — or, at least, his definition of marriage doesn’t exclude us! (@queerty) +15 (muppets are better than humans, therefore their opinions are elevated and worth more points.)

+ Obama ‘Proclaims’ June Gay Pride Month: “For the moment, we’re going to let you have at it. We’re not going to say things like “this is just more lip service without action from the president” or “we don’t need someone who doesn’t believe in marriage equality to approve of our own pride celebration” or “you’re blatantly lying to us about efforts to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” We’ll acknowledge the statement […] for what it is: A recognition from the highest office in the nation that gay Americans should be proud.” (@queerty) +5?

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Auto-Straddler of the Day

(The quote on this photo is just extra special, I think.)


from Stef: Um, hi! So generally I do not advocate leaking things, but last night I was sad and then I tracked down this leaked zip of Little Boots’ entire new album Hands, and I was happy again. For the uninitiated, Little Boots is sort of a perfect mix of Goldfrapp and Kylie Minogue.. The record’s just as dance-able and adorable as I’d hoped it’d be. Obvs I’m going to buy it when it comes out (and you should too!) cos I bet the artwork is sick and I believe it’s super important to support new artists… But um, yeah, New In Town. Have you seen the video? Love it.

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  1. -i don’t know how i feel about a remake of GJWHF, as the original is definitely in my top 3 favorite-anything-ever.. but maaaybe i could give it a chance if it had haviland

    -i heard this passed, and even though i don’t live there, i have so many feelings i’m not quite sure where to begin: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2009/06/02/alberta-human-rights-school-gay-education-law.html

    -i’ve been meaning to check out little boots since stef’s SXSW coverage, but for some reason it’s slipped my mind.. now i don’t know how that was possible because she is so obviously awesome. and also has really pretty eyes :)

    • Marya I was just reading about Alberta today.

      Everybody who’s ever went to school had some subject they didn’t want to take or had some opinion of their teachers that they didn’t agree with; but you go and you learn and you hand in your assignments because it’s part of going to school.

      Learning to ask questions and drawing your own conclusions is a part of growing up. Removing intelligent (structured) conversation on these topics and taking away the opportunity to ask questions in a (relatively) neutral place is just going to harm everybody in the long run.

      • exactly!
        how do they expect these kids to have an accurate representation of the world, if everything is censored?

    • that’s so weird, but actually we did have that at my school too, it was just well known that no-one ever opted out, like they would’ve been totally made fun of by all the kids who just found out about vagina. At my public high school, yeah. They had to do it as a formality or something, your parents had to sign a form saying that they knew you were going to learn about tampons the next day. I guess what makes things different there is that it’s a measure they brought to the ballot probs ’cause many of them will opt out. If I was one of the kids left in the class, I would conspire with all the other ones to tell all the opted-out kids that you got ice cream and they didn’t and they had to tell their parents they wanted to be in the class or else they’d never get any ice cream. Is what I’d do.

  2. Maggie Gallagher said she doesnt think gay marriage is a civil right, but its a civil wrong. really….. did she really go there? she is sooooo stupid!!! who says that kind of crap. i mean… what does that even mean?!?!? i think someone should punch her in the face.

  3. I really like the typical straight guys in favor of gay rights group! my bestest friend is one of them.

    for about this entire post i was reading Maggie Gallagher as Maggie Gyllenhaal

  4. Wow uhh… Maggie Gallagher is really proud of herself isn’t she? Please, don’t be silly, let’s not poll the 18 year olds about the future of anything! WHAT? They ARE the future, woman! What a raging lunatic.

  5. Sometimes when I look at Maggie Gallagher, I am honestly stunned that a person like that exists and is speaking publicly on the television. What a weird world we live in.

  6. Just joined “Typical, average straight guys in favor of gay rights” on Facebook. It’s amazing how it keeps on growing every time I refresh the page.

    I’m a little introspective at the moment after having read some posts there and I can’t help but laugh to think how I even found/promptly became addicted to Autostraddle…

    Over a year ago, I heard Tegan and Sara’s “Nineteen” on a now canceled radio show on a classic rock station (99.5 WZRR) here in Birmingham, AL. The Edge, as the show was called, with CoyoteJ, playing post-modern, post-punk (whatever label you want to throw at it) music. The only song I knew from them before was “Walking With A Ghost” but I quickly became obsessed with T&S. What they were wearing, what kind of haircut they were sporting, what they were recommending w/r/t books, music, you name it. I’ve probably watched every video of them on YouTube. They are the only artists from which I’ve actually ever bought an album. Ever. They were THE reason I bought a guitar and learned, ok still learning, how to play. I even had half a mind to buy Tegan’s camera on Ebay yesterday. But I digress.

    All that to say, I read somewhere they watched the L Word. Although I admit my initial intentions for watching weren’t exactly innocent, I quickly became hooked on the characters and storyline (i.e. I also re-watched the Boy Meets World episode with Leisha tonight). And yes, I would be lying if I say I didn’t like the fireworks in between, but that’s just icing on the cake IMO. So, in the span of several months, my Internet-savvy self found/watched/caught up with the episodes from Seasons 1 through 5 online and I was able to get Showtime before Season 6 started (I know, but hey, there are other good shows on Showtime too). So there you have it, I was an L Word fanatic.

    And as I scrounged the Internet for L Word related stuff, I came across Riese’s recaps. I’m glad I did – I wouldn’t have gotten through Season 6 without them. It goes without saying how much I loved the recaps and thus how I found my way to Autostraddle. It was only natural to follow her to her newest venture. Whatever the topic, Riese has a very candid, clever, and entertaining way of writing/talking about it. And so here I am.

    This is long-winded and probably TMI, I know. AS readers may not care how a straight guy came to this site and why he might like it. Whatever. What matters is this site is beyond awesome. I just wanted to let Riese, Team AS, your readers, anyone, if only one person, know that, as a straight guy, I’m a daily reader and supporter of Autostraddle (and have been from the get-go)… and without delving too much into my views as they stood in the not so distant past, I’ll just say that pop culture AND what you ladies are striving to do here at Autostraddle do have an influence and do make a difference.

    If you’re still reading, thanks for bearing with me. For AS and all those that make this site possible, thank YOU and keep up the good work.

    -foist (Typical, Average Straight Guy In Favor Of Autostraddle)

    • Ditto. Except for the Boy Meets World thing….. that’s just a bit wierd, I mean all those curls….

    • omgomgomg I only have acronyms to express my feelings after reading this. Foist! Welcome! It’s good to have you. and thank you for sharing all of that. It wasn’t TMI for me :) This is the kind of stuff that keeps us going! Way to represent the straight dudes. I love it.

    • That’s the best story ever! We love typical straight guys in favor of tegan & sara and autostraddle. I actually have this whole vision of a gender-free future, but people tend to pull out their carpet squares for a nap when i get on that topic.

      so I’ll just say thank you for reading and for liking it and for telling your lovely non-TMI story. I wonder how many random strai men we have drifting about … hmmm … yay!

    • foist = awesome.

      i totes watched that Boy Meets World episode a couple weeks ago (and spent a decent amount of time trying to find it online).

  7. Riese/A;ex: Thanks for the responses and warm welcome.

    Iain: I only remember bits and pieces of Boy Meets World – I mean, I was like 11 when that episode came on. It was worth watching it if only for Leisha Hailey. I gotta say though, her band in real life (Uh Huh Her) does a much better job than Corinna(sp?).

    Random sidenote: I sorta miss cheesy 90’s sitcoms.

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