Daily Fix: A Very Portard Christmas & A Very Transitional Bono & A Very Wise Nate Silver


At last, the full video of Riese & Alex’s big red carpet journey to the New Now Next Awards! Part two of Crystal does Sydney’s lesbian nightlife: Snatches & Sly Foxes. Also, there was a big conference of some sort? About Apple computers? Yes, Macs & stuff!  Well, we got one of the only girls at the WWDC to give you the scoop on what happened there in Carlytron’s newest NERD ALERT.

And — just in time for the weekend our latest Girl-on-Gallery … let’s talk about androgyny.

+ WOMYN: Slate Ladyblog Slaps The “Feminist Fantasy” Of Etsy: and Jezebel disagrees: “Sara Mosle doesn’t like Etsy, or the fantasy it apparently peddles to women that they can make any money off their dreams. Sadie and I disagree with Mosle’s conclusions after the jump, as Slate writers thought only they could.” (@jezebel)

+ ART: Mementi Mori by Paul Baker Prindle: These photographs are of locations where biological men, sometimes boys, were murdered because they were gay or transgender. (@out)

+ POP: More photos from the Adam Lambert Rolling Stone cover shoot:

+ POP: Really isn’t it time we round up Megan Fox’s quotables? (@jezebel)

+ GAY: Chastity Bono is transitioning to male: “Yes, it’s true—Chaz, after many years of consideration, has made the courageous decision to honor his true identity,” confirmed Bono’s publicist, Howard Bragman. (@tmz)

+ WOMYN: At The American Prospect, a four-part series about women and work and the “opt out” debate which fails to recognize most women’s realities: “The recession is an opportune moment to refocus the narrative about women and work on the majority of women who work–those who don’t have multiple degrees or high-power careers.”

+ L WORD: Monte Carlo TV Festival update: Ilene continues to talk about writing The L Word movie while speaking to large audiences in public, hoping to retain her small bulb of power, maintain our attention. Kate Moennig says Season Two is her favorite. Also she loves True Blood and has a new movie in November. In the picture on the left, the woman wrapped in a swath of fabric is Ilene Chaiken.

And here’s a video of Kate Moennig and Kate Walsh playing Truth or Dare at the festival!

+ POP: I don’t know who “Jackiey” is, but there’s nothing we love more than quotes like this: “I’ve always had my doubts about Jackiey being a lesbian. I always thought when I got out the shower she was hanging about!”

+ WTF: Reader Bren notes that FoxNews is the only outlet that did not quote directly from Chastity Bono’s press release and instead made their own lovely headline: Chastity Bono Changing From Woman to Man. (@fox news)


Does It Matter If We Say ‘Don’t Prohibit’ Instead of ‘Permit’ Marriage? But that’s what stat whiz Nate Silver gleaned when looking at polls that framed marriage as something the government should allow or something the government should not prohibit. See the difference? Americans are more likely to support same-sex marriage legislation if they’re asked whether the government has a right to regulate it (versus keeping it a private matter); support declines when you phrase the scenario where the government “permits” two dudes to wed.

US State Department condemns anti-gay violence in Iraq: The United States State Department condemned alleged violence and abuse against homosexuals in Iraq, adding the US embassy in Baghdad has raised the issue with Iraqi government officials. (@indiatimes)

Miami Unanimously Passes Domestic Partnership Ordinace (@miaminewtimes)
The new policy will only effect City employees by extending health care benefits to their same-sex partners and children in a similar matter to married couples.

↓ Okay, let’s not be the gays that cried “offensive,” yeah? GLAAD tells the NY Times that Bruno is offensive in upcoming expose: “Sacha Baron Cohen’s well-meaning attempt at satire is problematic in many places and outright offensive in others.” (@drudge)

↓ I love the Coffee Bean and if I live in the west one day will probs go there every day but what if we can’t see Autostraddle at Coffee Bean! (@queerty)

Ana Marie Cox on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Last month, I asked Gibbs on two occasions if the administration would be getting rid of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and he took over 105 words and several minutes to give a qualified “maybe.” (@playboy) (yeah, PLAYBOY!)

↑ John Berry, the highest-ranking openly LGBT official in the Obama administration, delivered a stirring and poignant appeal to Justice Department employees at their Pride celebration.(@the advocate)

↔ The U.S. Justice Department has moved to dismiss the first gay marriage case filed in federal court, saying it is not the right venue to tackle legal questions raised by a couple already married in California. I think they’re actually right, however. (@sf gate)


Your Auto-Straddler of the Day:


crystal-iconfrom Crystal:: Here’s a piece on the seven different types of bookstore customer. I’m part-Seeker, part-Browser and part-Idiot. What are you?



jess-rothschild-iconfrom Intern Jess: A new documentary called Sex Positive is opens in NYC this weekend. It focuses on safe sex pioneer, Richard Berkowitz, during the 80s AIDS epidemic. Oh, and Adam Lambert on 20/20 tonight, obvs.

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  1. I feel like there should be an AS Roundtable on the Bruno issue. I’m super conflicted about SBC’s type of comedy and I’d be curious to hear some different perspectives.

  2. this obviously piqued my interest: “And here’s a video of Kate Moennig and Kate Walsh playing Truth or Dare at the festival!”

    But that video is bizarre! Why do the cards have rainbow stripes on them? Who is the last woman at the end, she looks like Aunt Becky from Full House, Lori Laughlin.

  3. the first thing one learns in a political science class (or should) is that polling data is pretty worthless. you can make a poll say anything you want depending on how you frame the question and who/how many you ask.

    • hi! I polled myself and asked, “What is your favorite website?”. The answer was “Autostraddle”. So Autostraddle is everyone in the world’s favorite website!

  4. Its for her new role as Joan Jett, I think ???, so hopefully she’ll fix it up after she’s done doing her acting thang. She’s so effin hot though, agreed? damn.

    • It is for her Joan Jett role, they had all kinds of pics up of her and Dakota Fanning (who is still like, 6 in my head)… and I dont think Kristen Stewart looks good with that ‘do at all. Also, I was reading her twitter for a little bit but I had to stop because it was making me hate her. She was sounding like such a brat… :/

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