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Today on Autostraddle: Robin shoots Swedish glam-rock band The Sounds and their hot bisexual singer Maja Ivarsson, with special commentary from Carlytron about The Sounds’ Secret Show!

And! Introducing The Friday Autostraddle Roundtable, where the Team (and — in the future — special guests!) sound off about one of the week’s hottest and most ridiculous gay-themed stories from the “mainstream media.” This week we look at “Could Adam Lambert be the first Gay American Idol?“, a Reuter’s news service piece that’s been making the front-page rounds.

If there was an award for “bizarre graphic employed by mainstream news organization” of the week, ABCs would win, hands down totes, for “Kelly McGillis is the Latest Late-in-Life Lesbian.” Take a gander:

Marlee Matlin has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Probs for “Origami in Steel.” (@showtime fan)

A Celebration of Butch Voices. (@sugarbutch)

THE HIPSTER GRIFTER SPEAKS! And it’s the same old song … (@gawker)

GayWired asks Keith Lewis, one of the state directors for the Miss California USA organization, what the F*ck is going on:

“We have done everything in our power to limit the confusion in the market place about who is speaking these words and that it is not Miss California, but Carrie Prejean.”

Nine things Lindsay Lohan should do to save her career (@the daily news)

Rising Star Haviland Stillwell glitters, and is gay:

Curve Magazine continues its tradition of constant, neverending coverage of The L Word (Hey, Pot, it’s us! Kettle! You’re so black!) this month with a Pam Grier coverstory and Daniela Sea confession:

Sarah Haskins in Target: Woman, may or may not have the swine flu:


How You Like Us Now?

Yesterday’s final tally was 23.

Maine’s same-sex marriage bill is on the up and up. +50

She’s just bein’ Miley, and the conservative groups don’t like it one bit. Pam explains: Evil! EVIL!! Miley Cyrus Preaching That God Loves The Gay People! The Sin Of It All!5

The Gays Are Out for Blood in Iowa. Here’s their video about how homosexual marriage hurts families. Because of AIDS. You know what else hurts families? The video editor who kept horizontally flipping the screen for no apparent reason. A horizontal flip does not a solid edit make. -10

“People are more comfortable with ignorance“: In military, new debate over policy toward gays. -5

I can’t wait to beat up Virginia. -10 (Even if she said she “chose her words poorly.“)

Total: 43. (Not too shabby! Gay marriage conquers all!)


carly-icon2from Carly:
Hey, have you heard? Hulu is the king of the world! No srsly. Disney just announced that it’s going to be offering its content on Hulu now as well, making it so that STUPID CBS is the only major network not on Hulu. Hulu is also the 3rd most watched video site on the web, losing only to YouTube and MySpace.

alex-iconfrom Alex:
I found New York Magazine’s Celebrity Twitter Approval Matrix kind of cute and interesting. (Though I’d like to edit/add to it a bit… *cough* Cat Cora *cough!*)

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  1. Obviously that older couple in the video is heartbroken over the death of their son. And I think it’s horrible that whoever produced this video would exploit their tragedy to promote a hateful erroneous, agenda. Because we all know that ONLY gay people get HIV. Someone needs to explain to them that straight people get AIDS too.

    I get the point they were trying to make, but they failed to make it. The only point they proved is that people living with HIV and AIDS incur huge medical bills that sometimes becomes a burden on the state. Perhaps they should refocus their efforts to areas that might actually fix that, like revamping the health insurance industry in this country.

    Or maybe if they spent their obviously abundant spare time to raise money so researchers could have the funds to find a cure for the HIV virus this would never be a problem again.

    Also, we recruit!? What the hell are all those ex-gay ministries/NOM folks doing if not recruiting US to their boring “lifestyle”.

    • Yeah I was surprised some of the youtube comments were actually literate this time around — much of it was people informing the ignoranti that straight people get AIDS too, and they get it a lot.

      “Perhaps they should refocus their efforts to areas that might actually fix that, like revamping the health insurance industry in this country.” – AGREED.

      Also, like, um, maybe if gays weren’t villanized they wouldn’t feel they needed to sneak around and get themselves into sketchy situations involving unsafe sex, but instead would be in like, nice loving marriages!

  2. that anti-gay video is absolutely ridiculous and sad. she knows 6 other families who have gay children and are devastated because of it? how about 6 other families who need to get a freaking grip. the fact that their son was “embarrassed” to tell them he was HIV positive speaks volumes of the effects of homophobia in this close-minded, bigoted country. children are committing suicide, thanks to the lies and hate that assholes like this continue to spread. every homeless LGBT teen, depressed & closeted middle-aged queer, beaten & murdered transsexual, and suicidal 10-yr old is a direct result of narcissistic, hateful, uninformed idiots like this. fuck these people, fuck NOM, and fuck Virginia Foxx.

  3. Yeah. That is seriously upsetting. I don’t get how these people can have so much hate for others who just want to love. But no no no, we’re a cult! A cult that spreads HIV and recruits helpless people! On the up side, I’m rather confident in this generation. A lot of people are becoming more accepting. (slowly but surely) We are a little behind the curve compared to some places, but look how far gay marriage is coming along. Just last month was a huge step. Just gotta stay positive.

  4. Ok, yes, NOM are a bunch of tools – and I feel sorry for ANY family that has to deal with AIDS or HIV – either straight or gay – I had a friend die of it and it was a horrible, ugly death – he was a warrior….but to imply only gay people get it? Morons…! Let’s teach kids to not protect themselves and have safe sex – the straight ones – cuz that’s what teaching the like HIV & AIDS only affects gay people does – it propels that stupid myth.
    So the California and Miss American Pageant wants to dissociate themselves from Miss California now? Cuz she’s an ignorant tool? Good!
    And lastly, that whole article link to the Hipster Grifter – I had never heard of that story until I read about – it – why glorify a criminal hiding in seclusion? She committed massive fraud, and some people are fans? That’s scary…
    Even worse, do people NOT do criminal records checks anymore for jobs?

    I could smell that girl’s con wayyyyyy earlier than any of those guys she dated could – men are stupid when it comes to someone they are having sex with – sorry to say, but they are!
    Give a guy some sex and he turns into an even dumber ignorant moron that can’t smell a con…!
    This woman is supposedly “sorry”? Yeah, I highly doubt it – she rips people off, and then screws them over & leaves someone else to pay for it and go bankrupt and screws up their credit? NOT NICE!
    People that commit acts like that don’t deserve 48 hours in prison or 3 months in prison, they deserve YEARS in prison, or it will NEVER DETER THEM!!!**
    How do I know? Here in Canada, we seem to let thieves out of our revolving door of justice prison system within 24 hours… which puts them back on the street where they literally commit another crime within less than 24 hours!
    This is why I laughed when I read about a recent local robber, who robbed a fast food joint as they were closing, and the owner threw a litre of hot oil in his face and he dropped the $ and ran!!! See? Betcha he’ll never do THAT again, will he??? THAT kind of justice seems to work….LOL.
    Seriously, not kidding folks, this Korean chick would get less time in prison up here in Canada, sadly…
    People kill people up here and get house arrest – not kidding… It’s very sad….I think some criminals should be locked up for a lonnnng time and be made to pay back every penny they steal plus interest (kinda like what the IRS does in the USA – the interest part, I mean)!
    People that are greedy & selfish and prey on other people’s niceness and trust are the lowest of the low….it saddens me that we live in a society where kids now, and young adults, think it’s easier to rip people off than it is to get an education and work hard and make something of themselves.

  5. “we have nothing but love for people who are caught up in the homosexual ‘lifestyle’.”

    and I have nothing but love for the people who take away my rights! Yay! Love is everywhere! /cannot tolerate intolerance anymore.

  6. is that a real CURVE cover? that’s some of the worst type I’ve seen in a while. for serious.

  7. so I haven’t watched the last video- just not in the mood but I did watch the hipster grifter, and I got to say, that is sure ballsy of her, isn’t she like wanted?

    Also, you should hunt down the person who made that graphic for ABC, clearly someone with that skill needs to be scooped up immediately

    Lastly, I just want to say this site gets better and better each day, and it’s certainly becoming a site I look forward to checking out each day. Also, a great site to go to when I am procrastinating haha

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