Daily Fix: What a show this is! Prince and Lindsay Lohan! And Ellen!

Today on Autostraddle: You’re probs all hungover from Earth Day — too much organic beer and pita will do that to you. If you haven’t already, check out Green’s special Earth Day post! And for those of you lucky enough to live in LA, Haviland’s West Coast Debutante show is tonight! Be there! More TK later this afternoon/evening …
Baby Bisexual Lindsay Lohan sits down with American’s Top Lesbian Ellen DeGeneres on “The Ellen Show” today to talk about her breakup with SamRo and how she’s tired of rumors starting, being followed, and people saying what they want about her.

Wanna see it? Okay, here you go! Looks like Lindsay’s on The Depression Diet, proven in clinical studies to be 56% more effective than any other diet in the universe and guaranteed to make your friends and loved ones very worried about your overall health and ability to lift your own fingers.

Alan Cumming, one of our top ten favorite dudes, supports Paterson’s Marriage Equality Timeline. (@nymag)

Jennifer Beals was on Lie to Me last night as “Zoe” — and though we’ve heard she’s supposed to be in a few episodes, I’ve seen next week’s script (#111) and she appears not to be in it … bbbbuuuutttt   Zoe is in the script for Episode #112! — If you want more JB, the tibette.com peeps are asking you to tell Fox about it here!

I got a hot tip from my Michigander Gay Mom on this one: Michigan House panel OKs bill for second parent adoptions. (@freep)

Outrage debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival this week (and it’s sold out!) – “it makes the case for why it’s hypocritical if not downright dangerous for them not to come out or be outed.” (@variety)

Ugandan Paper outs more than 50 “Top Homos:”A heat-pounding and sensational masterpiece that largely exposes Uganda’s shameless men and unabashed women that have deliberately exported the western evils to our dear and sacred society. They have been influential in spreading the gay and lesbian voices in schools to kill the morals of our lovely kids!!” (@the advocate)

25 Funniest Ladies at Entertainment Weekly.

Cyberpunk Bruce Sterling argues that the clearest symbol of poverty is dependence on “connections” like the Internet, Skype and texting. “Poor folk love their cellphones!” he said. (@nytimes)

This local newscast of tensions flaring in Maine over a proposed gay marriage bill is really interesting but also funny when you see the Baptist mother of four. I mean really they’re handing this to us!


carly-icon2from Carly: Just read on Cool Hunting that former Project Runway contestant Diana Eng‘s book “Fashion Geek” is now out and it’s super cute. It’s a DIY book that shows you how to incorporate tech into your fashions, buy it on Amazon (unless you’re still mad at them, then just use a different website or go to a bookstore).

alex-iconfrom Alex: I keep sharing things from Smashing Magazine, but I can’t help it. This post of Super Creative Print/Type Layouts is so inspirational it made my head explode. Such lovely typography eye candy.

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  1. The LiLo interview made me sad. She seemed so uncomfortable and, if you can’t relax with Ellen, then who can you relax with? Plus…definitely too skinny.

  2. i seriously can’t read anything on this fix b/c of that Lilo/Ellen clip. it makes me sad! especially when compared to the 2004 clip that comes up @ the end. SIGH

    • Yeah…it’s worse after watching the 2004 clip (which I hadn’t watched until you mentioned it so thanks for THAT!).

      • Wow, I just watched it and the 2004 clip as well. It really is sad… She seems very different. Less flamboyant. And she’s teeny tiny. I shall join you in the sighage.

  3. Oh, ouch ouch ouch. Ellen is so sweet, she was trying so hard to make is safe and comfortable for Lindsay, and poor L was just soooo uncomfortable and awkward.

    And skinny. Holy crap skinny. I know break-ups suck and maybe it’s just that but I’d say she actually looks long past the point of needing an intervention. Toooo tiny.

  4. Oopsy- Your 25 Funniest Ladies by EW actually links to the “20 funniest: people’s picks” instead.

    It pains me to look at people as skinny as LiLo is right now. It makes me so sad to see someone (anyone!) let themselves get to that point. I almost lost my best friend to anorexia and I’m always worried about that kind of thing. I hope LiLo gets better, gets help, whatever she needs to get back to looking healthy and being happy.

  5. Holy shit Uganda! That is one of the most terrible things I’ve ever read. Gave me shivers. That place is a hell hole if ever there was one, just saying.
    Also, don’t think they will have a under-population problem, ever. They may have a starvation, HIV/AIDS, poverty, ignorance problem but HOMOS are much worse, right? yep.

  6. Very strangely over the past few weeks, Alex’s links to typeface/font/design stuff has made me increasingly interested in all things to do with the shape of printed words… I think I might have acquired a new vice!

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