Countdown to Baby T. Rex: The Seven Stages of Waiting (41 Weeks)

The Seven Stages of Waiting for Baby T. Rex

  1. Terror (“What did we do?!”)
  2. Excitement (So soon! OMG!)
  3. Nervousness (SO soon OMG!!!)
  4. Hope (Any day now!)
  5. Disappointment (Any day now…?)
  7. Resignation (Cool. Just going to be pregnant FOREVER, I guess…)

Well then. Here we are. According to Waffle’s pregnancy app, Baby T. Rex is now nine days old, which is weird because Remi is still very comfy and chillin’ in my uterus.

Me at 41 weeks, exactly, taking yet another walk to pass the time.

Me at 41 weeks, exactly, taking yet another walk to pass the time.

Waffle had to go back to work yesterday, having maxed out his two-week vacation allotment. I’ve officially used up three weeks of parental leave. Well-meaning and concerned friends and relatives keep asking if the baby is here yet and letting us know we’re overdue. We know. We swear we’re not hiding it from ya’ll. The baby is not here yet. We frankly can’t wait until Remi’s here, either. We’ll shout it to the world, we promise.

The reality is that a lot of first time preggers people give birth after their due date. Full-term is between 37-42 weeks. My midwife says 40 weeks, 3 days-5 days is average for first time pregnancies. Other sources I’ve read or heard say going past 41 weeks or even to 41.5 weeks is average for first-time pregnancies. Much like when we were trying to conceive, knowing the stats and averages didn’t bring us all that much comfort as we counted down to our due date.

By the time we got to August 20th, I just felt done, cooked, ready to pop. We didn’t think I’d go far past my due date because of my early gestational diabetes diagnosis, which we’d been warned might mean a bigger baby. I’d been having pre-labor signs since about 36 weeks. I was having irregular, but frequent Braxton Hicks contractions and some random contractions that were mildly painful. A week before my due date, the baby dropped deep down into my pelvis (also known as “lightening”). I was riding a clean burst of energy for a few days leading up to the due date. I just felt like I was ready.

Me at 40 weeks exactly, feeling cautiously optimistic and finally consenting to a bump pic.

Me at 40 weeks exactly, feeling cautiously optimistic and finally consenting to a bump pic.

Then August 20th came…and went.

This past Saturday, we hit 41 weeks and there was still no sign of Remi. Everyone has been like: “Get some sleep now.” “Enjoy your time together.” “Baby will be here soon.” “They’ll come when they’re ready.” All well-meaning advice, but quite frankly we just want this baby here. ASAP. We can’t sleep anyway because I can barely roll over and I have to propel myself out of bed to pee four times a night, which wakes Waffle up because he’s anxious that I’m going to go into labor. We’ve had over 11 years of enjoying our time together. I like Waffle’s face and vice versa, but…we’re good with staring at each other. And yes, of course we know the baby will come eventually, but it’s still frustrating!

Waiting is just frustrating. That’s just how waiting is, in general. Sometimes when you’re waiting or anxious about something, you just want people to empathize with your feelings, not try to fix you. Because there’s no way to fix it! I tell myself every day, “This is normal. This is fine. This is normal.” I still get frustrated when another day passes with no Baby T. Rex. That’s just how I’m feeling right now regardless of how logical it is. I know once Remi is here, we’ll forget about the stress and this will be a funny story to tell Remi when they’re older about how we were actually losing our ability to function and doing ridiculous things like vacuuming the ceiling and organizing the tupperware cabinet while waiting for them. Right now, though, I would like my body back and my baby in my arms.

My midwives generally don’t do a lot of medical intervention or recommend it, so they weren’t too worried about me going past 40 weeks. However, because we were overdue, we had a non-stress test and ultrasound on Friday, just to be sure everything was cool in my ute. Remi was super active for the non-stress test and all seems well in there. There were no contractions during the test, which I expected. All week, I’ve had contractions that come and go, as well as pelvic pain and cramps that feel like menstrual cramps, but they’ve never escalated in frequency or fallen into a discernable pattern.

We also found out Baby T is measuring at approximately 7 pounds, 6 ounces, which is very much in the normal range for birth weight, especially at 41 weeks! (I guess I managed my gestational diabetes too well.) Baby T. Rex looked quite content to just hang out head-down on the ultrasound, just wiggling their toes and flappin’ their baby lips and having a real chill time in there.

We’re both glad Baby T. Rex is healthy and my insides are in good shape, but we wish Remi would stop dragging their fetus feet and come meet us already. Is this because I’m perpetually late? Are they already taking after me?

Over the past week, I’ve tried some of the things that supposedly help trigger labor, but none of them have been particularly effective (and a lot are just myths). People keep recommending we get busy in the bedroom, but don’t realize that part of the trick to the sex-to-induce-labor advice is for your partner to have semen, which supposedly helps soften the cervix. (Also, between feeling like a beached whale whenever I’m horizontal and dealing with almost constant pelvic pain, my interest in getting frisky is about a negative two.)

Orgasm helps in that it releases oxytocin and can trigger stronger contractions, which I can confirm is true, but if you’re not ready to go into labor or already in labor, it’s just going to give you another false contraction. I also tried nipple stimulation, which works the same way that orgasm does, trying to simulate breastfeeding and trick my body into throwing out some more oxytocin to strengthen my contractions. Same result. More false contractions, no labor progression. I’m just not ready yet.

Every day, I’m drinking four steeped bags of uterus-toning red raspberry leaf tea and bouncing on my birthing ball. I’m taking walks and doing light exercise at home and taking naps and trying to stay healthy and rested. I’ve even tried acupuncture. I’ve lost hope that any of this is making a difference. My midwife reassured me there isn’t a super secret special trick to trigger labor. Remi is going to be born when they feel ready…hopefully some day before they’re off to college.

At this point, we have a plan to go to the birthing center to be induced if I don’t go into labor naturally by 41 weeks, 5 days (this Wednesday evening, with labor probably kicking in on Thursday). At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to consider being induced until after 42 weeks, which my midwifes were open to. I can still change my mind, but I’m thinking more and more that it’s the right choice.

I don’t want to rush Remi before they’re ready, but I also don’t want to be pregnant for all eternity. Waffle and I both work and we don’t have unlimited time off or unlimited funds. We’re blessed to have a small savings to take some unpaid time off and I’m extremely lucky to have some paid time from my employer, but there’s a limit on how long we can sustain that. Remi seems healthy and fully-developed, so ultimately we’re ok with evicting them if they continue to be shy, especially when we’re coming close to 42 weeks. Of course, going to the hospital to be induced changes our whole birth plan, including where and when we meet our doula and our ability to work through early labor from the comfort of our home, but if that’s what it takes, I’m going to be flexible. Waffle and I are both still holding out a little sliver of hope that Remi will come on their own before then, but we’re not too optimistic.

I never thought I’d write a 41-week Countdown to Baby T. Rex. Our Leo/Virgo cusp baby is definitely moving into Virgo territory, whatever that means. (Mey? Cecelia?) Fingers crossed for us, folx. One way or another, Remi will be with us soon (if we don’t expire of despair and boredom before then). On the plus side, our house has never been so well-organized and writing this update is giving me something to pass the time and take my mind off the nagging cramping-that-is-not-contractions I’m enjoying today.

Kae & Waffle’s Super Exciting and Romantic Two Weeks of Waiting

Monday, Aug 15th

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Excited, Nervous, Productive
  • Waffle’s Mood: Excited, Nervous, Overwhelmed
  • Distractions: Caught up on DVR’d shows, went to movies and saw Pete’s Dragon (so good!), take-out for lunch and dinner
  • Chores: Took cat for a nail trim, Waffle washed baby clothes and picked up house, made his and hers to-do lists (to help us focus on what we actually can do right now), KaeLyn caught up on non-work work stuff
  • Baby T. Stuff: Braxton Hicks contractions, pelvic pain, lots of movement
Lists of random crap to distract ourselves and catch up on while we wait for Baby T. Rex.

Lists of random crap to distract ourselves and catch up on while we wait for Baby T. Rex.

Tuesday, August 16th

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Excited, Nervous, Motivated
  • Waffle’s Mood: Excited, Nervous, Motivated
  • Distractions: Ice cream run, watched 2015 Macbeth on Amazon Prime, KaeLyn worked on an adult coloring book
  • Chores: Organized and deep-cleaned bedroom for the first time in four years, Waffle put together bouncers, KaeLyn worked on to-do list, KaeLyn cleaned bathrooms, ran errands
  • Baby T. Stuff: Dropped lower in pelvis, irregular contractions, back pain

Wednesday, August 17th

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Excited, Hopeful, Tired
  • Waffle’s Mood: Excited, Hopeful, Restless
  • Distractions: Ice cream run, Waffle printed pictures for baby book, used up old play credits at Dave and Buster’s, cheap lunch out, watched Zootopia at home
  • Chores: Turned off chime and replaced batteries in dining room clock, dropped off Goodwill donations, Waffle did laundry and put away stuff in baby nursery, ran more errands
  • Baby T. Stuff: Cramps, midwifery appointment (all is well, made an appointment for the following week, hoping not to have to keep it)

Thursday, August 18th

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Ready, Anxious, Hopeful
  • Waffle’s Mood: Ready, Anxious, Restless
  • Distractions: Picked up fancy salad for lunch, mid-day napped, watched Inside Out at home (“Bing Bong! Bing Bong!”)
  • Chores: Stocked up on pet supplies and food, vacuumed upstairs, ran errands, mailed some packages, picked up house
  • Baby T. Stuff: Lots of wiggling around, Braxton Hicks contractions, irregular back-to-front contractions, back pain

Friday, August 19th

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Ready, Hopeful
  • Waffle’s Mood: Ready, Discouraged
  • Distractions: Ice cream run, Waffle taught the cat a new trick, started Stranger Things even though KaeLyn was afraid it would be too scary (It wasn’t)
  • Chores: Waffle did laundry, boxed up more Goodwill donations, picked up around the house
  • Baby T. Stuff: Lower back pain, irregular contractions, pelvic pain

Saturday, August 20th – DUE DATE!!!

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Cautiously hopeful
  • Waffle’s Mood: Cautiously hopeful
  • Distractions: Rochester Straddler #AutostraddleBrunch!, ice cream at the beach, clearance rack shopping for 9-12 month baby clothes, finished Stranger Things
  • Chores: Picked up more pet supplies, random chores around the house, knocked some things off to-do lists, ran errands
  • Baby T. Stuff: literally nothing happening except normal baby movements and pelvic pain
Roc Straddlers #AutostraddleBrunch at Voula's Greek Sweets! (Sorry this pic is missing a couple folks!)

Roc Straddlers #AutostraddleBrunch at Voula’s Greek Sweets! (Sorry this pic is missing a couple folks!)

Sunday, August 21

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Disappointed, Hopeful
  • Waffle’s Mood: Disappointed, Frustrated
  • Distractions: Went to the movies and saw Bad Moms, ice cream and walk at the beach, watched like three hours of YouTube videos
  • Chores: Chores, chores, and more chores (This house is clean.)
  • Baby T. Stuff: Random-ass contractions, no other signs of labor

Monday, August 22

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Disappointed, Hopeful
  • Waffle’s Mood: Disappointed, Frustrated, A lil’ angry
  • Distractions: Made a pot roast together, got ingredients for some freezer meals
  • Chores: Cleaned car interior, went grocery shopping, sorted tupperware and recycled anything that was really gross and old or didn’t have a lid, sorted through a random old bag of like 2,000 pieces of magnetic word poetry and removed all the weird stuff and “fuck” magnets and dirty words, reorganized the kitchen pantry top-to-bottom, vacuumed everything, lost all sense of chill
  • Baby T. Stuff: Some mild contractions and cramping, baby moving around a lot


Tuesday, August 23

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Frustrated, Unmotivated, Unfocused
  • Waffle’s Mood: Frustrated, A lil’ depressed
  • Distractions: Ice cream run, started watching Worst Cooks in America: Season Three on Netflix, made a white lasagna and froze it
  • Chores: KaeLyn picked and dried herbs from the front porch kitchen garden, packed and froze a bunch of chicken breasts, cleaned the bunny & wiggle bedroom/habitat, put away things in baby room, random chores and errands
  • Baby T. Stuff: Same old contractions and cramping and pelvic pain, another day

Wednesday, August 24

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Disappointed, Cautiously hopeful
  • Waffle’s Mood: Disappointed, Increasingly depressed
  • Distractions: Finished Worst Cooks in America: Season Three on Netflix, took a nap, took a walk at Ontario Park and found a million Pokemon Go players there, Waffle made nightshade-free curry chicken, watched episodes of Face Off in bed, ordered a white garlic pizza
  • Chores: Bare minimum household chores, totally done with to-do lists
  • Baby T. Stuff: Midwifery appointment: had a cervical exam and found out I’m 50% effaced and baby is in +1 position which means…kind of nothing. Labor could happen any time or not for days. Agreed to plan to induce if labor doesn’t begin by mid-42nd week.
I hate this picture and told Waff not to tag me in it. My hair is sooooooooooo long! Also, I feel like it's an insult that I'm carrying a Rattata. It could at least have been a Jigglypuff. (I don't really understand Pokemon Go, TBH.)

I hate this picture and told Waff not to tag me in it. My hair is sooooooooooo long! Also, I feel like it’s an insult that I’m carrying a Rattata. It could at least have been a Jigglypuff. (I don’t really understand Pokemon Go, TBH.)

Thursday, August 25

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Tired, Bored, Very Ready
  • Waffle’s Mood: Depressed, Frustrated, Bored
  • Distractions: Greasy diner breakfast to get out of the house; played the Wizard of Oz game at Dave and Buster’s for, like, two hours; Waffle went clearance rack shopping for baby clothes at Kohl’s; randomly decided we needed to find a good deal on a new Crock Pot; started Hannibal: Season Three on Amazon Prime
  • Chores: Went to the grocery store literally three times in one day, took a nap, household chores, dropped off seven+ year old mystery rolls of film at Walgreens to see what develops
  • Baby T. Stuff: Started counting contractions that seemed to be coming every twenty minutes, horrible mid-back pain that made it impossible to lay down or sleep outside of a hot bath
We won the jackpot by collecting all seven cards. I dunno. It was something to do...

We won the jackpot by collecting all seven cards. I dunno. It was something to do…

Friday, August 26

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Bored, Defeated, Resigned to being pregnant forever
  • Waffle’s Mood: Upset, Anxious about going back to work, Super frustrated
  • Distractions: Watched more Hannibal, took a nap
  • Chores: not much left to do
  • Baby T. Stuff: Woke up feeling totally fine with minimal pain and lots of energy like it was four weeks ago almost, no contractions all day, went for ultrasound and non-stress test

Saturday, August 27th – 41 WEEKS OFFICIALLY

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Resigned to being pregnant forever, Feeling blank
  • Waffle’s Mood: Anxious about going back to work, Defeated, Overwhelmed
  • Distractions: Finished Hannibal: Season Three, took a nap, took a walk on the beach, had a ridiculous fight about nothing (dinner and who would decide what to eat and where, specifically)
  • Chores: Not much left to do
  • Baby T. Stuff: Cramps, irregular contractions, pelvic pain, endless nothingness
Saddest out-of-focus beach selfie self-pitying fun time.

Saddest out-of-focus beach selfie self-pitying fun time.

Sunday, August 28th

  • KaeLyn’s Mood: Resigned to being pregnant forever, Emotionally preparing to be induced
  • Waffle’s Mood: A little better after paying bills and figuring out a budget for unpaid leave time, Anxious about going back to work that night
  • Distractions: KaeLyn worked on writing, Waffle read fanfic, Waffle’s sister and neice visited for a bit, went to the all-you-can-eat buffet for dinner (regrets)
  • Chores: Not much left to do
  • Baby T. Stuff: Bloated and crampy all day, lots of baby movements, few contractions

4 Random Baby-Making Feelings I’m Currently Over-Processing

1. Goodbye, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen GD

My blood glucose numbers have been coming down into normal-ish range consistently since 36 weeks. That’s been really awesome. Because I was prediabetic before getting knocked up, I’m interested to see how my numbers will be after birth, when I’m completely done being preggers. I’m holding out some small hope that white rice can return to my life. You gotta’ understand that I literally ate white rice for the first year of my life for, like, every meal in Korea. Maybe I won’t eat a whole pint as a stand-alone entree in one sitting anymore, but I’d love to be able to have, like, a scoop with my entree. Is that asking too much?!

Actually salivating... (via Shutterstock)

Actually salivating… (via Shutterstock)

2. Things I’ve Googled This Week:

  • labor signs cramps
  • common early labor signs
  • how to tell if you’re in early labor
  • prelabor or labor contractions
  • what do real contractions feel like
  • best app for timing contractions
  • first time mom average delivery date
  • first time mom past due date
  • past due should I induce or wait
  • labor signs back pain
  • how to induce labor naturally

3. Jeter’s Best Week Ever

Unlike his human parents, our cat has had the best two weeks ever. He’s just ecstatic that we’ve finally come to our senses and quit our jobs in order to be with him 24/7. We finally understand our role is to attend to his every need, give him cuddles and endless treats, and be available to him at all times. He’s just thrilled that we’ve been getting up earlier (out of circumstance and restless nights, not choice) and has taken to yelling in our faces every morning around 7:30/8:00 AM.

Life is just so good right now, man...

Life is just so good right now, man…

Jeter has a world of disappointment and confusion coming his way as soon as we come home with a new small human family member, so we’re trying to be extra kind to him. Even though he’s acting like a spoiled brat cat lately.

4. Virgo, Baby

We were anticipating a Leo/Virgo cusp baby, but we’re venturing clearly into Virgo territory now. In fact, it’s highly likely Remi will come into the world in September instead of August. A friend who was pregnant at the same time as me and whose due date was just five days before mine has an adorable baby who is now a little over three weeks old. Another friend whose due date is two weeks after mine is now looking like we might have babies closer in age. Due dates mean nothing, ya’ll. I mean, seriously, they don’t. They’re somewhat arbitrary and based on a 28-day menstrual cycle and only 5-10% of people give birth on their due date. We knew this and still put too much stock in our due date and ended up feeling disappointed.

But I digress. Anyway, baby Remi is going to be a Virgo and according to what I’ve read online, Virgo’s perfectionist tendencies play out in babies who are finicky eaters and know just what they like and don’t like. They like hands-on learning and playing with toys more than watching TV. They like routines and rules. I don’t know any other Virgo kids. Does that sound right to ya’ll who are Virgos? Time will tell! I wonder how a Virgo baby feels about being kicked out of the womb before they want to come out.

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KaeLyn is a 40-year-old hard femme bisexual dino mom. You can typically find her binge-watching TV, standing somewhere with a mic or a sign in her hand, over-caffeinating herself, or just generally doing too many things at once. She lives in Upstate NY with her spouse, a baby T. rex, a scaredy cat, an elderly betta fish, and two rascally rabbits. You can buy her debut book, Girls Resist! A Guide to Activism, Leadership, and Starting a Revolution if you want to, if you feel like it, if that's a thing that interests you or whatever.

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  1. 1. All of your pictures are so, so adorable and where did you get your beach dress/coverup?

    2. My mom swears authentic, spicy Mexican food is the reason she went into labor a month early – do with that what you will (I’m sure you have heard and tried ONE MILLION things by now).

    3. Remi sure knows how to make an entrance, don’t they! They’ve got a whole website waiting for their arrival <3 <3 <3

    • 1. The beach dress is just a regular a-line dress that’s stretchy enough to wear while pregnant. I picked it up on sale at NY & Company a year or so ago. It’s been a regular in my third trimester stretchy dress rotation.

      2. I have heard many people do the spicy food thing. I’m off peppers right now, though I ate a TON of spicy food up until about a month ago. I love spicy food! I was trying to get Remi to like hot sauce in utero, honestly.

      3. Just days now until Remi gets here, come hell or high water!


  3. I hear so much wisdom in your words, and I am so happy that you and Waffle will be raising a person; I believe they will be kind, thoughtful, and wonderfully themselves. :)

    I’d like to share with you my super secret labour-inducing trick. It may not be helpful, but it was a lesson for me and I’d love to share it. For me, it was having two really difficult conversations, both with my midwife and my partner at the time. Although I generally consider myself to be honest and open, there were still little doubts and fears that I had that I hadn’t acknowledged to anyone, and just barely to myself. voicing all these fears, having them recognized, seen, acknowledged, and then being comforted the way I wanted, allowed me to let go and allow labour to happen. I needed to feel safe to bring our baby into the world. My labour began 4 hours after. :)

    • Thanks, @steviejn! That really is helpful. Interestingly, after days of absolutely nothing happening, I have pretty much emotionally prepared myself to be induced on Wednesday. And let go of my feelings of expecting a natural birth without medical intervention. I’d said those words before and was always open to intervention if necessary, but I’ve been holding out some hope in my heart that it wouldn’t be a choice I’d have to make.

      Maybe it will move things along that I’m finally truly feeling at peace with whatever happens? I hope so!

  4. Good luck KaeLyn! My co-worker was due Sept 2nd and I figured you would’ve had your kiddo before she had hers, but she went to the hospital yesterday because her water broke! Of course it could be late tonight or early tomorrow morning before she gives birth, but who knows! Babies, man! They do what they want!
    Also, your cat looks EXACTLY LIKE MINE! Have you ever done a genetic test on him.

    • Good luck to your co-worker, @mtuckered! Babies really do do what they want. The worst and weirdest part about pregnancy is how your whole body is hijacked by this little alien fetus. I’m not steering the ship anymore!

      Pics of your cat, please! I feel like Jeter looks like all other American longhair grey cats. LOL. One of Waffle’s family friends has a cat that looks identical to Jeter! I always do a double-take when she posts a pic on her cat on Facebook.

      • Here he, Gandalf, is, on the right!
        (I’m terrible at posting pictures on this website so I hope this link works.)

        On the left is Dr. Beverly Crusher, my Siamese. I’m pretty sure Gandalf is a Norwegian Forest Cat. If you google “fluffy grey and white cats” you’ll see cats that Google says are Norwegian Forest Cats that look almost exactly like our meows.

        • @mtuckered, you have changed our lives! We spent a good hour looking at pics of Norwegian Forest Cats and comparing them to our J and I think you’re right! He does look like that! How does one go about having a genetic test done on a cat? He’s adopted, so we just assumed he was a mutt-ish longhair. The typical personality traits for a Norwegian Forest Cat are pretty spot-on for him, too!

          And our meows could definitely be siblngs! Jeter makes that same exact facial expression!

          Also, we have a grey bunny named Gandalf! Wee!

          Your furbabies are adorable!

          • @kaelynrich aaah this makes me so happy! Norwegian Forest Cats are so big and fluffy! I’m sure you’ve seen the video of the skiing orange Norwegian Forest cat? If not go find it because it’s life changing. SKIING CATS!!! What will they do next????

            Gandalf has this almost constant look of surprise on his face. It’s hilarious. He’s extremely cuddly when he wants to be but he can also be pretty independent. I love my sweet boy <3
            And yiiisss name twins! Picture?? My old roommate nicknamed him "Gandalf the Stray" because he came to our apartment asking for food and shelter and we graciously provided it to him after we couldn't find an owner.

  5. My GF is a virgo and one of the biggest challenges in our relationship is reconciling her need for perfect order with my scorpio/sagittarius cusp tendency towards sprawl and chaos.

    No idea how this played out for her as a child, but I should go pick up my dirty clothes before she gets back from her run…

    Also, the funniest camper I had in 4 weeks of summer camp was named Remi! Fingers crossed for some white rice in your future and thank you, as always, for sharing!

    • Oh no. Waffle and I are both messy people! This baby is going to be super frustrated with us. LOL.

      • I know a Virgo child who starting cleaning after their messy parents at two years old. TWO. No joke.

      • Hi, messy Virgo checking in here. I’m organized and a perfectionist, but my closets are a disaster area.

  6. You are doing a perfect job as a waiting parent, the both of you. No one has ever done it better.

  7. It will definitely be a funny part of Remi’s birth story! Especially if they are a true perfectionist Virgo, because the waiting made us nest in high gear. We have never been so organized or purged so much stuff. We cleaned out closets we hadn’t peeked in since we moved in four years ago. So thanks, Remi!

    I love that your partner loves Remi! It’s such a good name! Glad this column could enhance your relationship. :)

  8. I’m a Virgo and as a baby I was such a perfectionist that I was born on my due date. I can tell you that all of the stuff you listed was accurate for me (especially the rules and routines part), but I think I turned out okay, so Remi should definitely be pretty awesome. Good luck and I hope everything goes well for all of you. <3

  9. I’m a virgo, daughter of a virgo mother who was a daughter of a virgo mother. Routine is important for feeling secure. Virgos can handle anything, so long as they know what’s coming! I wasn’t at all a picky eater, so fingers crossed little Remi also doesn’t care so long as the food is coming at the same time each day. My mom likes to say that I didn’t need her anymore from the time I was 9 months old so she decided to get pregnant again, a sentiment which I find incredibly hurtful and mythical since HELLO all infants need caretakers and you don’t get to justify a lifetime of not meeting needs because I’ve “ALWAYS been independent.” But, I was pretty happy to have a sibling too, so take that for what you will. I was also off the pacifier and potty trained very, very early, so here’s to hoping the same luck to you! Sending lots of love your way! Hope Remi decides to evacuate your body soon!

    • Oh also, I should say that I don’t know how close I was to the due date, but after being stuck at a few centimeters for several hours, the docs told my mom to just go home, but then she felt something change when he left and all of a sudden I WAS COMING and he had to rush back in and didn’t even put on gloves or wash his hands–just caught me! Sooo yeah, when they’re ready, they’re ready…

      • Ha! You were ready EXACTLY when you were ready, I guess!

        I am sure this kid will be awesome, hopefully as awesome as you! I would love it if they were super independent and self-assured. I definitely didn’t have a kid to feel needed. You sound like you were a dream as a little one!

  10. I hope you get to eat white rice!

    Back In The Sixties, doctors didn’t know as much about gestational diabetes, so my dad was born at 11 lbs and 11 ounces.

    He got his own private nursery, because he cried so loud that he woke the other, normal sized hospital infants, and he fit into the 6 month clothes at birth, and honestly I don’t think my grandma ever forgave him.

    7 lbs! So sweet! <3

  11. After hearing many birth stories, I’m convinced birth plans are never anywhere near what births look like. Our first was induced on a Wed night (with cervidil) and born Thurs morning at 7:45am, at 41 weeks 5 days. Our second was 41 weeks 5 days and his mom tried castor oil double dose (don’t do that!) and he was born two hours later in the car on the way to the birthing center. So much for a nice short stay in the birthing center and lots of at-home bonding. Because he was born “un-observed” (though I kept saying I was right there and observed the whole thing!) we had to stay for observation in the hospital for a full 48 hours. Now the kids are healthy and happy and we hardly ever think about their birth stories and I can’t even remember their birth plans.

    #3 is at 34 weeks now. Unfortunately his mom and I separated during the pregnancy. We don’t even have a birth plan. We just think we’ll be in the hospital at the same time to meet him.

    I’ve been excited to follow along your pregnancy. Definitely thinking of you this week and wishing you the best of everything.

    • Honestly, the castor oil thing sounds disgusting. I will NOT. I shannot!

      I definitely think you’re right about birth plans. Even folks I know who had lovely home births had some surprises along the way. We kept our plan very open from the beginning, knowing it was entirely possible it would be ameliorated in-the-moment. I think that helps, as we get closer and closer to tomorrow and the possibility of augmented labor. I’m not particularly looking forward to being induced, but I am looking forward to meeting Remi and to not being pregnant anymore!

      I love that by kid #3, you’re both just like, “Meet you at the hospital!” So chill. First time pregnancy/parenting is a trip!

      • Haha, “Meet you at the hospital!” That’s totally what it is. I’m putting that in his birth story. :)

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. I’ve enjoyed every post. Hopefully you won’t have to do a 42 week update!

    Condolences for having used all your vacation already, Waffle! I’m sure it was very disappointing. I don’t know if I’ll have kids, and if I do I’ll probably be the gestational parent, but I empathize so hard with you right now. <3 <3 <3

    KaeLyn, you look wonderful, and I hope you get to evict the little rug rat soon! Well wishes for a smooth birth, and the ability to nom on some rice soon!

    • Thanks, @gayzelle! I will definitely not have to do another update. Remi’s coming out this week, on their own or via medical intervention. LOL. I can’t wait to meet them! Because I’m being induced on Wednesday, Waffle was able to start his FMLA unpaid leave this week, so he only had to go back to work for a couple nights. So that’s good, kind of. We’ll be on a budget for a few weeks, but at least he gets some more time to spend with Baby T!

      We’ll update ya’ll when we’re on the other side of this thing!

  13. I kept half waiting for it to happen at brunch. Would have been a hell of an entrance, as well as a memorable brunch!

    • I was really hoping, too, @biohazadous. Would have been a great story!

      Waffle wants you to know that he really likes you, but you can’t be friends anymore because your profile pic involves a snake. He is deathly afraid of snakes. It’s not you, it’s the snake.

      Hope to introduce Remi to the Straddlers soon!

      • Hahaha, fair enough! I LOVE snakes… but I will note that bringing one to an Autostraddle event might be a bad idea.

  14. I saw a couple of people mention the virgo tendency to neatness/order. As a virgo having grown up with v. messy parents, my virgo tendency has made me know where everything is at all times. It doesn’t matter how messy the place looks, there’s a method to it and I know where the thing you’re looking for is. I’d also like to agree with the person who said that they were not a picky eater, fiercely independent, and love having a sibling.
    I have my fingers crossed for you! :)

    • Maybe I have a Virgo rising sign, because I’m the same way with knowing where things are in what looks like a big pile of mess. I don’t put too too much stock in astrology, but I am glad to hear the picky eater thing may be false! I like lots of different foods and I hope they will, too!

  15. As a kid who was two weeks late, I can for sure say I really enjoy that part of my birth story. Especially because I due before my mom’s birthday, but was so late that even on her birthday(she wanted me to be her present so bad) I didn’t want to come out, I waited a whole three more days past her birthday but a day before thanksgiving. It’s nice having my birthday close to my mom’s and also thanksgiving (sometimes on the day). If I was a early/mid-November kid it wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting.
    Sure Remi’s not waiting for Labor Day? (pun intended)

    • I’m not a firm believer in astrology, personally, @alaseia, but it’s fun to think about!

      Partially it comes from not feeling like I identify strongly with my own sign (Capricorn), but I also don’t know my full chart. Being adopted and not having birth records means I don’t have a known birth time (or even a day with certainty, so astrology has never resonated with me that much. Though my most serious relationships have been with Pisces and Scorpios (my compatible signs), so take that as you will.

      But aaanyway, don’t worry. We won’t put weird expectations on Remi to be True Virgos or anything. It’s just fun to think about as we’re waiting for them!

  16. I am so excited for you and your little family. I have loved following along with these articles. I admit I checked my phone a couple times during the day thinking ‘maybe kaelyn had her baby!!??’… as though you would rush first thing to update the internet :) if I, an AS stranger, am this impatient, I cannot even imagine how you are feeling.

    • right?? I mean, it’s not like I’ve checked this article three times today just in case Remi made their Autostraddle debut. noooope.

  17. It’s Wednesday! You’re gonna meet your baby! I’m thinking of you. I hope all goes well. <3

  18. I have delivered many babies but have yet to deliver a baby who comes out with a calendar. They do what they do.

  19. I keep coming back to this to see if there’s news. Probably you have more important things on your mind than keeping people you don’t know up to date, but I hope everything went ok and that you’re on the other side of it now!

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