Anonymous Sex Toy Review: Cal Exotics Hidden Pleasure Bullet

When you first look at the Hidden Pleasure Bullet, it looks like your standard “hidden” toy vibrator. I’ve had a few in the past, and specifically use them for when I’m traveling. I have quite a collection of sex toys, but not all of them are able to be packed up when I’m visiting home, for example. This one was something I can throw in my bag, will hopefully get me off when I need it, and that won’t shock my mother should she find it while inevitably going through my things.

By | January 12, 2021

I Can Masturbate, No Hands: On Innovative Masturbation and the Power of Friendship

“Through frank conversations with cross country mates and cheeky hints in coming-of-age films, I learned that masturbation is something people do to their vaginas with fingers, shower heads and (though I often doubted it) hairbrush handles. I intrinsically knew that what happened when I pressed my thighs together and held my breath was masturbation, too, but as my Encyclopedia of Wank expanded with no reflection of my own methods, it became clear that I was missing a fundamental element of jerking off.”

S L I C K: The Ass That Ate Back

Tanya wasn’t the kind of queer to make the first move, generally speaking, but that night was different. Marianne was different. She seemed more than interested in what Tanya had to say. Her words were gentle and warm, but funny and sexy. Like a horny heated blanket that could make you laugh.

Anonymous Sex Toy Review: Baci

These three Autostraddle writers tried out Baci, a “premium robotic clitoral massager” by Lora DiCarlo that’s meant to mimic oral sex. Here’s how our clits are doing now!

S L I C K: Raincheck Part 1

You are just picking up Naomi. Your very good friend, Naomi, whom you have only not-so-jokingly offered to take up on her not-so-joking offer to fuck for a decade. She literally just got emotionally gut punched by some fuckboy. Don’t be another fuckboy. Not today. Unless she initiates. Fuck, she always initiates. Fuck, I missed my exit.