LIVE WORKSHOP: Get Into the Queer Sex 101 Workshop Series, Learn All About Masturbation with Shelli!

We’ve been working on figuring out how to bring you more content that gives you concrete know-how about queer sex. And we’re ready to make it happen! We’re bringing you a brand new live video series exploring the building blocks of queer sex, led by real queer sex-having people! This month, Shelli Nicole is bringing you a world of knowledge and insight about masturbation in a workshop for A+ members!

By | February 25, 2021

S L I C K: Hank & Melanie

She stared at the camera as she slowly took off her dress; she liked the way Hank looked at her through the screen, his mouth parted, his eyes wide. She could hear his breathing, and she loved the way he gasped when she did anything that made him particularly proud. FaceTime sex was full of its own cues and rhythms. It was hot.