Allison Moon’s “Getting It” Is the Casual Sex Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

Allison Moon’s Getting It: A Guide to Hot, Healthy Hookups and Shame-Free Sex is about more than scissoring strangers — it’s about cultivating self-awareness and sexual self-esteem. Hookup culture might look different right now, but communication and boundaries are perhaps more important than ever before. The skills outlined in Getting It will help you navigate virtual slutdom in this challenging new era of distance. And if you want to gracefully transition into a post-pandemic world of IRL sexcapades, then you better start studying up now.

Wet for Her for You: A 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays hotties! It’s time for my quick and easy gift guide filled with toys from my favorites — the babes at Wet For Her! I went through the site with a perfectly manicured nail to find the best gifts to give yourself, your partner, and even for playing sexy virtual Santa with your friends.

S L I C K: Constellations # 6 Bennett & Paige Go Slow

Special? Of course she was special. She was their partner, their most precious relationship, their lover of nearly ten years, their most trusted confidant. She smelled like a combination of lavender and musk, with this particular tenderness that still made Bennett’s knees weak and that growl start to build deep in their body.

Anonymous Sex Toy Review: The WeVibe Touch

I had heard excellent things: that it was impressively “rumbly” despite its small size, and that it could even work with a harness. High expectations, but I gamely forged on anyway. And found that, in fact… these are all pretty much true? The WeVibe Touch is a very good vibrator.

What’s Your Queer Sex Personality?

You might call yourself a “top” or  a “bottom” or a “sub,” but there’s a whole lot more to who you are between the sheets. Take this quiz to find your queer sex persona and the perfect toy to suit your sexual spirit – plus a 15% off discount code inside!

Anonymous Sex Toy Review: Starsi Vibrator

“Oh my god, I just remembered — I put Starsi on my crotch and my partner straddled me and it honestly felt like I was an alien and we ALMOST kind of did role play?? Even though we’re NOT into that. But I was like, what if you got abducted and had sex with the alien and they had vibrating genitals!!!”

6 Sex Toys to Really Make an Impact (on Someone’s Butt)

Let us be thankful, today and all days, for butts. The possibilities for butt play and pleasure seem almost endless — not only inside, but also outside! This guide walks beginners to impact play through slappers, crops, and light paddles and floggers, helping you find the perfect match for you and your butt (or someone else’s).