The Dyke Kitchen: Defining Taste With Karen Tongson

Tongson’s personal cooking style relies on saving the ingredients or parts that traditionally, institutionally have less value — “something that you think is burdened by indignity, cheapness and trash” — and finding her own perfect application that proves otherwise. “Sometimes it is relevant to bring in the conversation that Nietzsche started, in relation to Britney Spears,” she says with a laugh.

The Dyke Kitchen: The Art Of Salad

I know salad is known to many people as a kind of ascetic diet food, but I grew up eating luxurious salads that my mom made. What I love about salads is that they’re like a live jazz solo, where you can throw together the same ingredients over and over again, and they’ll always be good, but never quite in the same way.

The Dyke Kitchen: Biriyani Our Own Way

The beauty of a biriyani, like dating dykes, is that you put a whole bunch of great ingredients together, let them simmer and mingle in a sealed pot, and watch them emerge as even better versions of themselves. This week, I got my love to teach me some biriyani tricks.

The Dyke Kitchen: Top Your Instant Ramen

I don’t see it as a culinary failure to plan to have instant noodles for dinner. But before I get into my favorite ways to elaborate on, accessorize, perhaps even elevate a pack of instant noodles, it’s important to note that not all instant noodles are created equal.

Happy Hour at Home: Let’s Get Spritzy

The best thing about spritz mixology is that you can pretty much just top off anything you have in a glass with ice and then top it with seltzer and you’ve got a spritz. And that means it’s always spritz o’clock.

The Dyke Kitchen: Hot Tips For A Stir Fry

Stir frying is all about the drama: high heat, wildly fast stirring, the explosive sizzle that sets off my smoke alarm. To begin, I slip my apron over my head and put on some Whitney. There are few things I like better than singing “I Have Nothing” to some food I’m about to eat, and begging it to stay in my mouth if it dares.