BREAKING: There Is Another Dog In This Neighborhood and They Won’t Stop Barking!!!!

Hello it’s me Carol, editor-in-chief of Carolstraddle!!! I have my own wordpress login now and I would like to report some news. The news is that there is a dog barking VERY loud in an apartment building near my Mom’s! First of all I am offended that another dog exists, secondly this dog woke up my Mom who needs her beauty sleep at 7am instead of 8:30am when she wanted to wake up, thirdly this dog has been barking non-stop for five hours, and within the last hour, every other dog in this neighborhood has responded to this incident by barking in return. (Except me because I’m perfect) Now the whole block is just BARK BARK BARK. It’s like Oliver & Company in here but not as melodic or underrated and perfect.

We live in West Hollywood, home to the very dog-positive show “The Real L Word” that was on before I was born. I thought this was a gay neighborhood? Who are all these dogs being loud?! Sometimes my Mom says, “You’re so tiny, I bet you don’t even remember Obama.” I don’t know what she’s talking about but you know what I do remember? SILENCE.


dogs rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. carol i used to live in the woods by the sea where the sky was a perfect, beautiful gray every day and there were the humans who lived on the land and then there were the INTRUDERS and whenever there was an INTRUDER the big dog nellie would bark INTRUDER ALERT and we would all help nellie do an INTRUDER ALERT so landlord human and my human and the child humans would all know there was an INTRUDER ON THE LAND, it was the best system

    but now I live on a cul de sac, which is a french word for EVERYONE SO CLOSE TOGETHER and i try to bark at the INTRUDERS but sometimes my human informs me that they are not in fact INTRUDERS but something called NEIGHBORS, but i cannot change my heart

    maybe the dog who is barking has not learned the NEIGHBOR/INTRUDER lesson

    it is a hard lesson, carol

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