Make The Yuletide Gay With Unbound’s Autostraddle-Curated Sex Toy Box

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The Unbound Box is a curated quarterly subscription box of sex toys and accessories, in a discreet shipping box so no one knows what’s up until you want them to know what’s up. In addition to its subscription boxes, Unbound has a selection of boxes for special situations — like when you want shower-friendly toys, a Harry Potter-themed sex date or a huge pile of lube. And now, there’s one for Autostraddle.

autostraddle unbound box flat layoutThe Autostraddle Unbound Box includes the Njoy Pure Plug, Sliquid Organics Natural Lube, KinkLab bondage tape, Coltene dental dams and Skyn latex-free condoms, and a cotton drawstring bag printed with “Playtime.” You can also opt in to the Fun Factory Moody, a dynamic vibrator that’s great externally or in any hole. (Plus, Unbound carries lots of toys to help fill out your collection.) Is there a good way to make a “diving into your box” joke here? I hope so.

What’s In The Autostraddle Unbound Box?

njoy pure plug

The Njoy Pure Plug is a sculpted stainless steel butt plug that will delight beginners and experts alike. It’s weighty, a moderate size and cool to the touch (but it warms up fast). It’s the kind of thing that feels impressive to own and incredible to use. There’s no way around it: the Pure Plug is magic.

To paraphrase one of Autostraddle’s most epic sex toy reviews to date, nothing feels as good as stainless steel on your asshole:

“Nothing, and I mean nothing, feels as smooth as stainless steel on your asshole. If you’re someone who is turned on by sensation of soft, heavy smooth surfaces across any part of your body, you’re going to be turned on by the Njoy Pure Plug. It’s just impossible not to be.”

Plus, it’s simple to sterilize, works with any lube and comes in a pink-satin-lined case for safe keeping.

fun factory moody vibrator

If you only buy one vibrating penetrative toy, make it the optional Fun Factory Moody. It has a ridged, curved shape with a flare, so it’s safe (and fantastic) for g-spot, anal or external play. It’s covered in silicone that’s smooth and soft but never tacky, graced with a looped handle that’s easy to grip even when it’s covered in lube and driven by super rumbly rechargeable motor. Don’t forget to pair it with water-based lube. (The Moody is a $140 opt-in option at checkout.)


Sliquid is one of our favourite lube companies ever, and Sliquid Organics Natural Lube, the lube that forms the base of Sliquid’s entire Organics line, is one of our all-time favorite lubes. Natural and organic, this glycerin- and paraben-free pH-balanced lube has an aloe base and is infused with hibiscus, flax, green tea and sunflower seed extracts. It’s moisturizing, doesn’t ever feel sticky or tacky and is totally water-soluble. Use it with silicone, latex, rubber, plastic, glass or metal for a singularly smooth experience.

kinklab bondage tape

KinkLab bondage tape is perfect for bondage beginners or anyone who wants to restrain someone and fast, without the need for complicated ties or expensive cuffs. It’s non-adhesive and sticks only to itself, so it won’t bother skin, hair, clothes or upholstery. Plus, it doesn’t look kinky, so it’s easy to travel with. Just make sure you stay safe: Leave room to slide a finger between tape and skin; check hands and feet before and during play to make sure they’re not changing color or temperature; check in with your partner regularly; never cover a mouth or nose with bondage tape; and never wrap bondage tape around a neck.


Coltene dental dams are soft-aqua-colored latex dental dams that will help you relive the youth you didn’t have stealing safer sex supplies from doctor’s offices (just me?). And there’s a whole box of them. Remember: the best way to use dental dams is to put a splash of lube on the side that goes against someone’s genitals, pick a comfortable position so your wrists don’t go numb and dive in.

Got a latex allergy? Skyn latex-free condoms play nice anyway. Pop them over body parts or toys for safer (or tidier) sex, or turn them into your very own DIY latex-free dental dams: unwrap and unroll one and, using clean scissors, cut off the tip. Then cut straight from band to end for ultra-thin safer sex.

It all fits in a cream-colored 8”x10″ screen-printed cotton bag that features the word “Playtime” and the Unbound logo.

Want your own Autostraddle Unbound Box? It’s $65 for the base box and an additional $140 to add the Moody. Use the code AUTOSTRADDLE25 at checkout for 25% off until December 25.

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  1. This is magnificent.

    Is the discount code just for this box or can we apply it to any purchases from Unbound?

  2. You guys!!! Thank you so much! I never order any of those amazing sex toys you recommend because of the abysmal overseas shipping rates, but this is ALREADY a great deal, and on top of that the Autostraddle discount meant I paid 0 dollars for shipping. Finally I’m In on the Fun. My gratitude knows no bounds.

  3. This is a very, very good deal. The AUTOSTRADDLE25 code takes off $25, not 25%, and so even for just the njoy alone its a significant discount. The whole package including shipping is $45.

    And you are supporting autostraddle!

  4. Wasn’t even a question. Ordered that mo-fo like my life depended on it.

    I mean, the Njoy pure plug is normally minimum $70, so this whole box is a steal. You’re basically obligated to buy it.

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