Autostraddle Commenter’s Own Most Beautiful Songs in the World Playlist is Now Streaming on Spotify

Laura’s Team Pick:

Last week, we offered you our takes on the most magnificent song in the world and asked you what came to mind when you thought about the sound of beauty. You all had so many incredible contributions and I’m so excited to tell you that one of you guys spent the entire weekend putting all your suggestions on a Spotify playlist so that we can all have nearly an entire day’s work of beautiful music.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 9.24.25 PM

I feel like Effi should at the very least be canonized for taking the time to provide us with this invaluable resource. Not only do I not have to actively choose what I’m listening to on my way to work for (at least) the next year, I also get to hear what people all over the Autoverse consider to be a totally and completely Worth It song.

If your feelings about Effi are as warm as mine, you should mosey on over to her Tumblr to get to know her a little better.



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    Oh wow, a huge thanks and well done, I’ve started to stream it now – a very diverse selection, and plenty I’ve not heard before, again thanks for the effort in putting the list together 🙂

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        I just heard Ave Maria on the panflute because of this playlist. That was unexpected and strangely delightful.
        Okay, Effi, let’s try this high five business again. The last one was a little weak. Ready? Go!

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          So, I occasionally took intentional or accidental liberties with this playlist, given Spotify’s selection and my own weirdness. I’m glad you liked the panflute, but if anyone wants to fix the list up to their own preferences, they’re free to copy it over to a new playlist of their own and fool around with it there.

          *high five* Much better! I remembered to look at your elbow this time, always helps!

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    Do you have to have a Spotify account to listen to them? I get an error message whenever I click anything that looks like it should play the musics.

    Anyway, this is awesome. Thank you.

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