#AutoAri: These Real World Questions Love Your Crazy Ass

This week on The Real World Ex-Plosion, Ari actually got some screen time.


The episode starts out with drunken revelry turned movie night, and that can mean only one thing: Ari Worship.


When her roommates get to see her crazy good short The Anniversary, the reaction is expected.


And so is Brian’s when she casts Jenny and Cory as stand-in actors in her new, sexy installment, Open Call.


The outlets for Brian’s weird emotions are a recurring theme in the episode, in which Jenny also lands a new job as Go-Go Dancer at a local club to make ends meet at home – and I’m not talkin’ the RW haus. He tries to confront her about it later, but he’s also coincidentally dressed for a kink festival.


Eventually, they come out swingin’ at the Fetish Festival.


And after they go home, Ari and Ashley continue the art of eroticisim. Duh.


Later that night, Jenny pulls out all the stops and gets ready for her hausmates to join her at her first night dancing at Infusion.


She does a’ight.


When Brian tries to fight with her about himself and his weirdo feelings toward women who dance for money later, things get heated, so the next day, the roomies all get classy and cool down in Napa Valley. Tom ends up getting too drunk and cursing and Jenny wears an insane sunhat.


Eventually, Ari ends up filming her movie. The rest, I think, will be herstory.


These are the questions you had for Ari Feature Film Fitz.

This Week’s #AutoAri Q&A

On Film


I’ve always been a storyteller. Film allows me to tell stories in the most visceral way possible. Once I finally discovered this, everything fell into place.

Horror films specifically because there are no boundaries in horror. Most watch a horror film preparing themselves to be shocked, so I can do things that are well… shocking.

Hey, who knows, that might just happen. Until then, Ash and I are having a lot of fun on Youtube.

The answer to this changes almost daily. Fave horror and thriller films right now: Martyrs, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Popskull, Spiral, The Shining, Funny Games, Audition and Carrie.

I was feeling like a boss! But also incredibly nervous, anxious and excited at the same time.

Everything I’ve shot outside of Open Call has been with friends who are either actors or talented in front of a camera. The one audition I held was for Open Call where we found Ashley – the lead actress – and that was almost 8 months before we shot it.

Nothing coming up immediately, but will definitely tweet about it when I am.

Heck yeah! Make sure you’re following me on Vimeo and subscribed on YouTube to see what I drop next.


You’re so cute. I’ll tweet out when I’m casting for my next big thing.

I. TOTALLY. UNDERSTAND. I felt the same way last year. It’s so hard to figure out where to start. First thing is start with friends of yours or people that you know that are pursuing film or tv, as well. I learned very quickly it’s close to impossible to do this on your own.

Second thing is just start making a ton of stuff. I’m always shooting something, it just hit me early that in order for me to really get anywhere I need to experiment, try things out, develop a style, etc.


For personal stuff, I use my own camera (Canon T3i). I shot The Anniversary on a Canon 5D Mark III and for my other films I’ve been lucky enough to work with a DP – Director of Photography – who have their own equipment.

YEZZIR. Open Call drops April 9th. Check it out.

I genuinely love this question. Not sure, Jimmy but once I strike a sick distribution deal I’ll have a feature in a theater near you. Until then, you can watch Open Call online by signing up here: opencall.arifitz.com

I actually just used Jenny and Cory as stand-ins, but that film – Open Call – drops on April 9th. You can sign up to watch it at opencall.arifitz.com

Also, I *did* shoot something with my roommates and I’ll put that on YouTube.

Strange to say, but only a year now.

On The TeeVee


Even more.


I think it was Catching Fire, lol.


Best. Moment. Ever.

The guys actually handled it pretty well. It was above all of our heads tbh.



Answered this on Twitter because the tweets were getting so bad about my homie, Brian but… here it is again: “Honestly, @BrianTWillJr is one of the most genuine dudes I’ve ever met. Hate how that can be overshadowed.”


Hilarious, but then again I was pretty wasted by that point.

IMO, the guys just needed to get into a boxing ring and work it out. As long as there was no unfair advantage and both were safe… felt those two needed to work out whatever tension they had towards each other.

Ha! Cory and Brian are both Drake…. or nah.



Sure, but on my terms.


A naked older man saran-wrapped to a pole by himself. No friends around, just him standing there, stuck…


Honestly, not sure.

Ari & Ashley Sittin’ In A Tree



Ash and I have so much mutual respect for each other, the show only strengthened that. No matter what… she’s my prototype of what a lover, friend, woman should be. No matter what.



Great question, Jr! You asked better questions than mommy. First thought is “no.” She and I got so close on the show because of the wildness around us. I think it only cemented what we had.

Personal Sh*t

Proudly mixed with Black and African American.


I’ll keep @ArisTopKnot and she’ll order a pizza.


That’s such a hard one. Right now, I listen to anything on Majestic Casual. Cannot stop playing “Real” by Years & Years . Also, SZA is permanently on repeat right now.

I actually made a soundtrack for MTV. Check it out!

Our Winner

Every week, Ari will pick her fave question out of the bunch and we will reward them with lavish prizes. This week’s winner, @mirandahwhite, is getting STICKERS!

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