#AutoAri: These Real World Questions Are One With The Eagle

This week on , everyone seemed really high and Ari looked really fucking great.

9 lookin fly

The episode introduced some new and old characters into the Real World haus, most notably Tom’s twin brother, Stephen. Geneva thinks he’s better looking than Tom, and I don’t. It’s really none of our business anyway. My theory is that he brought a lot of good weed, thus making it possible for this week’s episode to be named “Burned to Ashes.”


Somehow, thought, the drama continues. Hailey and Tom are still fighting, Jay and Jenna are still fighting, and Jenny and Brian are still fighting. Somehow, though, they go on.

2 i'm dressing like a complete slut tonight

At least they’re learning something about themselves, right?

3 clby cheese

4 i don't know

Hailey realizes about halfway through the episode that she needs to leave, which is good news for everyone else who was weirded out by how often her and Tom talked about their respective virginities. Also because she got mad violent last episode.

5 whatever

Ari breaks the tension this week as she usually does, this time by encouraging her roomies to do what lesbians do best: eat out.

6 arielle

and I mean everything.

and I mean everything.

A lot of weird behavior begins occuring at this point, thus further proving my point earlier re: Stephen’s dank weed.

8 be one

While some roomies are living on the lighter side, Jay and his boys go to a bar to aggressively hit on women despite the fact that nobody finds that endearing on planet Earth.



Later on, Jenny brings back Hurricane Ashley for a final trip down remember when this show sucked for other reasons lane.

11 bitvhes

Nobody regretted Ashley’s rekindled presence more than I, but there was one very high point there, and it was the point where they both drunkenly laughed at Brian’s dumb man-child ass.

12 laughing at men

Meanwhile, in Normieville, Jay is fantasizing about his sexxxy Jenna and feeling a twinge of regret for the sexy emails of days past.

14 jenna has

13 whiyegirldance

15 ummm

Things don’t fare much better at home, where Brian’s burns outlast Ashley’s visit.

17i believ

All in all, the person I liked most this week was Stephen, and he leaves at the end like most people I love. Here’s to saying goodbye to one of the two highest people on the show.

18 highest people on the show

These are the questions you had for Ari Totally Not High Fitz this week.

This Week’s #AutoAri Q&A


Zero clue why this changed for my season. We all thought you’d get kicked out, too. Instead they just brought in bouncers or made the person stay in a hotel for a night to cool down.

What was I thinking? “Umm… who are you again?”

Just didn’t understand why she was there. We’d all forgotten her, tbh. Well except Jenny.

Jenny, demonic? Nah… She’s just batshit crazy with and without liquor.

16 dominant

Haha trying to cram all those questions in one huh? Lets see here… we did all of our own grocery shopping and we decided if/when we went out. I got bored going to the same clubs so I stopped going. Lol!

Not a quote, but I just love all of her Almond Milk bars.

YES. A lot of us went broke there, it was tough. Many people think that being on the show is glamorous… free drinks, cameras, fame, etc. It’s nothing like that. That’s why I’m working so hard now!

Great question. Not really. Almost everyone assumed Ash and I were perfect so they didn’t touch it, us.

HA! We did! We actually talked about starting a beanie company while living in the house, I just got too busy after we moved out.

I don’t think it’s a very healthy relationship at this stage in the show. I think they both need to figure out what the hell they want and stop ignoring very clear signs that certain things aren’t working.


OMG. One is more than enough!

Film Buffs

Love this question. I’d go back to Brazil and film a thriller in the favelas of Salvador da Bahia. I used to live there and my heart pounded the whole time I visited the favelas. Tight spaces, narrow corridors, hushed conversations everywhere… it was intense and sexy. Everything I look for in a narrative.

Right now… Adam Wingard. This answer is constantly changing soon. Can’t wait to say…. me. ;)

It’s a genre I can do anything with. There are very few expectations in horror… the only one is simply to shock. The limitless of it challenges me. The thing I like least about it is one of the big reasons I work in the genre: there are very few women who look like me, who love like me working in horror. It’s an opportunity to open the door for others.

Next big project launching is a short I filmed in the Real World House. It’s a short called, “Open Call”. Might actually get a sneak peek of it on the next episode.


Jenny, Tom, Jamie. In that order.


BEST. QUESTION. EVER. Probably Cara-kissing-MRod-at-a-game loose.

Seriously. That’s all we do. In fact, sitting on green grass outside as I type this to you now.

On Ari

My camera. I even shot a little short film with the cast-mates.

Oh that’s a good one. Totally depends on time of day. Early pizza: Hawaiian. Late pizza: Pesto Chicken. Boom!

Thanks dearie! I actually just fell into it. A photographer “discovered” me at a festival and from then on.. I started working.

Love it. Biggest career goal —> producing and directing films until my late eighties. ;)


5’10 of Ari-ness.

Lol, actually my favorite type of food is Ethiopian. Second best, thanks to Jamie on the show, is Korean.

You know it!


Working. You’ll see it all come together in this coming episode.


I don’t but I want to! I can’t stop randomly climbing things. Proof at 4:35 in this video…


Vietnamese Pho, for sure. If not that, then well…. cold pizza.

Whoa, serious question. First thought, don’t. Life’s too short to decide how you will live for the rest of your life in one sitting. Experience a lot of different things, work on a ton of projects and then dedicate yourself to the few things you can’t stop thinking about.

Also watch this daily: https://vimeo.com/24715531

Easy. I just imagine everyone naked while it’s going on and it makes everything so much more amusing.


All depends on how you met and the breakup. I’m not close with a lot of my exes because the breakups were bad. Also, we were never really friends before hand. If you’re close before you decide to date, I think it’s easier to go back to being friends.

Aww, Kelly how sweet of you. That’s an easy one. My strong confident personality comes from the queen of strength and confidence: my mom.

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