#AutoAri: The Last Round EVER of Real World Questions Got A Big Day Ta-Da

‘Twas the last episode of Real World, and all across town,
All the housemates were fighting…


Or f*cking around.


In the morning, Ari swung from her bedpost with care…


In hopes her ex Ashley soon would wake there.




The OGs went out later on for some brunch.
(Ari was obviously the flyest of the bunch.)


And when they discussed how their exes had appeared,
Everyone was fine with it, even though it was totally weird.


After eggs, booze, and toast for the original crew,
Ari took her friends on a boat like all my favorite lesbians do.


She kept everything afloat for that time…


And later on they all go out to drink (after they’ve dined).




The reluctant friends think they’ve finally sealed the deal,
But Brian’s emotions eventually get way too real.



The alcohol didn’t help Brian’s anger problems at all,
So eventually Ari comes in to help him find calm.


Needless to say, that’s not what Brian’s about –


So the producers are quick to escort that bitch out.


As Brian recovers from a hangover in the morning,
His roommates wait for taxis and go into mourning.


Everyone’s departure is freakishly sad,
And – to be really honest – I cried and didn’t even feel bad.



Ari and Ashley are just a short distance from home,
But others depart the house with destinations unknown.
(EDITOR’S NOTE: To me, because I wasn’t paying attention to any of them.)


As this shit show of a social experiment comes to a close,
One thing is for certain: you really can always go home.


Your ex might be there, though – which sucks.


Here’s the questions you had for Ari Fitz on her final week
of surviving this hot mess – and being totally chic.

This Week’s #AutoAri Q&A

Open Q


Aww thanks boo! Just doin me. :)

On Lahv

Responded by this question is EXACTLY why I shot this video:


I think my topknot @ArisTopKnot already put it the best… “@missshc be all up in it”.


I’d bring @missashc. Have a feeling she’d find a way to feed me. ;)

Nope, don’t miss Ash M at all. Would def do it all over again and live it up even more!


Had to urban dictionary “otp”. Hope you meant the one true pairing in the house? If so, I’d say Ash & I. Is that allowed?! If not, Jenny and Brian were made for each other albeit lethally.

Undecided. I think it made us take care of things faster but also put a lot of pressure on us.

From Ari’s Topknot

You’re ridiculous, TK. It does creative things. ;)


Absolutely. TK keeps me on my #allworkallplay.

On The Real World, Roomies and Goodbyes

Prob Tom & Jamie.

Oh man. American cities, it’d have to be somewhere unique… prob New Orleans because there’s so much culture.

NYC would be too easy and I wouldn’t spend my time in the house at all.

If anywhere in the world, probably Dubai.

I think there was a moment I wanted every single person out of the house, lol. I was happy when Ash M left, though.

YES! There was a time Jenny and I left for a hair appointment and the rest of the roomies started day drinking at 10am. They went to Subway in bear suits!


Ashley. Then Tom & Jamie.

Oh man… I think 6!


Nope still happens all the time. Cool thing is I’m working on so many projects I’m starting to get noticed from outside of the show now.

Tough question. Probably saying “it’s a wrap” on national television.

Best thing: the opportunity to show the world my art.

Worst thing: becoming the house counselor. I didn’t go to school for that. :P

Notta d*** thing besides living it up even more.


I think the OG’s would’ve had even more fun and we would’ve gotten a crazy roommate replacement. Prob crazier than Ash M.

Waking up to those crazy fools and just living freely.

Nope nope. Too much work to do. #allworkallplay

In a strange way… I’ll miss everyone. Sorry corny answer.

Favorite to watch on TV is definitely Jenny. Favorite as friends —-> Ashley, Tom and Jamie.

J-E-N-N-Y and second is Brian.

Typically when I wasn’t shown in the later episodes it’s because I was working on my second film, OPEN CALL. It actually just released and you can watch it here: vimeo.com/itsarifitz/opencall

That’s too hard. I like them all, really. The one I didn’t get a chance to get close enough to (but I still think is a sweetheart) is Jenna.

Tom & Jamie.


Define permanently. If you mean over a year, ABSOLUTELY NOT.


Prob Tom.

On Brian, Jenny, and Cory and The Sh!tshow of a Lifetime

I was so drunk. I don’t remember why he did that. He clearly was too.


Yeah we’re good. I just think that was a bad night for him.

I think a ton were. Again, I don’t remember anything!


Maybe 2x to 3x a day!


It was, unfortunately.

Think it took a lot for Cory to do that, but I’m proud of him.

Jenny*? Don’t think so.

Ha! I mean… don’t we all when we’re upset?

I just flat out don’t understand why violence was okay in the house, in general.

A ton always are. There’s just no way to get everything in there. I do think the important things made the cut though.


Meh. I think they just needed to get it out. I just wanted to give them a boxing ring and a timer.

On Ari’s Bright Future & Past

Love this question. Friends and I in 8th grade all thought we’d be DJ’s when we got older. Ella Fitzsnizzle randomly became my DJ name then. Over the years, I shortened it and used the alias for other things. Finally settled on Ari Fitz as my name moving forward.



Totally. But on my terms. Until then I’m experimenting with “show concepts” on youtube. Few things launching there soon. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/itsarifitz.

Wouldn’t give up my Real World experience for anything. That said, not interested in a challenge but open to other shows. See the question above.


Ha! She didn’t have to say anything… she just gave me a look and I knew.

It’s totally surreal watching yourself on TV. I just criticized myself over the dumb things I said, weird outfits and all the times I never fixed myself up.


That IS a good one! Only thing I can say to aspiring filmmakers is: make LOTS of films. Make short films, make music videos. Just keep creating and telling people about your work.

Hehe. *birdman hand rub*


Cuz people like you make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Aww, love. I love this question. I think it’s because I know I’m still learning, growing, becoming. Who am I do become selfish, egomaniacal, etc when I still have so much to learn?


Genuinely just blushed right now. Thank you, gorgeous.


Have no clue why, but first thing that came to my mind was: SWERVE.

Umm… yahs! Mission burritos are the sh!t.


The Anniversary + the full prequel mini-series, WATCHING, is all up on youtube here.

OPEN CALL, my second film, just released this week:

Such a hard question. Probably Frida Kahlo.

I haven’t. I’d love to, though.


Leave it to Irene XO to bring up the past past. The transition was like finally waking up after a long uncomfortable sleep. I always felt like something was missing and it sucks it took 8 years of me working in tech for me to figure it out.


Gah, the one I’m wearing right now! I have this yellow beanie and the way it’s knitted makes it the most comfortable thing ever. It’s the beanie featured on the @ArisFitBeanie account.


Definitely a winner.

The answer is the moment I finished my first novel. After hours and hours, I realized it still didn’t communicate what I wanted it to and never would. I needed something more visceral.


BRUH! Love Breaking Bad (which I know, I know is over but I never finished it because I don’t want it to end). Just got into Scandal and never finished Dexter either but it’s incredible.

What’s Yo Sign, Girl


I’m an Aquarius.

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