Zucchini Arson Friedman

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About Zucchini Arson Friedman

Zucchini Arson Friedman is a perfect anxious tiny chihuahua terrier mix who is probably around six years old but is also a Forever Baby. He actually has an honorary PhD in being a baby (no coursework required) and responds to Dr. Baby, as well as Mister Baby, Mister Small Man, Zuke, Zukkie, Zuzzerini, Zuzie, and ZuZu for short. His favorite activity is snuggling and being a baby, and he’d be happy to spend the rest of his days under a warm fuzzy blanket on the couch or in bed, as long as both of his moms are also on the same piece of furniture with him. He dislikes getting his nail trimmed, putting on clothes, the sound of slapping, when his moms exist in different rooms from him or from each other, and loud noises. He is very soft, very small, and very perfect.

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