Audiostraddle Record Club: Go Listen To Holly Miranda’s Magician’s Private Library

Earlier this year we started a Record Club and geeked out over Janelle Monae’s The ArchAndroid and it was lovely, I feel like it brought us all a little closer. So we’re going to do it again.

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This time I propose we talk about Holly Miranda’s solo album, The Magician’s Private Library.

For those of you unaware, Holly Miranda is a solo artist and the front woman of the currently on hiatus or possibly broken up Brooklyn-based band The Jealous Girlfriends. Maybe you heard some of the buzz that happened when she released The Magician’s Private Library early this year and toured the USA with a few popular acts including Tegan & Sara.

I know this album isn’t exactly ‘current’, but it was when I first wrote this announcement way back in July, after Holly slayed me with two stunning performances at the Sydney Opera House. I never hit ‘publish’ because the idea of talking about this album gave me unexpected and extreme anxiety, I don’t know why, maybe I’ll figure it out as we go along. Anyway, hopefully you’ll agree late is better than never, and that good music is always relevant.


How This Works:

Go listen to the album, and in a few weeks’ time we’ll sit around my virtual living room and process our feelings about it. That means don’t share them just yet! By all means feel free to express your exhilaration or indifference about the impending discussion or this artist in general, but resist commenting on the actual album ’cause we’re gonna do that after the holidays.

Where to Get the Album:

If you don’t already own The Magician’s Private Library, we suggest picking it up at your local independently owned record store, if you have one!

If you like to purchase your music online, consider using the link below – that way you’ll be sending some of the proceeds to Autostraddle. It’s only a small slice but with operating costs like ours, every cent helps, and who knows if enough people do this then one day I might get paid.

The Magician’s Private Library on Amazon.

Recommended reading & listening:

Holly Miranda by Daisy Lowe (notion mag, pg 54) (amazing profile)

Holly Miranda – A Young Singer’s Newest Transformation (nytimes)

Who is Holly Miranda? (emusic)

Holly’s cover Tool‘s “Ænima”, performed on the Sydney Opera House forecourt for Shoot The Player, is my #1 favorite thing to look at on the internet, even more than this. Check it out:

Holly Miranda: Enema (by Tool) from on Vimeo.

Remember, don’t share your feelings just yet. If you have any questions, ideas or specific points that you want to discuss, let me know in the comments. Otherwise we’ll reconvene after the holidays.

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  1. Love Holly Miranda.
    Actually, I saw her play with Tegan and Sara, and had no idea who she was. I was bummed out about my lack of music knowledge then because it would have been nice to meet her.
    “Canvas” and “Sleep on Fire” are the two that seems most recognizable, or at least the ones that she plays most when being featured.
    Even Kanye West liked her, so that’s saying something. I imagine it says that he isn’t a complete douche bag.
    Anyways, awesome choice.

  2. yesss. i was just complaining to myself in the car that i need something new to listen to. I’ve had “waves” for awhile but i think it’s about time i download the album from amazon.

  3. She did a free show at the Ace Hotel in Portland, OR before her concert with TnS and she was AMAZING. So nice, inviting, chill and HOT. Raimy was there too and was super nice as well. I’ll hold my tong… erm, fingers back from sharing all of my feelings about the album. BUT I will say, after meeting her and her being so down to earth and charming it made the album even better… if that’s possible.

  4. Knew about Holly Miranda from something. Saw her on This Just Out.. I didn;t really dig her.

    Heard ‘Slow Burn Treason’ live and I fell in love!! I also love Waves!! Slow Burn Treason is such a beautifully crafted haunting song. When the last note is sung it still resonates in your ears and soul. I love it!!

  5. i feel awkwardly over-prepared since i’ve read all of the things and listened to all of the things…yeah, i’m THAT girl…

  6. Her album is also available on Spotify if any of you have that. Listening to Forest Green right now, love it!

    I love that I can read about an album, and 30 seconds later listen to it all for free. The internet is amazing.

  7. Ugh, Amazon won’t let anyone outside the US buy MP3s … that’s crap because iTunes hates me too and I can’t find it illegally anywhere hah ….

    • Sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting the album. Holly Miranda’s website has a list of links to other online music stores, maybe try some of those other sites?

      Her website also has a music player so you can listen to the entire album for free, if you want to.

  8. Thanks so much! Holly Miranda’s own website would also not let me purchase, but one of the links on the sidebar there did, whew! I heard the album (and LOVED) so I wanted it on my iPod, available for me to hear to my heart’s content and now I can =) thks again!

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