Aubrey Plaza Makes Me Wanna Break Bottles & Eat Lesbian Pasta in “Spin Me Round”

Eat Pray Love is not a movie I ever cared about, but I think it’s about how a white woman eats pasta, finds herself, and wears a hat (but not enough sunscreen). Although the book is mentioned in Aubrey Plaza’s new film, Spin Me Round, it is very much… not that. In Spin Me Round, Alison Brie plays Amber, a manager at an Italian chain restaurant who wins a trip/retreat to Italy from the company. It also stars Aubrey Plaza as Kat, assistant to the chain owner, as one of her love interests. I’ve only been to the Olive Garden once. My family was more of an Applebee’s- and Ponderosa-celebrating kinda crew, but perhaps I would have gone more and tried to work there if I knew there was a chance for me to go to Italy and have a terrifying and quick love affair with the boss’s assistant.

Ready for a little movie math? This is the third time Brie and Plaza have worked together alongside Plaza’s husband Jeff Baena (add in The Little Hours and Joshy), the third movie they have been in together that has queer vibes, coded and obvious (add in The Little Hours and Happiest Season), and the fourth time they have starred in movies together.

Spin Me Round Title Card

Hopping back to the queerness, Alison co-wrote the script with Jeff Baena. He said they knew fans of Happiest Season wanted Aubrey and Kristen Stewart’s characters to be together, so they def had that in their minds when they were writing Spin Me Round. They knew queer audiences — dykes in particular — are fond of Plaza and will follow her films in hopes of some sorta gay shit happening — and they were right cos’ HERE EYE AMETH DEWING JUST THAT! I personally feel like folks are going to be just as let down, though, because: A) when are dykes ever truly happy about our representation in film, and 2) the queerness between the characters in this film is not like hella substantial.

At first watch, I didn’t really get romantic vibes; instead, I got horror ones, which is fair because this is a dark comedy. When Amber shows up for the trip, it turns out she and the other managers (who all have names traditionally assigned to women although some are dudes) aren’t staying in the beautiful villa they thought they’d be. They are in a dingy hotel behind it with room doors that don’t lock. They also have a creepy guide (played by Ben Sinclair) who keeps all their passports for “safekeeping” and is always filming. Eventually Amber meets Kat who asks her to hang out. She’s not asking her to kick it with her to get all cute and queer (at first), but she is basically a procurer of hot girls for her creepy boss who wants to have a fling with the most attractive girl at the retreat — and she does it for him constantly. Amber and the boss hang out on a boat where she shares intimate details, then later go to a party where things take a turn for the worst and she is saved by Kat.

It’s a story that shows imbalances in power between female workers and their male bosses while hinting at all things #MeToo. There is also a murder mystery element and a dash of some “Eyes Wide Shut” type shit. I know it sounds like this film is all over the place — but in reality, it’s not. It’s really well done and just kind of odd but in a fun way. The gay vibes are there but it’s not some major part of the film. So if you’re coming to it looking for 90 some-odd minutes of two babes banging and kissing their way through Italy… you’re watching the wrong movie.

HOWEVER! Where there is a dash of sapphic salt I shall try to turn it into a heaping spoonful!! So, here are 20 screenshots I took of people, places and things that I have decided are gay, therefore upping the queerness of the movie by at least 37% — ENJOY!

This tie-dye tote

Suitcase full of clothes on a bed with a cat
This thigh touch

A friend resting her hand on her friends thigh
These High waisted wide legged pants

Alison Brie walking out of an airport in high waist pants
These bangs

A beautiful person with beautiful bangs
These wedges

A group of people in a room but one is wearing wedges
This seated position

Folks in a room having a convo and one is sitting with a leg underneath her
The way this shirt is open

Alison Brie talking in a linen shirt that is slightly unbuttoned
This necklace

Debby Ryan talking wearing a necklace with a soda pop top
EVERYTHING about this person

A woman in a chef jacket and short haircut

Aubrey Plaza smoking a cigarette and reading
This moment

Two girls playing with herbs putting them in each others mouth

This seated position

Alison and Aubrey talking while aubrey sits with legs open
This look

Aubrey Plaza biting her lips
This dress

Aubrey Plaza wearing a structured asymmetrical dress
These hands

Hands touching to another girls waist in a club
This kiss and everything that follows

Aubrey and alison kissing in an alley
This lighting

Alison Brie sleeping in a bed with red lighting
This outfit

Alison Brie running in a burgundy hoodie, jeans, and white sneakers
This EMT person in the background

An ambulance with a hot EMT in the back

And whatever this outfit is

Debby Ryan in a hot soccer outfit

Spin Me Round is streaming now on AMC+, let me know your thoughts below!!!

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Shelli Nicole

Shelli Nicole is a Detroit-raised, Chicago-based writer. Her work has appeared in Bustle, HelloGiggles & Marie Claire. She is terrified of mermaids and teenagers equally.

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  1. I know you’re using ‘gay’ as shorthand for all kinds of genders/orientations, but I just want to point out that, for the record, the way that person is sitting in that chair and that lighting is clearly bisexual, as per my education on this very site.

  2. LOL, I am still chuckling at your list of gay moments. Pretty sparse but I might see it anyway because Audrey Plaza. Just the other day I showed a picture of her to my partner and was like, “Warning: I am entering another Aubrey Plaza phase.”

  3. This movie is a TRASH FIRE. The whole thing—bad writing, no plot, no interest. So bad, for starters. Then the gay four minutes of this film is queerbaiting to be sure, but I’m actually more offended that it was seemingly only included because they knew the gays like Aubrey being gay. They couldn’t have cared less about why or what a gay story line would mean to the plot, it’s just a stunt to get attention/streams. Which is evident given that Plaza gets maybe one more scene after the gay kiss and then mysteriously vanishes and is instantly forgotten. That story line? Forgetttttaboutit. 🙄

  4. The rep in this movie is *awful*. After that makeout scene, when Amber starts to suspect something shady is going on, she immediately accuses Kat, not the male boss she’s working for who is the one actually in charge, of being behind it, and calls her “unstable” and “predatory.” Then Kat gets fired off-screen and disappears. Really wish you would have mentioned that in the article instead of the glib “when are dykes ever truly happy about our representation.” We’re supposed to be happy with *that*?

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