Also.Also.Also: The WNBA Is Finally Gonna Get PAID, Will Your Dream Basketball Wife Fantasy Come True?

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Hello.Hello.Hello and welcome back to Also.Also.Also, Autostraddle’s twice a week link roundup, already in progress! I’m Carmen, your trusty tour guide through the news of the week, and I’ll be taking over for Laneia and Natalie for the time being. Get comfortable and cozy! I think we’re really going to enjoy each other’s company.

I’m drinking my morning tea because I hate the taste of coffee.Yes that mug is Beyoncé-themed, since we’re all getting to know each other.

Queer as in F*ck You

Whitney Houston Will Be Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Black femmes win and we love to see it.

Harlequin’s Carina Press to Launch LGBTQ+ Romance Line

Girl Expelled from Christian School for Wearing a Rainbow Sweater

How Queer Influencers Transformed Coming Out for Gen Z by Autostraddle’s own Rachel Charlene Lewis for i-D

The Title ‘Ms.’ Ignited Controversy in the ’70s, but It Caught On. The Pronoun ‘They’ Will, Too.

The International Olympic Committee has announced a ban on athletes kneeling, hand gestures or ‘any political messaging’ at Tokyo Olympics. Megan Rapinoe Responds: “We Will Not Be Silenced!”

(Much respect to Rapnioe, her history of protest is very important – particularly her history as one of the first white athletes to take a knee and protest police brutality during the national anthem. However, let’s also not forget that these new bans are almost exclusively targeting the historic role of protest made by black athletes and other athletes of color.)

Saw This, Thought of You

WNBA Player’s New Groundbreaking Collective Bargaining Agreement Includes Higher Salaries, Quality of Life Improvements. The new (and first of their kind!) 6-figure median salary wages are just the tip of the iceberg. Players will now receive maternity leave with full salary, childcare stipends, workplace accommodations for nursing mothers, fertility treatment and adoption reimbursement, resources for domestic violence counseling, and more. Autostraddle’s #1 women’s basketball fan – and ace political and television writer – Natalie couldn’t have said it better herself:

And while we’re here: Black Women in the WNBA Fought for More Money and Better Quality of Life — And Won by Tamryn Spruill for Zora

Which Tech Company Is Really the Most Evil?: The 30 Most Dangerous Corporations in the Industry, Ranked by the People Who Know

Uh oh. You Might Want to Throw Away Your Thinx Underwear. In full honesty, I’m probably going to keep wearing my Thinx? But I still think you should know.

This Latina Entrepreneur Used to Sell Weed. Now She Sells CBD Products at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Books by Latinx & Latin American Authors to Add to Your 2020 Reading List

Impressive Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

20 Headlines Comparing Meghan Markle To Kate Middleton that will remind you that racism is in fact, very real! Yes, even for princesses.

Political Snacks

In case you didn’t see the post-debate missed handshake that everyone can’t stop talking about:

Talking About the Warren and Sanders Handshake Keeps Us From Having to Talk About Sexism

Oh but since we’re Autostraddle, we are DEFINITELY going to talk about the sexism: Elizabeth Warren Brushed off Bernie Sanders and Taught a Master Class in Handling Sexism and The Third Rail of Calling ‘Sexism:’ Warren Tried Not to Talk About It by my favorite non-Autostraddle political writer, Rebecca Traister for The Cut.

Who is my overall favorite political writer, you may ask? None other than Natalie, of aforementioned WNBA tweet fame. If you missed her recap of this week’s democratic debate, you’re missing some insanely smart and queer political coverage.

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  1. OMG Dr CP you also hate the taste of coffee? Me too! Come sit by me and my morning juice while you drink your tea

    • YES! I’m very much here for the morning juice/tea situation. Also the taste of coffee sticks on your mouth all day? Why would someone want that voluntarily? I’ll never get it.

      • For me, it’s not so much the taste of coffee as it’s the different way my body reacts to the caffeine in coffee. I don’t understand it, but black tea doesn’t give me the jitters.

  2. I’m very happy that the WNBA got a paid increase, but sadly that is not enough. The minimum a full year NBA player can make is about the max the elite WNBA players are making & that is very unfair imho.

    • I am very sure the WNBA players themselves would agree with you. Their pay next to that of their NBA peers is still, even with the pay raise, atrocious. However, changes do not come neatly all in one swift package; the measures that are now in place from these women’s efforts are going to measurably improve the lives of every current WNBA player, and I have a feeling they’re not going to call it a day now that they’ve gotten this far. They too know it’s not enough, and my guess is they will continue to push until their salaries and other benefits are in line with the NBA’s. And in the process, who knows what other industries will be inspired by their work to do the same?

  3. I am so fucking proud of the WNBA players who made this happen!!! I am relieved changes are FINALLY being made. We can all learn from this modeling of bold activism grounded in knowledge of self-worth. And I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings and I hope the league goes even further to give these women EVERYTHING they deserve.

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