Also.Also.Also: There’s a Bisexual Revolution Happening on Television and Other Stories From Your Week

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Queer as in F*ck You

DALLAS ‘STRADDLERS! Heads up! This is serious and important. Dallas Police Department is asking for assistance in identifying a black trans woman’s body. Please share this in your circle if you can.

Maryland is the latest state to ban “conversion therapy” for minors.

Keo O’Neal, The First Openly Trans Man To Graduate From Spelman College, Encourages Trans Youth ‘To Be Brave.’ Spelman, a historic HBCU women’s college, has also been struggling with a few incidents of anti-LGBT discrimination among its students in the last year.

It’s not changing fast enough. LGBT teens are still reporting depression at high levels.

How bisexuality on TV evolved from a favorite punchline to a vital storyline. (This one is SO GOOD, and has interviews with Sara Ramirez and Stephanie Beatriz! I want to plaster it on every wall!)

But also, What’s Happening to ‘Queer’ Cinema in the LGBT Film Boom?

23 Impossibly Colorful Places To Visit If You Love Rainbows. Yeah, you do!

Welcome to the Hellmouth

I know I should’ve developed a thicker skin by now, but the cruelty of this administration still breaks my heart a thousand times. Trump admin is preparing to put migrant children in warehouses on military bases after separating them from their families.

See above point re: heartbreakingly cruel. During Roundtable, Trump Calls Some Immigrants ‘Animals.’

Jeff Sessions is actively considering ending asylum for domestic violence victims.

Seeing The Devastating Impacts Of Trump’s Global Gag Rule Firsthand. Thanks to a policy that requires organizations abroad receiving U.S. funds to agree that they will not mention abortion to clients, provide abortions, or refer clients to legal abortion services, women worldwide are being left without access to proper reproductive care.

Doll Parts

In 28 years and 327 issues, Allure magazine has only had two Asian women on the cover: Lucy Lui in 2000 and Olivia Munn in 2014. This year, they’re changing that with Soo Joo Park, Fei Fei Sun, and Fernanda Ly on three separate covers in May. Michelle Lee, Allure’s Editor in Chief, wrote about the new issue and the importance of inclusivity. Happy APA Heritage Month everybody!

Idaho just inched closer to electing the nation’s first Native American governor. Congratulations to Paulette Jordan! She’s also the state’s first woman major party nominee for governor!

Emma Goldman Clinic, one of the first and last feminist women’s health clinics in the U.S., faces fresh challenges.

Lesbian rapper Young M.A. hosted a Mother’s Day Brunch for mothers who lost their children to gun violence.

20 Women Sized 32A to 40DD Test-Drive Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Bras. I almost didn’t include this, but you know what? Women talking about why representation matters while looking hot in their underwear. Just saying.

This Inclusive Greeting Card Company Founded By Women of Color Acknowledges Periods, Breakups And Celebrates Great Sex.

Saudi’s First Female Filmmaker on Fighting the World to Find Your Own Voice.

Why Don’t We Hear Fat Women’s #MeToo Stories?

Latinas On The Fear Of Speaking Spanish In Public. Jeez, I WONDER WHY?? Stares blankly into the abyss

Keep Up

Bill Cosby’s sentencing for his sexual assault conviction is set for September. He’s on house arrest until then. And I hope he never sees freedom again. Not sorry.

Speaking of predators who can rot for all I care, Michigan State to pay Larry Nassar victims $500 million in settlements.

Millions of American Women Live More Than 100 Miles from an Abortion Clinic. According to a new study, 27 cities in the US qualify as “abortion deserts.”

Hey White People, Stop Calling the Cops on People of Color. Just a friendly ‘lil suggestion.

Incels aren’t really looking for sex. They’re looking for absolute male supremacy.

Saw This, Thought of You

The Story Behind How Brooklyn Nine-Nine Was Canceled and Rescued in 31 Hours!

Guess who’s hosting a little watch party by myself in my pajamas on Saturday morning? With mimosas and a side of television commentary! (I can’t believe I’m like this, you guys. I watched A LOT of Disney Princess Movies as a child. And it stuck.) — How to Host the Ultimate Royal Wedding Viewing Party

Where Killing Eve Gets Its Killer Costumes. I still haven’t seen this show? Should I? Lemme know in the comments.

And Finally

Meet the Young Woman Who Uses Skateboarding to Spread Positivity

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