Also.Also.Also: Rosie Had A Heart Attack and Other Stories We Missed This Week

If every Autostraddle staff member’s computer was behaving the way mine was, our website would have shut down this week. But it didn’t! We did miss a few stories, though, so I’m gonna catch you up. It’s just because I’m a good samaritan, you know?

Luckily for me and everyone else around the world experiencing computer distress, most online dating now begins via mobile apps, and not dating sites. Maybe if you’re not into online dating yet you need to, like, listen to NPR or something. And if you’re in the military and you’re a queer, you should find other queers with’s new app. One day we’ll all be at lesbo cougar meetups, to be honest.

Now mobile apps, I’mma let you finish, but NPR’s interview with Megan Rapinoe on winning the gold is the best thing on the Internet this week.


Pussy Riot was sentenced this week to 2 years in prison. Stephen Fry wrote a letter of support to the Russian band and over at Vice, honorary ink was in order. Also, Russia decided around the same time to sue Madonna for being pro-gay, so.

In Iran, women have been banned from universities. In Chicago, a trans teen has been lost.  A shooting occurred in the offices of the Family Research Council  in DC. In Cameroon, “Gay Hate Day” is A Thing and in Nevada a woman lost her baby because a hospital wouldn’t just let her partner make medical decisions on her behalf when she experienced complications.

Also Rosie O’Donnell had a heart attack which actually I feel really concerned about and wanted to mention here.

And normally this kind of news makes me want to like curl up and watch TV and make a mental plan on how to rise in Hollywood despite being a woman but even television sucks because Geraldo Rivera has a show, and this week used it to say that Homeland Security is having problems keeping their “lesbian cabal.”

I’m not sure how I feel about the Illinois strip club tax funding rape crisis centers in the region. Probably dizzy. In Missouri, a teen has been charged with committing a hate crime.

But! The internet is about to meet “newly out teen” Olivia via The Throwaways webseries. So. Plus, if a novel about white people isn’t your style, I do come bearing this spoken word poetry captured and shared via a video on the internet about hipster racism.


But as always, the future is bright, especially since San Francisco is building a community for LGBT seniors. I’m sold and want to move there immediately, but I kind of already did.

Dear Prudence produced a video on defeating your ex-husband’s homophobic and weird influence on your child’s life in case anyone you know ever needs one / if you know any straight people with bad husbands or ex-husbands.


I don’t really know what else to say.



Go get yourself a warm meal.

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      • I didn’t know that. It’s too bad, but I still think that she was an amazing cook, and she did a lot for women in her profession. She served in WWII, and she made it possible for women to move from home cooking to the professional world. Sometimes the postives just outweigh the negatives.

        • Nothing wrong with admiring her, there was much to admire. But that still doesn’t excuse her homophobic acts (like getting a gay chef fired because he was gay) or the fact that she would often refer to gay kitchen staff as ‘fags’ behind their backs. For me, admiration needs to be based on a full, reality-based portrait of that person in all their complexities, not an idealized one.

          • Very true, there is no excuse. Celebrities never present full, reality-based portraits with all their complexities though. So you admire what you know, till you learn otherwise.

  1. Can you clarify this?: “In Nevada a woman lost her baby because a hospital wouldn’t just let her partner make medical decisions on her behalf when she experienced complications.”

    I read the article but I didn’t see anything that indicated her partner making decisions would have changed the outcome. Just that they went in assuming her partner would be able to if need be during the surgery.

    • I think it should read “if she experienced complications”, not ‘when’. The stress of the unpleasant confrontation probably caused the miscarriage?

  2. lol, because biting your fingernails will make you a manly hetero man. That letter sounds kind of too ridiculous to be real.

  3. Also I don’t know if I’m last to know that the women who claimed she was attacked in Nebraska actually carved gay slurs into her own skin to raise “awareness”. I’m completely appalled. Like we don’t have enough problems she thinks filing a false police report is a good idea.

  4. Carmen, can I just say that every time there’s a video in the AAA you light up my whole week with that video? I’ve just watched the spoken word piece twice. And I think I’m about to watch it again. And the last time you did this, it was the ASL Someone I Used to Know, a video that my co-workers are now sick of because I’ve shown it to everyone like four times.

  5. Also Also Also the Australian Capital Territory(our version of DC) just got civil unions! (I know this isn’t super relevant but I needed someone to share the excitement with).

  6. Omg thank you for that OutMilitary app info! Although DADT is gone, I’m still afraid to ask or tell ya know?

  7. Pinoe!! I had to get that in… #soccerfeelings will not die.
    Sorry, buzzed after going to Glossy.

  8. Carmen- thanks so much for the mention of “The Throwaways”. We are super excited for people to meet her and follow her story.

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