Also.Also.Also: Melissa Harris-Perry and Beyoncé Could Kick Every Stupid Republican’s Butt and Other Stories We Missed This Week

Hello, cupcakes! Did you know that this week is the week where I ate multiple meals via finger foods? Here’s the stories we missed while I was opening another box of crackers.

Bow Down, Bitches

Beyonce and Josephine Baker practice “bootylicious” feminism and Melissa Harris-Perry is kicking ass at this whole mom thing. And I melt.


Can We Blacklist These People

+ Ben Carson hates political correctness, humanity, and you.

Speaking before a standing-room-only audience at CPAC on Saturday afternoon, Dr. Ben Carson — the former award-winning surgeon and current darling of the conservative movement — defended some of his earlier controversial statements and urged his fellow Republicans to not be “intimidated” by the “PC police.”

“I am not a fan of political correctness,” Carson told the crowd. “I hate political correctness.”

“I will continue to defy the PC police who have tried in many cases to shut me up,” Carson, who once compared same-sex marriage to bestiality and liberals to Nazis, promised an adoring audience of conservative activists.

+ South Carolina’s Republicans are so awful that they’re cutting university budgets just because they teach LGBT books.

There’s A Chance You Have Good Gaydar

Lesbians have better gaydar, because science (and probably your straight best friend girl crush).



Pop-Up Video, Only Not Really

+ Octavia Butler > Hollywood, any day.

In response to our complaints about the lack of diverse representations of women, women of color, transgender, lesbian, and gay folks, we’re often told that we should create the content ourselves. And the thing is, we do and have. Like Butler, we work to fill the void. We write the stories, create the web series, shoot trailers for films without a budget–all to manifest our stories for the cis white hetero male imaginations. And the gatekeepers of development budgets and distributors of our creative works are astonished by the public reception, the demand for more. The numbers show that the public will pay to watch movies and television shows with complex stories starring leads who aren’t white men.

These people have talent.

+ Annie’s back! And black! And if you have a problem with that, shut the fuck up.

+ Cate Blanchett and Katherine Heigl are queering it up on screen in the near future, which would be more fun if they were queer anywhere else.

Seeking Aslyum

Why aren’t we letting in LGBT refugees? WILL THE MADNESS EVER END.


The Mothaf*ckin’ (State) Law

Wyoming wants gay marriage! Damn it.

+ The Dallas City Council is not down with anti-LGBT workplace discrimination.

+ The Fairness for All Marylanders Act is so fucking badass, and so are the lawmakers standing up for trans* rights by supporting it.


Kentucky’s Attorney General has really intense and complex and flawed emotions w/r/t their recently struck down ban on gay marriage. The good news is, he settled on not defending it.

Calling laws against same-sex marriage the last vestige of widespread discrimination in America, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway told TIME Tuesday he refused to continue defending his state’s ban on gay marriage because he feared he’d regret it for the rest of his life. “I know where history is going on this,” he said. “I know what was in my heart.”

Watch. This.


Gay F*cking Marriage

We’ve come a long way in the last 14 years.


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    • Since researching this is *way* more fun than doing work: Black Girl in Paris is apparently a short that came out in June of last year. It’s available on HBO Go but only until March 31st so get on that!

  1. I go to College of Charleston, the college they’re taking away funding from, and everyone here is pissed (obviously). Even the people who didn’t particularly like the choice of book hate the legislature getting involved and dictating what we can or cannot teach. Not to mention that the legislature is now discussing banning all nudity or homosexual content from being taught/mentioned/shown in any class ever…

    The school desperately wants to go private, but we currently don’t have enough funds to make up the whopping 6% of our funding the government provides to us. Hopefully the SC Congress will butt out before they merge us with MUSC and all hope for privatization is lost.

    P.S.: The book they’re complaining about is optional. You are not required to read it, so absolutely nothing is being “shoved down” anyone’s throats.

  2. The ONLY problem I have with this version of Annie is that Cameron Diaz is Miss Hanagan. -_- watching the trailer is just pitiful she doesn’t do the character justice at all.

    I vote that Jane Lynch should play that character.

  3. Some news from Australia: our prime minister (who is a fucking idiot) answers questions from high school students in this video and makes a fool of himself

    At one point they ask him why he appointed himself the minister for women (guys, he appointed himself fucking minister for women!!) and he starts responding “people are either male or female”
    And the kids are like “umm actually…”

    Also, they totally question his stance on marriage equality (he’s against it). These kids are like 16. There’s hope for the future!

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