Also.Also.Also: Millennials Are The Gayest Generation and Other Stories

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Tulips, hello! Happy Friday! Laneia is getting married this weekend, so please join me in wishing her and Megan a day filled with all the warmth and happiness and laughter and wine in the whole world! #LANEGAN4LYFE!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Millennials are the gayest generation, okay? Seven percent of people ages 18-35 identify as LGBT. (Yvonne and I did the math; everyone will be gay by 2150.)

Doll Parts

+ Indiana Wiccans are psyched to use Indiana’s RFRA as permission to dance naked under the light of the full moon and enjoy all the psychotropic drugs their hearts desire.

“I think these bills are horrible,” said Dusty Dionne, High Priest and High Summoner of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Washington State. “But if they are going to open up this can of worms, we are going to shove it right in their face.”

+ The assholes behind GammerGate have turned their attention to Ellen Pao.

+ Speaking of which sexist tech industry, this annotated list of things Cate Burlington’s male colleagues have said to her will drive you to drink before noon.

+ The New York Times thinks female-run venture capitalist firms are, “in some ways,” a sign success.

+ Working on the internet 18 hours a day, every day, means I’m hardly ever so shocked/appalled by a thing that I actually say out loud, “Are you fucking kidding me?” But Cosmo’s article about beauty trends that “need to die,” illustrated with the letters “R.I.P.” over only black and brown women made me say that and a whole lot of other things too.

+ Despairing over the verdict in the Purvi Patel case? Here are four things you can do right now.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ If you’re gonna read one of the six hundred thousand Mad Men think pieces on the internet today, go with Bitch‘s look at how the show was a “call to arms” for women’s rights activists.

+ BBC is making a biopic about Grace Jones! Finally!

+ President Obama responded to a nine-year-old girl who has just about had it with the fact that there are no women on U.S. currency.

“I was studying Ann Hutchinson, who stood up for women’s rights. Almost everyone who chose a boy, on their poster they had pictures of different dollar bills or coins with their person on it. So I noticed, why don’t women have coins or dollar bills with their faces on it? … I just came home from school and said, ‘I need to write to the president.'”

+ Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk about cyberbullying and our culture of victim blaming is so popular it has landed her a guest host role on The View.

+ KaeLyn’s bunny, Aphrodite Rich, needs your vote for president.

And Finally

This is a monkey gently petting each little buddy in a brand new litter of adorable puppies. You made it through the week; you deserve this.

If you want to use these comments to share your love with Megan and Laneia on their wedding day, well, I think you should absolutely do that.

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    • I’m sure by that time we will have developed the technology to reproduce with two eggs. It will be a glorious world.

  1. I started sobbing as soon as I read the letter that little girl sent to President Obama.

    • I know! And how he can’t decide if he wants to pet them or check them for grubs!

  2. “But if they are going to open up this can of worms, we are going to shove it right in their face.” I’m a fan of this sentiment.

  3. CONGRATS Legan or Maniea (I don’t know what your couple name is… My vote is Legan). I hope this day is really special and beautiful and followed by many more special beautiful days!!

  4. I noticed that article in cosmo the other day and the comments on it are definitely worth reading.

  5. MY BUNNY WON. Thanks to you beautiful humans who voted for her. She will now have that picture of her looking a mess with her little bunny poops on the wall of our vet’s office for a whole month. Or almost a month. The details are kind of iffy. BUT SHE IS THE CHAMPION.

    I say, “Thank you!”

    Aphrodite says, “BOW DOWN AND KNOW YOUR QUEEN!”

    • I love how you named a rabbit after a goddess of procreation. The next level would be naming a rabbit Ostara but that’s so on the nose it’s tacky.
      (I’d totally try to convince someone to name their rabbit Ostara btw)

    • Oh but they have passed anti-sharia passing laws in one of the “I” states and Kansas.
      Really need a Debbie Downer badge don’t I?
      But yay more interfaith unity and fighting bigots and their stupid laws.

  6. Yay for Laneia and Megan! In celebration here is a male tears tsunami because every wedding needs some crying

      • Yeah I don’t know if it’s from an actual tsunami or movie/whatever but it definitely feels icky to turn it into a “funny” gif. Was kinda taken aback by it

  7. Being the gayest is the greatest accomplishment the Millennial generation has achieved, and will ever achieve. And I guess it makes sense considering the progression society’s made over the years. I feel like the gayness is increasing exponentially. Like just in TV, I’ve been able to see well written gay characters on TV (well, streamed on a computer tbh) with shows like pll since I was 13. I haven’t watched any of the bad lesbian movies people keep talking about, because I haven’t felt the need to when there’s so much other stuff I could watch that’s actually good. Basically what I’m trying to say is, EVERYTHING IS SO GAY. And it’s pretty great.

  8. Wow, a photo of people on the beach dying? Seems inappropriate to me. Not cool, and definitely not celebratory.

  9. Hey, the good things are good and the bad things are bad. But is this monkey maybe a bad thing? I’m hard-pressed to think of an explanation for its presence in what would look to be a suburban home with puppies except for the illegal and patently harmful exotic pet trade. Sorry to parade-rain. I like cute monkeys too. But humans are generally very, very bad at knowing how to keep them happy. Even humans with puppies.

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