Also.Also.Also: Excuse Me, But Your Chastity Belt Is A Lie and Other Stories For Your Day

Here you are! You made it to Monday and I couldn’t be happier for you. I’m eating “butter snap” pretzels and I have to be honest, I am sad about it. But back to you — this sure is your day! I hope you just knock it out of the park!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ You have under 24 hours to support this Very Important Project! Playing Gay: How America Came Out on Television. Dannielle Owens-Reid and Wilson Cruz really need you to give them some money. Won’t you give them some money for this project? IT WOULD BE SO RAD.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Watch Janet Mock completely take down the new Stonewall movie while quoting directly from Mey‘s interview with Miss Major which, you may have already guessed, was a really big deal of an interview!

+ These Japanese Dancers Are Fashion’s Favourite Power Couple. I hope you didn’t think you were fashion’s favorite power couple because you’re not. I bet you still look very good and cute though. Good job!

+ How Witchcraft is Empowering Queer and Trans Young People. Mey‘s in this, too! Y’all Mey is in everything. Mey is taking over the world. Mey is your next president.

+ Don’t Even Dare Part Your Lips to Say “All Trans Lives Matter”.

+ Well this guy’s fucking crazy.

+ Where is Bernie Sanders on Gender Justice?

+ Learning to be a Lesbian Online. Hm.

+ What do queer families spend the most money on? Books, wine and our pets, apparently!

+ LGBT Americans Found a Hero in Julian Bond.

Doll Parts

+ A gang member has been arrested in the Elisha Walker case.

+ Texas Woman Files Complaint After Officer Forcibly Searches Her Vagina.

+ Um everything you’ve heard about chastity belts is a lie, so.

+ Lena Dunham interviewed Sandra Bland’s friend, Chenai Okammor, about their website and Sandra’s legacy.

+ Sex Workers Want to Talk to You About Parenting.

+ Finding Sexual Healing with the Witches of The Temple of Venus. Sold.

+ Shirley Manson Reflects on 20 Years of Garbage.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ What Happens to People Who Film Police Violence?

+ Laura saw this and thought of you: A Team of MIT Bartender Robots Serves Beer More Efficiently.

+ This is from Stef, which I think you could’ve guessed: Don’t Freak Out But Scientists Think Octopuses Might Be Aliens. Guys.

+ Mey saw this and thought of you: Man Gives Up Being a Human to Live as a Goat. Goat goat goat.

+ Navajo Nation Activists Chased John McCain Off Their Reservation.

+ Our Truth Is Why Twitter Is Struggling.

+ The Power of Curriculum: When Knowledge Is Unforgettable.

+ Why the Worker With the Messy Desk Gets the Most Done.

+ Explore the Microscopic World With These Gorgeous Scientific Puzzles. I WANT ONE.

+ Seven Great, Uncrowded Places to Hike.

+ 50 of the Best Outfits From All 10 Seasons of Friends.

+ Wow I do this all the time. There’s a name for why we retreat and withdraw from others, even when we desire companionship. The Porcupine Problem!

+ This New TV Show About the Robot Uprising — and see, I’ve already got your attention. You’re already there. “Yes tell me more please. Robot uprising. Check.” — Reminds Us How Complicated it is to Get Out of Housework.

And Finally

How to Love a Temporary Living Situation. Even if your living situation is more permanent, this still feels important.

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      • Three. That would be a no-brainier vote. (Although I get the impression that Mey is too smart and insufficiently narcissistic to actually want that job.)

        • I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. You basically have to be an asshole to run for president. Like, what normal person thinks to themselves, “I can do it. I can RUN THIS COUNTRY.”

          That said, I would totally vote for Mey, too. Mey for president. Mey for everything!

    • I accept the nomination.

      Since you’ve been my supporters from the beginning, all of you can be my cabinet

  1. So the LGBQT and spending article said: “There are some places LGBT families really don’t like to shop, like dollar stores, department stores, and toy stores.”
    I find that really hard to believe … not the dollar stores or department stores -I can believe that … but the toy stores? Come on, we would have to be the leading buyers of toys.

    • Not those kind of toys dearie.

      But for serious did those researchers only focus on posh people who live on the coasts? Cause if you live in one of the flyover places the dollar store might be were you get your bread, water, brownie mix and other essentials. Also in these places LGBQTs are often poorer than average or so some research I read at some point.

  2. It’s always good to see marine bio coverage on here! Cephalopods are the coolest, y’all. Have you seen the mimic octopus?? Shit’s unreal.

    also I would hit the campaign trail hard for Mey.

  3. The chastity belt myth being acknowledged as myth? Oh goody! Maybe we can make some headway on the elasticity of the vagina not being related to its owner’s rate of activity, the state vaginal corona as indicator of activity, that if anal hurts you’re be done wrong or are doing it wrong, and maybe woman=/= vagina have too.

  4. Thank you Laneia for another great also.also.also thread!
    So much cool stuff! So many tabs open…
    1- Mey, you’re awesome!
    2- Octipi are cool, and those puzzles are so beautiful.
    3- That link about the hikes is giving me wanderlust!! I was very excited that 3 of the 7 hikes were in my home state of Washington. #4 is near to my heart – I grew up along HW 2. Leavenworth is a charming Bavarian-themed village, and I used to go there every fall with my family and buy a box of the BEST apples in the world. Spider meadows is beautiful. Also, Cascade Pass (in #6) is probably my all time favorite hike. (see photo below)

      • That picture is super beautiful! Since you provided that correction I just wanted to note that the plural is actually octopodes (pronounced POH-deez). The word “octopus” comes from the Greek language, if it had been from Latin the plural would indeed be octopi. This is just a nitpicky thing though, obviously ‘octopi’ and ‘octopuses’ are used in the English language more commonly than ‘octopodes’ and all three plurals have become accepted. Just thought I’d share because octopodes is one of my favorite words!

        • You learn something new every day! I will make an effort to incorporate “octopodes” into conversation now!

  5. I’d definitely vote for Mey for president.

    And thank you for that article on chastity devices! Somehow I’ve learned about medieval torture devices and modern chastity devices, but not this history.

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