Also.Also.Also: Happy Women’s World Cup Pride Month, Bless Us All

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Laneia’s off with the team setting up for a spectacular A-Camp and she’s left me here to mind the store. Here are a few links to help you get through your Monday:

Queer as in F*ck You

Activist Miss Major Recounts the First Night at the Stonewall Riots

A historical walking tour and a revitalized march honor D.C.’s lesbian past

The Catastrophist, or: On coming out as trans at 37

Isis King on Her Netflix Debut in Ava DuVernay’s ‘When They See Us’

Princess Nokia on remaking rap for a queer, feminist New York

Vox Journalist Opens Up About Homophobic Mob Harassment He Endures On YouTube

Saw This, Thought of You

Leah Chase, New Orleans’ matriarch of Creole cuisine, dead at 96

How Many of These 73 Food Words From Last Night’s Spelling Bee Can You Spell?

The Escalation of Anti-Abortion Violence Ten Years After Dr. George Tiller’s Murder

How To Talk About Sex (And Consent): 4 Lessons From The Kink Community

⚽🏆 Saw This, Thought of You: Women’s World Cup Edition 🏆⚽

First things first: Follow the 2019 World Cup with this live google calendar

This Norweigian Soccer Superstar Is Sitting Out The Women’s World Cup To Fight For Equality

USWNT’s Ali Krieger thrilled to go to her third World Cup — and first with Ashlyn Harris as fiancée

Jessica McDonald has the USWNT’s best story at the Women’s World Cup

Adrianna Franch is USWNT’s third goalkeeper but first person you’d want as a teammate

This is awesome:

Political Snacks

Lesbian couple sues Trump administration and South Carolina over foster care discrimination

Trump’s Pride Tweets Explained: Be Grateful We Don’t Execute You

Kirsten Gillibrand Releases LGBTQ Rights Agenda for 2020

Taylor Swift rebuffs Trump on LGBT rights, presses Senate to advance Equality Act

Trump Wants To Roll Back Your Rights? Not If Katie Hill Can Help It

From the “Sure, Jan” files: Philippines President Duterte says he was once gay ‘but I cured myself’

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  1. Reading about Emily VanDerWerff was one of the greatest joys of my day! I’ve loved her work for SO LONG.

  2. Kirsten Gillibrand had a great moment in the Fox News Town Hall:

    “We want women to have a seat at the table,” Gillibrand explained.

    Wallace quickly interjected: “What about men?”

    “They’re already there ― do you not know?” Gillibrand fired back with a laugh. “It’s not meant to be exclusionary, it’s meant to be inclusionary.”

    You’re a moron, Chris Wallace.

    • That was a great moment, @freakazoid1980 (here’s the video if anyone missed it).

      I’m generally against Dems doing Fox News Town Halls but I appreciated Gillibrand refusing to give the network a break for stoking the fire over abortion with talk of infanticide.

      • @pecola, now we have this: “It’s time to legalize marijuana nationwide. Here’s my plan to do it.”

        I can totally go for this kind of politics. But I’ve seen some comments around saying that she’s desperate because the polls are going against her, but that got me thinking: if that’s the case, shouldn’t she be trying to attract another kind of voters? Come on, the stoners probably will forget that it’s election day!!!!

        • @freakazoid1980 She’s not alone. Gillibrand and Cory Booker are probably the two most outspoken advocates for cannabis reform but most of the Democratic candidates are for legalization and even those that aren’t favor a sort of states-rights version of legalization. More on that here.

          So I don’t know if I’d call it desperate but I think putting out policy like this is meant to attract the kind of small dollar donors that can help her get on the debate stage (which, for right now, is more important than voters).

  3. Very excited for the Women’s World Cup although I don’t think Brazil will do well.
    However Formiga will beat the record and become the first player, male or female, to participate at seven World Cups

  4. This world cup is going to be really awkward for me cos my friends are supporting a rival team but I’m looking forward to watching it in private.

    What I’m proud of is that I convinced my stepdad who was acting ridiculously sexist to watch it with me.

    I just need to find a neutral way of talking about Sunday with my friends.

    • My GF is French and I personally really enjoyed smack talking in the build up to the US-France opener at the London Olympics. :p But I had to work the day-of so I wasn’t there to enjoy the US come-from-behind victory in person.

      Hopefully you find a way to have fun talking about it with your friends on Sunday and no awkwardness. Great work getting your stepdad to open his mind a bit. Have fun!

    • I can definitely sympathize, @poetryzb…though I’m usually okay in public settings as long as the rival teams aren’t playing each other.


    I am so so so so so happy for Jess McDonald. She has been tearing up the NWSL and she’s made the squad at 31 when for the first couple of year’s after the last WC the coach seemed determined to make the squad more youthful at all costs.

    And Ali Krieger is back! I still can’t believe that finally happened.

    So nice to see some more women of color and so many out queer women on the team (5 by my count)!

    I’m going to three of the matches (more if anyone has spare tickets for the finals, holla) and I could not be more excited. USA-Chile, a quarter final, and Germany-China (with GF’s little nieces and nephew). As much as I want my gals to get a back-to-back, I really really want the French team to go far. It would do so much for women’s sports here and lemme tell ya: there is work to do! There’s more and more press/ads about it and all the French team games are sold out, but TBH they could have invested a lot more in hyping this up here.

  6. When I saw Emily VanDerWerff’s coming out post: TFW where a writer with a byline that made you think they were a cis man and who seemed unusually aware about gender for a cis man comes as out as a trans woman.

    Also, I want to have a conversation about that awkward situation where I’m left wondering if someone is trans or queer and just hasn’t come out to themself yet, and it turns out later that I’m right.

  7. Yes Natalie! Are you doing World Cup coverage throughout the month? Any queer gossip highlights I can post or send…

    Interested to see who goes to support their girlfriends who are playing. Nikki Stanton (Sam Kerr’s gf) is already in France. I’m anxious to see if Pressley and Pickett make it over to support Marta and Arnold.

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