Also.Also.Also: Center Women of Color Or Get the Fuck Out of the Way and Other Stories for Your Week

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Ahoy! We’re back from A-Camp and mostly back from the Post-Camp Brain Melt, which comes for us all. It’s nearly JUNE and my mom is in town because my oldest kid is GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL this week and I am a MESS and every other word/thought truly is in ALL CAPS and I had a CINNABON for BREAKFAST. So much, y’all! So much.

I hope your last few days of May are just enough. Happy Monday!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ “I’m a Lesbian”: Rapper Keko Comes Out.

+ Standing Up for Transgender Acceptance.

+ If People Talked About Other Things the Way They Talked About Gender Identity.

+ Support Hot & Bothered! “A fast-paced satirical comedy that follows the lives of two sarcastic stoner twenty year olds who get in over their heads when they create the “Grindr” for lesbians.”

+ Everything You Need to Know About the “Thanksgiving” Episode of Master of None.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Sally Yates Tells Harvard Law Grads Why She Defied Trump.

+ ICE Agents Ate Breakfast at a Michigan Restaurant, Then Detained Three Of Its Workers.

+ My Son’s Life Under Trump’s Proposed Cuts.

+ Emmanuel Macron: My Handshake With Trump Was a Moment of Truth.

Doll Parts

+ White Women Drive Me Crazy.

+ Trump Administration Closes In On Birth Control Benefit.

+ Period Activists Want Tampon Makers to Disclose Ingredients.

+ Black Women As Cultural Deities: A Review of “We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965-85.

+ Community Leaders: Failing to Center Black Women, Women of Color Is a Losing Strategy in Trump Era.

+ Ten Years of Jezebel.

+ Rachel True, aka Rochelle From The Craft, Is a Tarot Card Reader in Echo Park. Validating.

Keep Up

+ The Portland Heroes Who Stood Up Against Hate.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ How [STRAIGHT] People Decide Whether To Have Children. MAN ALIVE I WISH THEY’D EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED QUEER PEOPLE but it’s cool, it’s cool, what the entire fuck ever.

+ If Every Day Is A Rainy Day, What Am I Saving For? by Samantha Irby.

+ Every Spotify Session Should Be A “Private Session”. I just passionately agree with this.

+ What Would Happen If You Ate Nothing But Potatoes. Callout post.

+ 13 Latinx Podcasts That Should Be On Your Radar including Radio Menea with Verónica Bayetti Flores and Miriam Zoila Pérez.

+ Printable Graduation Stickers. Don’t know a graduate this year? Maybe you graduated from the weekend. Good for you!

And Finally


A Whole New Jupiter — Early science results from NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter portray the largest planet in our solar system as a complex, gigantic, turbulent world, with Earth-sized polar cyclones, plunging storm systems that travel deep into the heart of the gas giant, and a mammoth, lumpy magnetic field that may indicate it was generated closer to the planet’s surface than previously thought. This image shows Jupiter’s south pole, as seen by NASA’s Juno spacecraft from an altitude of 32,000 miles (52,000 kilometers). The oval features are cyclones, up to 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) in diameter. Multiple images taken with the JunoCam instrument on three separate orbits were combined to show all areas in daylight, enhanced color, and stereographic projection. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Betsy Asher Hall/Gervasio Robles #nasagoddard #space #Jupiter #science

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  1. That article on having kids is trash. Exactly: it’s about how some straight people decide to have kids. And how the fawk does it not mention, not even ONCE, the cost of having kids?!

    • Riight?? I wasn’t prepared for how trash it was.

      “You would think that women who didn’t want children would have been bred out of the gene pool by now… [um, YET, here we are!]

      …since natural selection favors people who enjoy sex and, often as a result of that enjoyment, create progeny.”

      [And/or there are also other kinds of sex..?]

  2. The article about tampon ingredients really hit home after the Bloody Hell session this past A-Camp. WE JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT WE ARE PUTTING INSIDE OUR BODIES.

  3. 1. This is a fabulous round up!
    2. K but really that image of Jupiter. I follow NASA on IG and am constantly sending images to people with the msg “FUCKIN SPAAAAAAAAACE” and if they don’t appreciate those msgs then they can get the eff out of my face.
    3. If you want to be friends on IG I am so here for that, as long as you don’t mind a billion space msgs and cat posts. Get at me.
    4. Space, man. Space.

  4. I can’t effing stand Macron, but loved watching him crush Trump’s hand.

    When I saw ICE in the teaser I thought it would be about how they detained a US citizen in LA but no there are enough stories about how ICE is a monster to fill the AAA for days.

    I didn’t read that potato article closely, but my skimming it has lead me to believe that if you ate only potatoes topped with beans and cheese you would be just fine.

    • I kept reading that as AAA… and wondering why the auto club was getting filled with stories about how ICE is a monster. It finally dawned on me after the sixth time. Don’t judge me.

  5. Every Spotify Session Should Be Whichever Degree of Privacy You Prefer.

    I’m honestly not ashamed of the music I listen to (with a few exceptions maybe?), and I love the idea that someone might find something they like by checking out what I’m listening to.

  6. Um I just realised idk what peasant Irish ppl used to eat in the past (prefamine) and now I feel daft.
    That first article is just what I needed right now. My stepdad was talking about someone w ‘masculine’ (for lack of a better word) facial features. I asked if she was cis, he was blank about it which I’m semi ok w cos cis is a tricky word for old cishet ppl to have picked up. I asked if she was assigned female at birth. He said ‘she’s actually a woman’. Ugh as if trans women aren’t. We’re coronation street fans so it’s not like recent times post Caitlyn Jenner are first time he’s heard of trans women.
    I tried sharing w him something about the trans brain but he refused to listen.
    Not even sure I want to pass w him cos I’m nb and a feminist & his idea of having a son is having someone to talk about women in sexist ways w. I don’t need that. If I want to compliment a woman’s looks, I’ll do it to her face or on here and if I want to insult a woman’s looks, I’ll have manners & do it in my head.

    • Wheat. In the early medieval period Ireland was actually warm enough they had a second harvest in the Winter, and the one year they had a cold snap that harvest failed and a lot of people starved because they had no contingency plan in place.

      • I heard that Jack-o-Lanterns were originally carved from turnips. Apparently, Irish-Americans switched to pumpkins because those are easier to find than turnips in America.

  7. That potato article was great… tonight I’m having fries with potato salad, so I’m also feeling called out.

    It also reminded me of a time when I went to Germany to study german, and I was so scared of eating the meat at the hostel, so I would only eat potato… 3 weeks of mostly potato for meals was not as fun as one would think…

  8. Is that Jupiter or did some staffer take a picture of the homemade unicorn frappacino and post it to snapchat?

  9. Also a bit of a furor surrounding Margaret Court’s views recently

    1. Margaret Court is a former Australian tennis player who still holds the record for the greatest number of Grand Slam singles championships, although not all during the Open Era. One of the three main arenas in which the Australian Open tennis tournament (one of the four big Open tournaments of tennis) is played is named after her.

    2. Court has been outspoken against same-sex marriage and generally against LGBTQ rights for over a decade, including a personal attack in a newspaper on Casey Dellacqua and her family; Dellacqua is a current Australian tennis player who is in a same-sex relationship with Amanda Judd.

    3. Court recently spoke out against QANTAS, Australia’s main airline, for its support of same-sex marriage. She said that she would be flying on different airlines where possible.

    4. Dellacqua reacted to this with a widely-read/shared tweet against Court and a photo of the old newspaper article

    5. Martina Navratilova (former tennis no. 1 and out lesbian) responded to Court by suggesting that maybe an appropriate response to this would be changing the name of the arena.

    6. Various other tennis players, celebrities and reporters have spoken up in support of Navratilova’s idea, or at least against Margaret Court. Our (right-wing) Prime Minister gave the ‘she has a right to her opinion and she was a great tennis player’ response that one might expect. Australia’s current top female player, Samantha Stosur, doesn’t think a renaming is likely to happen but made widely reported comments suggesting that there may be a boycott of sorts. Tennis Australia said it does not support Court’s remarks.

    Please keep in mind that I don’t pay much attention to athletes, I only read the news, so this is all second-hand and potentially badly-reported information. I have four news articles and Wikipedia open in other tabs to help me summarise the key points, which I did not actually know about until I was told them.

  10. Hahaha the potato post being a “callout post”….am I right in remembering there was some kind of potato feud between some of our dear AS staff?

  11. 1. Sad abt potatoes

    2. That article about kids ignores (along with all queer people) the small but present group of ppl who are kid-people, but who dont want kids.

    I know a few teachers who LOVE kids, love them enough to devote an entire career to working with them, but who dont necessarily want them living in their house.

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