Alex’s Team Pick: Los Angeles Pride to Support Revel & Riot Gay T-Shirts

Los Angeleans! It’s me, Alex. I’m back to tell you what to do/where to go, etc as usual. This time it’s the Los Angeles Pride edition and I am telling you that if there is one thing to do after the parade this Sunday June 12th in West Hollywood, it’s PYT Productions‘ Pride Party Fundraiser for Revel and Riot.

What is Revel and Riot? Only the coolest (and Autostraddle’s favorite) gay t-shirt makers around:
I have the Harvey Milk shirt. It’s awesome. I wear it all the time.

So let’s go through this again:

1) celebrate Los Angeles gay pride at a fun PYT-made party and
2) Support Revel & Riot by doing so. That’s win/win.

Here are the deets – see you there!
PYT Productions Pride Sunday Revel and Riot

PYT Productions’ Pride Party Fundraiser for Revel and Riot
Sunday June 12th, 2011
starting at 2pm
with special guests, art, and pop-up shops

Don’t forget to RSVP to
Free Between 2:00 – 2:30pm
$5 cover all day or night with RSVP , $10 without

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  1. This is AWESOME. Woah. Amazing shirts that are more design/art-centric than the usual pride shirts. I’ve been looking for this without realizing it. I totally need a “Life Goes By Too Quickly” one because I can subtly wear it and feel awesome.

    I juuuust got home for the summer though, to my homophobic parents’ house. :\ Has anyone ordered from them? Do you guys know if the outside order packaging is overtly gay-looking?

    • well they’re sold through maplemusic, and though i’ve only ordered some tegan and sara t-shirts from them, i cant imagine why r&r would be different. anyway they came in a very plain envelope and on the sticker for customs it just said “tshirt” and “maplemusic”, it didn’t specify it was a tegan and sara shirt, etc.

      • cool. it’s no biggie, i was just wondering cause every now and then it’s a +1 deal and then I feel like an idiot and sometimes it’s not and I feel like an even bigger idiot for not doing it twice for my friend. I wish everyone would just agree on that shit!
        anyway, doesn’t matter anymore. everyone seems to be busy with some type of family shite and every time I show up anywhere in WeHo alone I’m stared at like i’m a lonely little alkee. sounds like it’ll be a gay ol’ time.

  2. Does anyone else know of any other good gay/pride clothing? Rainbow is good, but something creative and rainbow is best. I’m supposed to be finding good merch for this fashion site I work for, but everything I’m finding is either TOO subtle or just zero design work put into it. (If you know fo anything good, will you please write me a note/leave me a comment?)

  3. I am in love with the LGBTQ shirts.

    And they print on American Apparel which fits me like a glove…(yes, I know it has it’s problems, but at least it’s made in the U.S.? justifying self).

    I really want several of these.

  4. i feel like i need the Ask, Tell shirt. heading into the Navy and as soon as DADT is completely gone, that bitch is being worn. hell, i might even wear it before then, just to get a feel for things…

  5. I have to go to a WEDDING on pride sunday. a straight religious wedding in SIMI VALLEY. ugh. hopefully i will get back in time to stop by haute, but damn how much more of an irritating paradox can that be???

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