Adam Lambert Makes His “It Gets Better” Video, “The Talk” Premieres


Since Glambert was all tied up last week dealing with the Malaysian government, he needed til the weekend to make his “It Gets Better” video.  He confesses that he is still a victim of bullying today, despite the success of his career, and cites the comments section of articles written about him as often containing some form of homophobic abuse.

Adam also gives this pretty insightful interview from his stop in New Zealand last week. He chats about the liberal Kiwi culture vs. Americans, sheds some light on the Idol contestant casting process and his Saturn Return moment at 27 when he realized he needed to earn a living among his peers.



The new View-esque daily show, The Talk, starring Sara Gilbert (yes, Darlene from Roseanne), Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini premiered this morning.  They had a discussion about the word “vagina.” It’s obviously way too soon to judge, but Gawker doesn’t let that stop them. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when Sara starts talking about being a gay mom. The show airs daily at 2 p.m. EST. I miss Rosie on The View. (@gawker)


Guess who’s back?! It’s celebrated Newsweek writer, Ramin Setoodeh who left the magazine in June to write for People. Well, he must have lit the world on fire over there because he’s leaving that gig and returning to Newsweek 4 months later. He says:

“Look, People is the most-read magazine in the country, but it wasn’t the right fit. I’m grateful to [editor] Larry Hackett for being supportive and letting me try something new. But Newsweek still has some of the best reporters, and young reporters, in the business. Don’t count us out.”

How does this guy keep getting second and third chances with huge corporations when there are countless unemployed writers? (@nymag)


Time for a Cynthia Nixon/Christine Marinoni update. The couple appeared at the Susan G. Komen Global Awards at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. last night. Miranda is back on cable tonight in a recurring role on Laura Linney‘s new show, The Big C.

“…looked elegant in her stunning off the shoulder coffee and cream colored tie-dye gown and her elbow length brown suede gloves, but as she posed for pictures she showed off what looked like a pair of Birkenstock flat sandals.”



She’s claiming her first single “We R Who We R” off the new album is about life as an eccentric and is dedicating it to the gay teens who are bullied in schools.

“It’s a celebration of any sort of quirks or eccentricities. I feel like I’m creating this hopefully very youthful and irreverent movement of the kids, of, like, adolescence. I feel like the parents don’t get it, but the kids get it. And they deserve to have more good, positive music.”

Mkay. Wake me when  Gaga‘s “Born This Way” comes out. You should also know that Ke$ha got up on stage at Dinah Shore this year and claimed her music “is about gay rights” drawing an uncomfortably collective WTF from the crowd.  (@ew)

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  1. i really like adam lambert’s it gets better video which i’m sure is a big surprise to everyone

  2. that chick from ZM, IDEK. “New Zealand as you’ve probably noticed is an incredibly open culture”, oh sure, what with our separate-but-equal civil unions, difficult gay adoption, racism racism RACISM, not to mention, of course, the ZM breakfast show!

    Ugh. I do think we’re more liberal than plenty of other places, but seriously, don’t toot your own horn, let other people do it for you (and also, try being a swish gay man in New Zealand before you start mouthing off to a gay dude about how liberal we are.)


    • Exactly. Obviously I live in another New Zealand, not the one she was talking about, because I see plenty of homophobia, racism and sexism every single day.

      • Precisely. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do think we’re better than the US, and I don’t even think our kind of self-congratulatory attitude is all that bad – at least “we don’t hate gay people like you crazy furriners!” incorporates not just snooty anti-Americanism but also a basic assumption that it *isn’t* OK to hate gay people. Buuuuuut that bullshit still exists and needs fighting!

    • I went to New Zealand for a week last year with a bunch of old people, so we were shuttled around in buses and I didn’t get to see much of local culture, but New Zealand has the best ice cream!

    • When i saw this post i realized that my view of New Zealand society is mostly based on Once were Warriors. Which is probably a bit skewed.

      • Yeah it seems to be either that or Lord of the Rings, neither of which is particularly flattering.

        • Oh, the lord of the rings thing isn’t a flattering perception of the country? You’re saying it’s time to grow up, buy some shoes and stop frolicking through the meadows like a hobbit?

          Vaguely disappointing.

    • Completely justified over-reaction. Sure, we have won some points, but this country is far from being able to look down on the rest of the world smugly. We’ve still got a long way to go, in a lot of areas.

      Be real, call us out on our flaws, as a country we’ll never learn otherwise.

      • Yeah, I have to say painting NZ as some sort of liberal paradise is a bit ridiculous. But we do have good ice cream, it’s true. However, we don’t hear the kind of homophobic sentiments coming out of the States atm (Buck, Paladino etc etc etc), at least from our politicians/people in public office/positions of responsibility. At least, not since Homosexual Law Reform back in the 1980s.

        • Initially, reaction to that was that the politicians here are just savvy enough to know when to shut their mouths and say nothing (and those that aren’t have far too much fun putting their foot in it to even start talking).

          But maybe that’s the cynic in me? I feel I should maybe have more faith, but I just can’t get past the fear of disappointment if I do.

          • Sometimes I worry that we’re really just as conservative as the US, and then I like to recite Georgina Beyer’s name over and over again. I miss having the world’s first elected transsexual Māori former sex worker in Parliament (also, she made me cry so much in 2004.)

            On the other hand, do you know who she beat for her electorate seat in 1999? P@ul H3nry. ewwie! Would she manage it today? (gdi I hope so.)

  3. after watching adam’s video i even love him more and more. well done adam, wish the video is a bit longer.

  4. Mmm.. yep. Can’t comment on NZ but in know Australia is totally live and let live. Until you ask a politician. In my state there are no civil unions, definitely no gay marriage, no gay adoption and no access to IVF/ART. Although the welfare system recognises gay couples for the purpose of providing reduced couple benefits instead of the higher single payments (and they claimed that was a step towards equality).

    I’d invite you all to come hang, we could hold hands and sing songs but the leader of the opposition party said that gays ‘make him uncomfortable’ and it might weird him out…

    • Tony Abbot makes me uncomfortable.

      At least NSW is kinda, sorta moving towards equality, what with the adoption bill (although I still can’t figure out what practical effect this has had thus far) and the fact that we can access fertility clinics and such. And the Federal/State defacto recognition certainly doesn’t hurt. But the no civil unions or marriage thing still rankles.

    • I havent really looked into gay rights in Aus mainly cause I started looking in my state, then realised I need to move not outta state, but outta country if I want anything. If this is true and is sustainable, then Im voting here:

      On another note, Adam took a quick break outta his world tour and performed last night on X Factor Australia. The link below should take you to it.

  5. Thank you Adam for the great video. It means so much to me and other people struggling.

    Everyone move to Canada, we have legalized gay marriage federally with equal treatment for everyone. There still is a lot of bigotry here though, but it is improving.

  6. I must say, though I’m not a fan of Adam Lambert, his contribution to “It Get’s Better” is actually very inspiring. He adresses the audience personally, and as inclusive, he knows he’s gay, EVERYONE knows he’s gay, and he treats that as no big deal. and NEWSFLASH: IT ISN’T.
    He’s personal and at the sametime he isn’t telling us his life story, or how everything sucked and is magical and full of wonder. His life is pretty fucking awesome, but the hatred is still there. He’s not making any promises with ‘It Get’s Better’, he’s incouraging you to make it better.

    I applaud you Mr. Lambert.

  7. I’ve watched several “It Gets Better” videos by celebrities but Adam’s is definitely the most memorable. None of the others can identify with the teens as they are straight. Yes they may have experienced bullying by peers but for other reasons. The bullying Adam is talking about is very serious and has led to so many “teen suicides.” This is still a problem all over the world & especially in the US. I think the overall issue is that ppl are not informed about the reasons ppl are gay. That is the first step to changing ppl’s minds. I loved this video. Also his interview in NZ was awesome. I just love the female interviewer. She’s excellent at getting the subject to talk.

  8. “the talk” sounds like the time when my parents sat me down to talk about sex between men and women and i felt like i was lying to them even though i wasn’t saying anything.

    also, it plays while i’m in school.

  9. Is it possible? Did Autostraddle manage to write about Adam Lambert without even one misguided commenter trying to defend him from an imagined slight?

    Good job, internets. Good job.

    And great job Adam, heartfelt video!

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