A-Camp Recap #1: Movin’ On Up (The Mountain)


Thursday April 26th: Let the Games Begin

flying to camp (photo by Kate Hinchey)

Carmen, Sharks Counselor/Contributing Editor: Waking up at 4:30 AM meant Katrina and I were extremely excited to get our hands on two things: food and beverage. But upon finding out that the in-terminal restaurant didn’t serve booze before 8 AM (exactly 15 minutes after our flight left), we decided to take our massive breakfasts to go and eat them on the plane in an attempt to fall into a food coma. This worked.

Annika, The Beats Counselor/Writer: Marni had called me on Wednesday night with an urgent request: “Annika, I forgot something really important and you’re the only one still left in San Francisco! Can you stop by my office to pick it up for me?” So Thursday morning I drove to the Canadian Consulate to collect these brightly-colored plastic buzzers for lesbian jeopardy. I kinda felt like a queer secret agent or something! With the mission accomplished, I then drove nine hours to camp.

Sara Medd prepares to drive

Lizz, Rubyfruit Counselor/Fashion Editor: My game plan was to leave Boston at 5:55am and arrive at LAX at 9:15am PST to greet campers. At 10am my plane was still sitting on the tarmac at LAX. There was some sort of medical emergency on the airplane so we waited while the paramedics did their thing. I was supposed to meet campers at 9:30am and the first three vans were scheduled to leave at 10. I finally deplaned, checked in with the van drivers and somehow negotiated myself from Terminal 7 across the world to Terminal 3. Luckily, it was easy to spot the A-Campers, based on the fact that they were the only giant group of lesbians. There were approximately a million of us.

Laneia: Riese and I were scheduled to drive two cars down the mountain, drop off snacks for everyone still at LAX, and bring back a 15-passenger van full of happy homos. I had two panic attacks before I could even leave the campsite, so I just took the xanax and cried to myself while we drove down the mountain that I’d eventually develop a solid love/hate relationship with.

Riese: The weather ended up being gorgeous all weekend — but Thursday was way rainy and foggy and dark.

the view from the road (photo by kate hinchey)

Lizz: We all had to get to camp on vans that fit 10-13 people, and by 10:30 our meticulously laid plan was already starting to crack. At some point in the next twenty minutes, between packing luggage on the vans and meeting Brittani for the first time, I turned into a raging dictator stomping around with my clipboard like I’d just been assigned 4th grade Line Leader.


Camper Quotes:

“Sara Medd is the best shuttle driver ever. That fearless mother fucker. Through fog and cliffs. I BELIEVE IN SARA MEDD.” 


“When Brittani stopped at In-n-Out Burger, all the villagers rejoiced.”


“I drove with Sarah Croce and I believe I was drooling the entire time. We get in and she says ‘I have some Ani CD’s in here somewhere’ I DIE.”


Gabby: Lizz and her ‘you can’t touch this’ clipboard loaded me up with 11 campers, bags a-plenty and one solid California chica as a navigator (Hey, Katie, Heyyy). Then it was peace out LAX, hello open highway and omg we’re going to A-Camp feelings! The road stretched out before us like it was made of yellow bricks. 80s music played from the radio including Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ and Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’ It was THAT kind of trip and all my girls were chillen. Somehow the topic of coming out came up and I shared my story with Katie and whoever was close enough to hear me.

Riese: Laneia and I got to LAX with snacks and when I saw all these lesbians standing there for the first time, I felt like:

a) Do you believe in magic?

b) I want to sit & listen to them talk for the rest of my life

c) I have no idea how to talk to all of them at once

d) Do they even know who I am? Probably not.

e) LAURA!!!!!

On the way over I’d imagined myself being, I guess, a totally different person, that I would walk in and be like HI EVERYBODY I’M RIESE WELCOME TO CAMP, but when I got there I realized that I’ve never done that before in my life — addressed an unstructured group with ambiguously defined intentions — not ever, and didn’t know how. Is this real? Is this really happening?

homos at the airport (photo by Fitzi)

Carmen: Being the snack captain while trillions of lesbos boarded shuttles to a faraway haven known as “A-Camp” translated into a lot of rejection on my part. The thing is, I just couldn’t eat the Cheez-Its alone, so I started doing lame jokes loudly in order to entice people into taking them from me. This did not work. I talked about meeting Brittani a lot at the airport since as time continued passing I became convinced I would never make it to the actual campsite.

Riese: And then Gabby called to say her tire was busted and they were stranded on the side of the highway!

gabby's van stranded on the side of the highway (photo by gabby)

Gabby: The vibes were good and strong until the steering wheel of the 15 passenger van started to shake uncontrollably. I know these types of vans and they don’t do that. We were in the middle lane of East 10 and the van shuddered super hard making it almost impossible to control the wheel. Inside I panicked, outside I took deep breaths looked to my left and saw a mom in a minivan pointing at my tire. Fuck, we immediately started to smell smoke and I had to get us somewhere safe. Where is somewhere safe on a freeway? Without freaking, I slid over into the fire lane in between hard jolts, thunder-clap loud rumbles and stopped the car. I didn’t feel at all comfortable driving the van to the next exit, not with the smoke and not with the tire looking like shredded wheat.

the tire (photo by gabby)

Gabby: Questions popped up immediately from my girls. Co-pilot Katie jumped right on her phone and started making calls to AAA, highway assistance and anyone else she could think of. I also got on the horn with AS head homos and let them know that I was stuck on the side of the LA freeway with a busted tire, 11 beautiful babygirls and life was ok but we needed it to get better.

Riese: Clearly I wasn’t leaving the airport ’til we’d assured Gabby & her campers were okay and we’d made a new plan, which involved again spilling all of my folders onto the floor of the airport like a crazy person and ordering people to call people with cars, etc.

Laura, Little Rascals Counselor/Associate Editor: Organizing airport transportation on Thursday was the most fun I’ve had since that time I shut my hand in the trunk of my friend’s car. Mostly I just let Lizz handle it (because she is in charge), but I did have the distinct pleasure of speaking to Mister Van Rental when Gabby’s tire blew out. When I asked him what he thought we should do, he said they should just wait until “some strong man” stopped to help them, which is when I hung up on him.

ideally, it would've gone a little bit more like this

Gabby: Everyone was on it. Alex Vega was coming to try and rescue me. Lizz was trying to get triple AAA and Riese filled my ear with adorable we loves yous/ I’m so sorrys. At one point, one of my girls started to question my judgment. ‘Well, why can’t we make it to the next exit?’ and ‘I’m sure the tire isn’t that bad. Can you just not change a tire? I can.’ My gut reaction was to say, “Hush your young ass mouth, Gabby’s in charge” but I didn’t. I thoroughly considered her suggestions, double checked the state of the tire and trusted my gut. I wasn’t gonna lay or have any of them lay on the side of on-coming traffic to fix a fucking tire. (It was the left rear tire btw). Also, I refused to risk damaging the 15 passenger by trying to reach an exit or put my girls in any more danger.

So my ladies did what they came here to do. They opened the doors and made friends with each other. They played getting to know you games and chilled on a small green patch of highway Narnia trusting me to do my job. And being the protector type and not wanting anyone to think I was afraid, I still checked out the tire and made attempts to change with the help of my actually quite handy naysayer. We realized quickly that this wasn’t something we could do. Tractor-trailers were whizzing by our head and the rental company was being dicks about helping us find what we needed to change the tire anyway.

So we sat, and sat and sat watching the games being played until C.H.I.PS showed up son! Officer Sean, looking like a Caucasian version of The Rock, showed up and even he was like, “This is too dangerous for me to try and change giving the location of the tire and the severity of the shredding. So we’re going to wait for freeway assistance.”

“Our tire exploded but Gabby handled it like a champ!”


He waited with us and we waited and waited… and still my girls played their question games and remained very calm. I thanked them over and over for not crying or getting cranky. From their reaction, I knew camp was going to be just perfect because these were the type of young women that know how to adapt to all of the things.

By the time freeway assistance arrived at 3:45pm, we’d been waiting almost three hours. This dude was a machine. He changed that tire in less than five minutes while Officer Sean shut down the right lane with lights and his cop car which I hoped Eric Estrada would be in but he wasn’t. I made sure Freeway dude checked all of our tires and gave us an ok before we headed out. Thank goodness because our other tire was super low on air pressure. By this point, I saw that the high-energy smiles from my A-Campers were turning into bleary delirium face. Executive decision: put air in tire, get gas, make bathroom stop, and FEED MY GIRLS. So we did those things and made it up the mountaintop anyway but goddamn, did it really have to be so extra?? We missed like an entire day of camp and that’s like missing one day of rapture.

Riese: Once I was confident Gabby and her girls were not about to be run over by a monster truck or — worse — be unhappy –Laneia and I loaded up our van with an adorable assortment of fantastic human beings whose last names I’d already memorized – PJ & Mareika, Sugar & Fitzi, Allison, Alissa, Britley, Emma and Keisha. The only problem is that there was no time to get Tinkerbell, but Alex said she’d get it on her way out when she came to LAX later.

Crystal, Troubletones Counselor: My role for the afternoon was part-welcome wagon, part-bell hop. I spent hours standing in the carpark or at the lodge window like a puppy, waiting for cars or vans to pull up so that I could race outside and greet campers. The moment when Gabby pulled into the drive way and hollered at me through the window, when a dozen of cute happy smiling queers piled out of her van – that was the moment when the reality of what we were about to do really hit my somewhat jet-lagged brain, like I suddenly realised just how amazing and magical the next three days were going be. One of the major highlights was hearing a few other Australian accents around the camp site – I was completely in awe of those five or six campers who flew half way around the world just to be at A-Camp.

these girls came all the way from somewhere else to jump around like fools

Stef: I spent most of this day stuck in traffic while Rachel Walker sat behind me talking about a million better ways to transport campers to the camp “WHAT ABOUT PRIVATE HELICOPTERS?!?!?!” and, while the van hissed and sputtered up the mountain, “HAVE YOU SEEN THAT SHOW ABOUT AMERICA’S MOST DANGEROUS ROADS!??!?!”

Riese: I’d actually been excited to drive a van ’cause I wanted to get some QT with at least nine human beings before planting myself on a folding chair on stage for the rest of the weekend, thus we had a delightful time asking everybody in our car invasive questions about their sexual awakenings.

“Well, it took forever to get to camp, but I got to be in Riese and Laneia’s van, so.”


Laneia: One of my fondest memories of driving back up the mountain was when we pulled over to place a liquor store order with Alex, who was still in LA. It took four phones — thanks to dead/dying batteries and who had/didn’t have service — but we did eventually get the shopping list sent, which was just the first of many examples of how down and cooperative everyone was. We would’ve had to pull over anyway, though, so we could figure out how to turn on the headlights.

Riese: It’s possible our passengers were dying a slow death inside from transportation fatigue but I was enjoying all the lesbo-bonding-experience. Everyone was so cool and fun and smart!

Laneia: I was torn between wanting to talk to our campers forever and feeling like they probably didn’t want to talk to me because of my lameness and general anxiety, which was stupid, in retrospect. Everyone practically fell into tears when we unloaded in the parking lot of Alpine Meadows. I wanted to kiss the trees.

photo by heidi brett


Next: What’s happening at camp?!

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  1. Ever since I heard about a-camp I’ve wanted to go… Every post makes me want that more and more because where I live the only time there’s a group of us is the 12 hrs that our pride fest goes on and let’s be honest what’s more awesome than being around a group of smart happy women who like women

  2. YOU GUYS. I’m on Autostraddle like 34 times a day, ERRDAY. And for once I was NOT on Autostraddle for TWO WHOLE WEEKS because I was away, and that’s when talk about camp and registration happened.

    My heart. It breaks.

    Now I check AS about 87 times a day in anticipation for A-Camp 2.0. It looked so magical!

  3. I’m only halfway through but I had to stop and comment just to say that “So Thursday morning I drove to the Canadian Consulate to collect these brightly-colored plastic buzzers for lesbian jeopardy” is the best sentence I have ever read. Also, I am totally coming to A-Camp next time.

  4. I wasn’t sure I wanted to read all about Camp, just because it’d make me more sad that I wasn’t there, but it turns out that I do want to read all about it after all. Thanks for posting this! It sounds like it was amazing, and you haven’t even finished the weekend yet.
    Next time…

    • Same! I was like awwww this post is just going to make me sad, I’m probably not going to read past the first few sentences.. And then there were all those pictures.. and that intrigue.. and I was totally hooked.

      I definitely NEED to go next time.

  5. I was planning a trip to New York this summer (and was gonna ask if any local Straddlers could show me round) but I might just save the money and try for A Camp 2.0 instead. It sounds like it would totally be worth the jetlag. (also I’ve always been curious about summer camps. We don’t really have them in england)

  6. I’m thinking back to when I was a little closeted gaybie nervously watching “If These Walls Could Talk 2” and “But I’m a Cheerleader.” My hand tightly clasping the remote, ready to change the channel at the slightest movement or noise. Wondering if I could ever talk to anyone about being gay or ever have gay friends. I never would have dreamt that something like this would ever exist and is now something I could potentially go to…that is incredibly overwhelming.

    Not to beat a dead horse, but A-Camp: East Coast Edition would be epic.

  7. Our drive up with Rachel was pretty great. I was sitting in a van full of extremely attractive ladies, and we had the experience of going through Croce’s CDs together. The “Farm Mix” was.. interesting, to say the least. Also, the Lion King and of course, Ani.

  8. if i wasn’t at work right now i’m pretty sure i would be crying, hyperventilating, and flailing my arms all at once because i am overwhelmed by SO MANY FEELINGS.

    first of all, SCARY NIGHTTIME GAMES MUST HAPPEN next time!

    secondly, the debilitating heartache that i’ve been living with since april 29 had finally started to dull a little bit until this happened and now it hurts just as bad again because I MISS YOU FUCKERS SO DAMN MUCH. september cannot come quickly enough!

    also not only does riese know my name she knows that piper (the name i go by) is actually my middle name and she knows what my real first name is which is a privilege usually reserved for my family, best friends, and people like college professors, so i hope you know how special you are riese. also i am waiting impatiently to hear about tinkerbell.

    i think it’s hilarious that you almost named our cabin trouble because it’s kind of accurate. and crystal i appreciated your warning talk and definitely took it into consideration when i thought about how much whiskey to put in my first drink. :)

    also i just remembered this, when the announcement about camp first happened in february i flipped a shit and immediately reserved my spot before doing anything like looking at a calendar, my bank account, or plane ticket prices. i knew from the start that camp was going to be something really really special that i could not miss if it was at all possible. even when my logical side was thinking that maybe this isn’t the best idea and my friends were like “how are you going to afford this?” the idea of not going never really crossed my mind. it was like my intuition knew how important and amazing camp was going to be and it just shut the logic up long enough for me to solidify my plans. i can’t really remember what point i was trying to make with this besides a-camp is unique and life changing and really special and important and i am still so, so thankful to the staff for making it happen.

    wow i wrote a lot i just love you guys so much ok i’m going back to work now

  9. I can honestly say Im really happly for everyone else. At first I thought reading this would be like watching a stranger open a present but it wasn’t, I wasn’t jealous or anything. It was like watching the Oscars when someone actually cool wins, like Charlie Chalplins lifetime achievement award…you should watch this, you will cry. I’m super excited that there in an entire camp of fun rad people. Congrats to everyone involved. You are awesome.

  10. to the readers who didn’t go the last camp,

    reading your comments makes me so so excited for the next one! we learned so much that weekend — about ourselves and these people and real life masquerading as dreams and how to get to meals on time — and then we learned another round of lessons after the fact and WE JUST CAN’T WAIT to put all the things into practice.

    i was worried that publishing this recap would make some people think that camp sounded like a huge letdown, like they were glad they didn’t go. it’s like telling everyone about your rad slumber party where you watched ‘dirty dancing’ and all the doritos and prank called your cousin and the people you tell are like LAME, LANEIA. THAT’S LAME.

    so anyway i’m glad to see that some of you still want to come to the next camp even though you know i’ll probably be doing a lot of silent affirmations/chanting re: overcoming severe anxiety so i can say hi to you!

    and i will say hi to you. i’m totally gonna be all up in your shit next time.


    good thing i work for a theater company and we’re all extremely emotive/gay/gaymotive

    1) when i introduced myself to Riese at the airport she said “shilpa…joshi, right?” and i was so blown away i just mumbled something and walked away. ALSO BECAUSE SHE PRONOUNCED IT RIGHT. holy shit no one in my life that has just read my name can pronounce it right the first time, unless they’re indian i suppose.
    3) those pigeonholes were fucking GREAT
    4) one of the Alpine staffers drove an SUV of the canadian sharks + me to santa monica and that woman BEASTED down those mountains roads like…..holy shit, we were careening around hairpin bends and all about to hyperventilate when she was like, you know i drive up and down this mountain twice a day, right? then we all calmed down and enjoyed the coolest view of Big Bear ever

    campcampcampcampcampcampcamp :D

  12. This was so amazing. You guys put so much work in, and now you’re putting more work in re-capping how amazing it was so that we can all squeal in delight from our computers across the fucking country- nay, across the globe?! I LOVE YOU GUYS

    And for my part I wanna say that the altitude totally didn’t affect my drinking. Troubletones for life.

  13. I have been looking forward to hearing about A camp very much, and one of the things I have been most looking forward to: how to pronounce your name Laneia. Is now the time? Can the mystery finally be revealed?

  14. Looking at everyone smiling in the campfire photo made me cry. I can’t even express how much hope this website has given me over the past year. Thank you for the recap — I was really hoping you guys would write something for everyone who wasn’t able to attend. I’m going to make an A-Camp savings piggy bank for the next one in the fall. I’m nervous about it already! <3

  15. This recap is so great, it made me laugh like a fool and almost cry in public. I love you guys SO FUCKING MUCH. I’m really gonna try and hug you all next time, or at lest say words to your faces. I can’t wait for September!!!!!!!!!

  16. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this.

    At first I thought there wouldn’t be a recap and camp would be an elusive place that only people who experienced it could understand. How silly of me to doubt Autostraddle.

    This all sounds like fun so far, I can’t wait to get the the parts where everything goes right and people start…having fun.

    Also curious about the personal messages…what a cute idea!

  17. Omg this recap made me so happy! I’ve been re-living camp in my head pretty much every day since it happened, and this just makes it better.

    A month ago I never would have thought that I’d give SO MUCH consideration to skipping a week of grad school to go to A-Camp 2.0. (But seriously I might do it.)

  18. Do ya’ll remember when Lizz did a victory lap around the Terminal 3 baggage claim because one of the campers was wearing boots that she had recommended in a post? That was a special moment.

    • I KNOW RIGHT? did you see the one where they had to delay their wedding by two hours because of RR, or the one where the 85-year-old grandmother twisted her ankle ’cause the driver wouldn’t pull up closer to the curb? that was amazing.

  19. Stef’s description of Rachel’s quotes sound exactly like her–always knows exactly what to say <3.

    This makes me really wish I could have gone to camp, and also makes me Chistraddler-sick (it's like homesick, but for gays). Is that weird?

  20. I want this. As a die hard camp fan with tons o’ camping experience, I must experience this. Please bring to the East Coast (Boston, ahem) this fall! I’ll volunteer to drive Boston straddlers if it’s any help!

  21. I just want to say that this sounds pretty much like the best thing that has ever happened. I recently have come out and autostraddle has been a huge part in that. I’m happy that now I don’t have to hide or close down the links anymore when someone walks by. You guys are an amazing group of women who have made life significantly better for a number of people who you will never meet but will be forever grateful. I just want to say that if 2.0 happens I will be there with bells on to meet the people who have changed my life and made me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

  22. this is beautiful and amazing and i can’t wait to read the rest

    there were lots of hilarious moments but for some reason jess’s paragraph about picking up the wrong human at the airport sent me over the edge

    like, i am lying on my bed giggling like a maniac
    i just can’t get over the image
    i’m laughing by myself at my computer screen

    also jess and i had a really nice brief conversation in the cheder ochel (obsessed with the hebrew writing all over camp) about being feminine and having our parents doubt our queerness because we liked to paint our nails and we have long hair so maybe i just really love jess

    but for serious guys i’m still laughing

    in conclusion a camp was the best, i am seriously doubtful about having time off/money to go to camp in september but in my heart i know i have to make it happen because it was too important and too special to not happen again

    like the thought of camp happening and me not being at it physically hurts my heart

    you know?

    • Yes, that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now. A-Camp 1.0 was not exactly a financially responsible decision for me, but I can’t imagine not going to the next one.

      Also, this:

      Everyone looked so good even though they probably just traveled across the country and drove up the side of Killer Mountain on a spare tire.

      and this:

      As soon as the first bushy tailed little darlings rolled out of what looked like a kidnapper’s van, it was clear that everything would be basically absolutely perfect from there on out.

      right in a row had me cracking up for about five minutes straight. Driving up Killer Mountain on a spare tire in a kidnapper’s van is an exactly perfect description of the crazy transportation situation on Thursday.

  23. This recap is giving me so many feelings I can’t even write them logically. So I’ll just say that despite the crazy traffic/exhaustion/social anxiety compounded by my vanmates being so witty and talkative and funny on the ride up the mountain, it was totally worth it because A-Camp was a life-changing experience!
    I can’t wait to relive the rest of it with everyone.
    And go to the next one, even if I have to sell a kidney to do it.

  24. I was one of the fashionably late arrivals, so reading this entire post made me feel like I missed out on A LOT of stuff. As Gabby put it, I missed one day of rapture.

    Crystal, drinking at high altitude = more bang for your buck! I feel like I didn’t overdo it, hell, we even played soccer on Saturday morning!

    Katrina, you’re not alone. Apparently “People are afraid to merge on freeways in Los Angeles.”

  25. These recaps prove yet again how absolutely fucking amazing everyone involved with A-Camp is (AS staff and campers alike).

    I am having trouble finding the words to express just how awesome A-Camp was. And this recap is making me miss it so much. I want A-Camp to be real life 24/7/365.25.

    Also, I am saving for a bunch of stuff right now and am not sure if going to A-Camp 2.0 is the best decision financially. But not going just isn’t an option for my heart, ya know?

  26. This is so fun to read and relive!! I’m so excited about the next camp, its going to be perfect! Also, I can’t wait to actually go around and talk to people this time. I only was able to visit half of the cabins!! Really really looking forward to seeing all of you in September!!

  27. Reading this makes me desperately wanna go. I’m not sure I can afford it, and I’ve never been out of my country before, and so I’ve never flown, but hnnng, I really REALLY want to go – so will have to look into it anyways. XD

    • You were an awesome co-pilot. I was at the back of the van so I don’t know what co-piloting actually entailed BUT WE WERE IN AWE OF YOUR NAVIGATIONAL SKILLS – it would’ve been very bad if we’d gone up the wrong mountain after everything.

      (P.S. Am very pleased with myself for finding the right Kate, when you told me your username on the last day I was convinced I’d never be able to remember it/find you again.)

  28. The first reactions and reviews about A-camp were so jubilant that it really surprises me that there were so many transportation- and startup-issues. This only makes the exciting reviews more awesome: despite some struggles at the beginning, everybody still feels this was the best camp of their lives. That’s a real accomplisment!

    • I was on one of the first shuttles you launched. You called my name and I said something about how I could wait for another if need be.You cut me off, white knuckle gripping your clip-board and said sternly “You are on THIS shuttle.” I think I pee’d a little and nodded. But as I quickly walked towards the door I mumbled something about how “if I had my rifle..mumble mumble.” But damn I had a new respect for you!

  29. For a second this felt like being back at camp. I didn’t know that staff persons cried at the opening campfire, but this information breaks my heart into tiny, beating love pieces.

    Also, I’m still coming to terms with the fact that RIESE BERNARD, CEO OF AMAZING and BRILLIANT IDEAS/VISIONS, knows who I am….!

  30. Reading this made me feel SO MANY FEELINGS because I wasn’t there/about not being there. But ChicagoStraddle represent! I actually haven’t completely forgiven Amy/Rachel/Laurie for the Harto pics and texts. I will be at the next A Camp if I have to sell my belongings, cats, and future unborn children. I WILL. Can I be in Tinkerbell’s cabin?

  31. Yay! I will never get sick of talking about camp ever.

    Can “I Wanna Gay Baby” be our official campfire song? We can send out the lyrics ahead of time and boom sing-a-long.

    Also if you want, some of us ‘straddlers are profresh event planners. Maybe we can get like some sponsored booze and shiz? I’ll have to get my thoughts together and e-mail about this. Basically I’m pretty sure Jenner and I can make free things happen.

  32. Those pidgeonholes are the cutest and most amazing thing ever. I suggested a ‘have some way to leave each other notes’ type of thing in the comments on the original A Camp announcement post but I’m glad and really not surprised that you guys were onto it already.. and look at how adorable they are!

    I hope that everyone got some compliments, encouragement, quotes and numbers etc. ;)

  33. Reading this while my father sleeps in the bed next to me in a shitty hotel room and trying not to laugh too loudly but it’s not working. You guys are the best! I wish Riese, Robin, Marnie, and everyone else were in charge of making my whole life just as funny and wonderful and at times disorganized as camp. Love you guys.

  34. OMG! Emily is that a venezuelan flag in your picture?? *.*
    A-Camp sounds really, really, really amazing… I think I’d have to go to the 3rd one… There’ll a 3rd one, right?? :-O

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