50 Pictures of Clea Duvall

This gallery is dedicated to our music editor, Crystal, and also to you, you and you over there, with regards to Clea Duvall Dot Net, home to hundreds of photographs of Clea Duvall.


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    hot jesus on cheese toast… seriously those were the first words that scrambled thru my mind upon seeing this gallery. So that’s weird, but ehmagerdd she is so mouthwatering… Unlike warm cheesy deity on toast… sorry for that

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      I remember scouring the internet (well, “internet”) for information about her circa 1998 on my parents’ 386 PC computer using probably Ask Jeeves or some other abomination and reading somewhere that she was dating a musician named Radio Sloan and had the word “radio” tatooed on the inside of her lower lip.

      Please confirm.

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        I hadn’t heard that before, but I don’t know much about Clea Duvall outside of what she’s acted in.

        I just ran an Internet search for ‘clea duvall radio sloan lip tattoo’ and found a livejournal post about it, so i think we can go ahead and assume that it’s true. Unless that was your livejournal? Please confirm.

        Sidenote sometimes I still get really sad about how Carnivale was cancelled after only two seasons.

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        Even if it’s true, tattoos in that area fade very quickly and are considered temporary by some. Unless she’s been touching it up over the years, it’s probably gone by now.

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        YES! Clea dated Radio Sloan… that was back when I was first obsessed with her and probably spent much of my free time in the same way that you did.

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      I watched But I’m A Cheerleader in 8th grade Unitarian Universalist Sunday school (yea, UUs kick ass). I had a lot of feelings. It took me another 6 years to realize I liked girls. Epic fail.

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      *grinning* I make “what’s your root” jokes all the time IRL, and no one ever gets it. TEAM AUTOSTRADDLE 4 LIFE

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        The answer to this question is: yes. And when Autostraddle publishes 50 Pictures of Clea DuVall, she’ll conveniently need to talk the dog for a walk to mask her jealousy. Ask me how I know. 😉

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          *take the dog… I think all comments sections are coded to change at least one word after hitting submit. Or the lesser likely reason that I’m way to excited to join in the conversation to see what I actually typed lol.

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    Yes. Awesome.
    I’m pretty sure “The Faculty” is a major reason I realized I like girls and really things haven’t changed that much since.

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    I was gonna weigh in all “I’ve never gotten the whole Clea Duvall thing” but then I saw #6 and well sudden reminder that she was the dykeyest (sp?) part of She’s All That and also that she made up for the creepy art show part and yes THANK YOU

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    Graham Eaton. What a relationship we have had. Where do I even start?

    First saw BIAC my senior year in high school. It had just come out, so that dates me a bit. I was obsessed with her. Obsessed. I mean, I always knew I was different but couldn’t put a name to it. Lived in a small town so being gay wasn’t anything that was even on my radar of possibilities, you know? But Graham. I was just smitten and I was excited about it. I remember writing in my journal that night “There’s this girl in this movie and I think she is SO HOT! Like I want to date her hot!” and I was just thrilled by it. (I also remember going into a big thing about guy-hot vs. girl-hot, which I would apologize for now but at the time, I was new and niave and it was the ninties… and it also explains every single relationship I’ve ever been in… so…)

    Graham Eaton was my screenname for SO LONG. I used it everywhere. And my lil signature block said “I’m Graham and I like girls. A lot.” I remember being in lesbian chat rooms and girls would be like, “You’re a dude, get out! What kind of girl is named Graham?!” And I’m like, “Uh, what kind of lesbian hasn’t seen BIAC? You get out!”

    And… that lil Japanese symbol on her left arm? I got it tattooed on my left shoulder in college.

    So. This post brought up some feelings and memories. I almost hate that I am old enough that a gallery of pictures of a sexy woman makes me feel nostalgic… but I would be lying if I said I didn’t have most of those magazine pictures taped to my wall at one point or another in my baby dyke years.

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    Allow me to be the billionth person on this thread to comment that “But I’m A Cheerleader” was instrumental in my realization of my sexual identity.

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    I don’t know why so many queer women go ga ga over Clea Duvall. She looks so suicidal which is not attractive to me. How about a gallery of Charlize Theron?

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    Just FYI – Typo in the tumblr links to this post – “pictures” is misspelled. You sent my emotions on a roller coaster; I saw it through tumblr and got super excited that this post existed and then terrified that it’d been taken down when the link was dead!

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    Remember a while ago when everyone changed their facebook profile pictures to celebrity lookalikes? One of my friends suggested I looked like Clea Duvall, so, um… heeeeey ladies. 😉 But seriously, one of the best compliments of my life.

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