50 Pictures of Girls and Flowers

I’m a deep believer in flowers. Maybe I’m a flower enthusiast. I have put flowers on bedside tables, in plastic cups, in vases, in between book pages, on headboards, on walls, in backpack pockets, and in my suitcases. But the best place to put a flower is near a beautiful girl — and vice versa.

It’s really magical seeing a girl by flowers. You should do it 50 times.

I’d also like to give credit for the people who made my extensive and perhaps overenthusiastic search for “woman + field of daisies” fruitful: Gray 37, shes_jackAmandine PaulandrégameroNatasha KuneschJessica Dorseyk weavwireheadzeldaloveTriscele Photographyjono winneljOul des yeuxEmily TebbettsbasistkaRoads Less Traveled Photographyhanslinda, Art of CHD:WCK!Vanina Vila {Photography}jordan and rachelRebecca Nicole MontanaEvelina, Athena Stone, Jordan Blanchard, Blackmage9, Dial35 and Kiss Me Quick

We do not own any of these images. If one of these images belongs to you and you’d like credit or like us to take it down, please let me know!

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    well since it’s my life’s dream to have lesbian sex in a field of wildflowers this is pretty much the best gallery that could ever have happened

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    That black & white photo (number 40) says “thinking about suicide” on the top right….I think it’s from a suicide website?

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    “Tell me what the lily means.”
    “Oh you don’t want to know about the lily. Ask me about the azalea.”
    “Alright, what does the azalea mean?”
    “The azalea means, ‘May you achieve financial security.'”
    “Lovely. Now tell me about the lily!”
    “The lily means… The lily means, I’m going to win a toaster oven by the end of this movie.”

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    My first celebrity crush was definitely Mariah Carrey thanks to the flower, daisy dukes, and plaid shirt filled dreamlover music video.

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    At first I was like “this is the most amazing thing everrrr”
    And then I was like “oh…there is only like one photo here that is not of a not super thin body type.” And then I was sad.

    Still pretty though 🙂

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    This is gorgeous! But Potia, you’re right, there’s really only one photo of a non-thin girl, which makes me sad 🙁

    But the photos themselves are beautiful!

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