We Are Lesbian Tumblr in 57 Parts

HELLO! We are Queer Tumblr! There are so many queer tumblrs in the world that it can get difficult to tell the difference between them —  especially when they all contain this photograph:

Sometimes you might forget what tumblr you’re even on. Is it fuck yeah dykes or girls who like girls or cute boyish lesbian girls or lezbehonest or lezbefriends or queering or fuckyeahqueers or pinktacolovers or cutelesbiancouples or butchfemme or queerbrownx or genderplaytime or fyeahlgbt or girlskissinggirls or whateverkissinggirlsfuckyeahlesbiandykealiciousbutchesfemmesgenderplay dot tumblr dot justgotborn dor blogspot dot com.

It’s no secret that Autostraddle loves tumblr! We are bona-fide tumblr enthusiasts. Once upon a time we gave you a list of 14 of our favorite tumblrs and every week in the NSFW Sunday we feature a new Lesbosexy Tumblr which we compiled for you once in this list of lesbosexy tumblrs. Oh also you should read our tumblr.

Now we’ve merged all the lesbian tumblrs in the world into one blog post. There are actually 40 more things that did not make it into this post because of time/space problems. Perhaps another post is in our future.


Who Are the Lesbians and Otherwise-Identified Queers of Tumblr?

Top 57 Signs of Lesbianish Tumblrdom





we are lying in the grass, holding hands



we have our boyshorts on in bed



we are always getting undressed IN the shower



we are hipsters kissing with impeccable alternative lifestyle haircuts, ambitious bang arrangements and diverse accessories.



we create gratuitous fictional character femslash art

[courtesy of autumn sacura via fuck yeah lesbians!]


we love Dyke-Era Angelina Jolie



we are attracted to that girl smoking in wifebeater



we like Ellen Page



we are tender in bed all day long, shirtless


we are gender outlaws


we like your bedroom



we saw Glee last night



we know that freja beha erichsen is gay



we used deviant-art in 2001 and a softening filter and wore strange things on our arms



we have this haircut



we are not afraid to do some heavy lifting



we’ll kiss your ass



WE LOVE OUR GIRLFRIENDS SO MUCH! Our girlfriends are the world to us forever! xooxoxo!!! (But if we ever break up, we’re gonna tell you all about it on tumblr.) But for now, in the ballyhooed days of our fine fine youth, aren’t we really f-cking cute?? (Seriously, we are. We’re being serious.)



we know more about ruby rose’s personal life than we do about her professional life



we’ve seen ALL OF THE MOVIES



we like kim stolz when she dresses like a boy



we enjoy a good genderfuck


we like ellen von unwerth because she’s so f*cking homoerotic all the time



we fan our long long long hair out all over the bed



we really enjoyed this scene from Imagine Me and You



we like Jenny Shimizu without her shirt on



we have a skinny white cisgender girl problem

psa: we like genderqueeer, fuck yeah women of the rainbow, brown girls and bois, W[omen] O[f] C[olor] Survival Kit, fuck yeah chubby butches, queer fat femme and brown round boi among others.



we enjoy long baths from above



we had top surgery and amos mac took our picture

via the lovely amos mac

^ This is James Darling and Executive Editor Laneia likes his underwear. ^


we were at the rally, we made signs



we’re necking



we enjoyed your party


miss april is a dyke it says so on her underpants


we appreciate emma watson’s short haircut


we like it when straight actresses don menswear



we don’t want you to see our faces



we ship sharmen



we get lost in deserts, on beaches, and in meadows, but we always use the buddy system.



we enjoy the Suicide Girls



we are clean-skinned naked ladies all curled up around each other like fetuses or spoons or a pile of dead bodies.



we are obsessed with Naomi & Emily



we are awkward straight girls who couldn’t fist a vadge to save our own lives



we just had sex, we have nice skin and a tender touch, we are going to eat something adorable now, but first let us touch her smooth belly with our tiny hands



we want to marry tegan & sara



we’ve got these hipbones with those boyshorts, often looking very Shane today



we took a picture on our web-cam with a pensive hand and slightly tilted head



we are Justin Bieber



we are lesbians who look like Justin Bieber



we have giant glasses for our important eyeballs



we like Kristen Stewart Uberdyke



we are vintage lesbians



we’re not gay, we’re fashion: drag edition



we’re not gay, we’re fashion: girl-on-girl fashion edition



we think nanou looks lovely in photographs



we are: a) in an artistic marriage-themed photoshoot, b) wearing period costumes or c) both



we are talking about our feelings


we are obsessed with kate moennig, have an endless supply of kate moennig photographs

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  1. I would like to say that I appreciate all of these wonderful tumblers that you post…especially if they involve hot girls in boyshorts…it’s something about the boyshorts.

    Good times ^_^

  2. So, so, so true.

    Is this the post where we should all say “Hi! Do you want to visit my lesbian tumblr? We can be mutual internet stalkers!” Or is that another post?

    • I want to say we should, but I’m worried I’ll look wierd(er than I already look) for doing it myself.

    • wait jk it’s good there’s a sandra bernhardt/letterman video. returning to my regularly-scheduled lady ogling

  3. I’d advise staying off of tumblr for the moment; there’s a reblogging bug going on immediately, likely perpetrated by 4chan.

    • 4chan has apparently decided to leave our precious tumblr alone. According to my friend that actually goes on there some of them have taken to trying to be friends with tumblr.

    • woot! go 4chan! I didnt know that 4chan was known outside the nerd community. I remember the days when people at anime conventions thought you were weird if you liked 4chan!

  4. This made me LOL. Espesh ‘ambitious bangs’ I kind of hate tumblr. It’s all white girls spooning on bedlinen I can’t afford.
    Howevs. Who is that girl Nanou? Googling hasn’t helped much. I need to know!

  5. I feel kind of left out of the whole “lesbian tumblr movement”, actually. I don’t understand… is it like, twitter but with pictures? Pictures with themes?

    Still, cute <3

  6. I would like you to know that I just wrote down “ambitious bang arrangements” in my journal. I appreciate the little things.

  7. I hope that the next article is called “Everybody Knows Kristen Stewart Is Gay”….
    I haven’t really caught on to the lesbian tumblrs but now I want to. This was a fun post to look at. I kind of wanted to hold onto #13, not because of the girl showing off her hipbones, but because I was so entranced by the interior decoration going on in the background. I’m too gay to function!

  8. just need everyone to know that i am really attracted to that girl smoking in the wifebeater. like a lot.

    also “couldn’t fist a vadge to save their own lives” made me laugh/spittake/fist something

    • that photo is so awkward. (the “couldn’t fist…” one, not the smoking one.)
      i kept staring just to try and figure out exactly why it is so awkward looking. i have no answers. the title probably says it all, except i’m gay and i know very little about fisting…i just hope me and my girl kissing looks wayyy better than that.

      • well for one thing they are kneeling on a rug awkwardly, and they also look like they really don’t want to touching each other. i’m sure you don’t look like that.

  9. Where did you get these photos? One of these is me and I don’t know how I feel about it being used on here.

  10. I would like to know how we look and judge people and decide they’re “straight girls” who could never fist anyone. Just because a girl looks straight doesn’t mean she is straight, and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to fist. /2 cents.

    • No, but, well, in theory I agree with you, but in that photo those girls look like they’re two magnets with the same charge who have been strategically glued together at the lips, hips and … breasts. We’re talking body language, not a value judgement about that person’s appearance.

  11. I’m such a bad gay. I only post my deepest darkest emo musings on my tumblr, along with photographs I took of fire hydrants and inappropriate warning signs.

    I think I may have reblogged a photo of Abbey Lee Kershaw, naked, in a see through umbrella and light bondage. Am I still gay?

    • Sweetie, if you like to f*ck women, you’re gay regardless of what your Tumblr looks like. Plus, if you’re commenting on Autostraddle, I wouldn’t worry about it. q -;

  12. Pretty sure I just posted a photograph of a fire hydrant on my tumblr. Or at least what you can see of it sticking up out of the snow!

  13. I’m sorry, the race and tater tots convo made me DIE because it’s so true. LOL. I was actually just going “holy god are all these girls skinny and white except for like two submitted girlfriend photos?” as it came up.

    My lovely best friend told me once that while covered in snow in the city that I looked like a weheartit picture and my first thought was literally that I was way too fat for that (which I have no issue with, but is true). And THEN that she was adorable and perhaps that we both needed to stop being so goddamn hipster.

    Other than that: this is true, and hilariously so.

  14. haha, i’m in number 12, top middle. although i’m not a lesbian persay, this is awesome! thanks for this, hilarious.

    • if fuckyeahlesbians would like to email riese at autostraddle dot com with some gratuitous fictional character femslash art then autostraddle dot com would like to include it and link to fuckyeahlesbians with gratitude

    • I’m with you on this one. I would have liked to have known someone was using my picture rather than finding out from friends. It seems very irresponsible of Autostraddle to just use someone’s picture without permission.

      • you guys! i don’t want to sound bitchy, but i don’t know how to phrase this — you’re being a little naive and maybe this can be an eye-opener for you — if you’re not comfortable with your photographs being used on the internet, then you should not put them on tumblr. Autostraddle is a safe space. You’re being celebrated here! What Autostraddle does with your photos should be the least of your concerns — because anyone can take any of these pictures and put them anywhere. There’s men’s websites that are made up entirely of lists and galleries of girls from myspace/tumblr organized by theme — and a lot of them are focused on lesbian pictures. When someone reblogs your photo — an essence of the tumblr experience — they’re moving it to another space, and it could be a space that gets more hits than this website or it could be a space that you don’t approve of, like a site for dudes to whack off. But you knew that when you put your photo up — so why is this any different?

        furthermore when you use tumblr, your photo joins the entire web and is indexed by search engines. anyone doing a google image search may find you and put you on their blog and they’ll find you out of context.

        you officially sacrifice all rights to your photos when tumbling them.

        From Tumblr’s Terms of Service:

        Subscriber shall own all Subscriber Content that Subscriber contributes to the Site, but hereby grants and agrees to grant Tumblr a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, transferable right and license (with the right to sublicense), to use, copy, cache, publish, display, distribute, modify, create derivative works and store such Subscriber Content and to allow others to do so (“Content License”) in order to provide the Services.

        If your images are copyrighted you should indicate that and say “all rights reserved.” then you can file a claim with tumblr if they’re taken offsite. same thing for flickr.

        Anyhow if you’re uncomfortable with your photo being up here you should take it off tumblr and also contact the editors of this site who i’m sure would be happy to remove your photograph from this article. not because it’s sketchy or uncool to have used it — but because they care about your feelings and want you to be happy.


        • Links to source would improve it though – that’s one thing that reblogs are supposed to preserve. I don’t play on tumblr or put things on the internet that are special or secret to me so to an EXTENT I think there is some naivety here, BUT, photography is art and it’s not really cool to steal someone’s art and put it somewhere uncredited (even if everyone else is doing it). Moreover what that tumblr legalise actually says, as far as I can tell, is not that you lose all rights but that you give tumblr a license to do basically whatever they like with it, and for them to sublicense others (I am *guessing* this has to do with how reblogs work but I don’t really know). What that does mean tho is that unless Autostraddle wrote to tumblr this is sort of sticky. (I think, IANAL.)

          There is some naivety here, I agree, but it’s also true that the way tumblr does things fosters terrible practices towards other people’s work that I’ve seen replicated off tumblr in a way that kinda bugs me. It’s not like these are stock photos you know.

          • i think there’s two different issues here — personal photos taken of people and put on the internet vs. artists not being credited. the latter is unacceptable.


            we see our own shit like this all the time — our graphics being tumbled and RT’ed without any acknowledgment of the source, but at the same time, it’s sort of par for the course these days, and so we have to take it in stride. that’s why robin watermarks all her work and alex has started watermarking her graphics.

            and it is our responsibility to credit photographers whenever we know who the photographer is — it’s lazy to say that they have to contact US — but the trouble is that people don’t credit photographers anymore so we literally wouldn’t know where these came from.

            W/R/T personal photos — the tumblr leagalise aside (i do feel that they explicitly state that they are not protecting your images and they can be used by anyone, however, overall), when you put your own photo on tumblr, you do sacrifice the right to determine where it will be used and honestly i’m surprised that people would expect otherwise. as veronica said, even via reblogging your personal images can show up anywhere and be used by anyone — so your willingness to let that happen suggests a willingness to be put wherever someone wants to put you online.

            i’m sorry if people feel weird! i honestly didn’t anticipate this at all — y’all put your pictures on tumblr! you are saying “look here i am, everyone look at me.” i thought if anything people would find it amusing/exciting to see their pictures here. even more people looking at you!

            again, anyone who sees themselves here who doesn’t want to be here should email me and I will remove you! riese [at] autostraddle dot com. and i’m really sorry!

            [also if we tried to track down every person in every photo that i was given or found to use here, then we never would’ve written this post, it would’ve taken two months instead of two days, which is a lot of time to work on things for free. That’s our problem, not yours, but just a thing to think about — we wouldn’t have written this post at all.]

          • I guess for me I struggle to distinguish between happy snaps and photo-as-art. Photos are photos to me, they’re artistic works even if it’s kind of fuzzy and the composition sucks.

            Anyway I totally understand what you’re saying about the restrictions AS is working under and the way so much internet-based material does become completely cut off from attribution (and yeah, I kind of feel surprised that people who are fine being on fylesbians have a problem with being on AS, but that’s clearly up to them). Also I loved this post like thiiis much and it would be sad if it went away. *flail* I wasn’t at all trying to be supercritical or comment on Autostraddle policy which is none of my business anyway, I just think these things are worth discussing a bit maybe? Maybe not here.

          • srsly tui, are you telling me you go to the trouble of crediting every photographer of every tegan and sara photo you reblog on tumblr? because i’m betting the person you’re reblogging it from probs didn’t take it herself. the fact that tumblr sometimes links back to the person who first blogged the image is completely irrelevant.

            jesus christ i cannot believe people are complaining about images they put on the internet being somewhere else on the internet are you fucking kidding me it’s like 1998 in here.

          • I don’t have a tumblr, I’m not really a Picture Person. If you’re asking in my entire life on the internet have I ever posted a photo or a screencap or an icon uncredited, yes, of course I have, but *completely unrelated to this discussion* I have for the past year been making an effort not to do so! I mean, this post made me laugh and laugh because it is so true and if it couldn’t happen because of draconian blah blah that would be sad, sad, sad, BUT is there a happy medium? at all? or is everything all okay now take take take? what about words, is it OK for someone to take this post’s words or my words or your words and reuse them because it’s 2010 and people who would like to discuss the issue are somehow living in 1998? I don’t think that’s true and I think the distinction people are making in their heads between words and photographs is maybe not so much reality based.

            There are plenty of things that everyone on the internet does that I choose not to do. I am not trying to say that AS should do what I do, I understand why new media organisations don’t do the things that old media organisations do, I understand the time and financial implications of the new ways and that they make places like Autostraddle sustainable and I’m *grateful* for that. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a *discussion* to be had, do you know what I mean?

    • emma & jordana & anyone else —

      it is impossible to contact every person in every photo that we come across via tumblr and request permission to use said photo because PRACTICALLY NOTHING ON TUMBLR IS CREDITED. that photo of miss april up there? we’ve seen it allll over the place – uncredited to AS and uncredited to the calendar girls project and uncredited to robin roemer (good thing she watermarks her images!)and uncredited to sarah croce – and that’s kind of just the way things go on the internet. would we appreciate a link back or a credit? yes obviously. would sarah croce appreciate it if bloggers would at least bother to mention her name, as it is a photo of her? YES OBVIOUSLY. unfortunately, that’s not the way things are frequently done on the internet.

      if you don’t want your photo on the internet in a public space, don’t put your photo on the internet in a public space.

      having said that! we will gladly remove any photo of you that you would like removed! the last thing we want to do is celebrate an image that you don’t want people to celebrate. all you have to do is email any member of the editing staff here. it will be removed within minutes, i promise.

      best wishes xo

  15. All I wanted to know is where you got it. I’m not trying to be bitchy or rude and I understand the rules of the internet, but I just wanted to know did someone send it to you or did you see it and edit it on your own. I’m not asking to be removed and or anything like that. I have a homophobic parent so I didn’t necessarily want my picture on here. It’s fine though.

    • hey jordana — these photos came from like 5,000 different tumblrs. i don’t know what photo is you, so i can’t take it down or begin to see if anyone knows where it came from. could you email me at riese [at] autostraddle dot com so we can figure it out? i don’t want anything up here that you aren’t comfortable with.

    • Why is tumblr *so* good for comics fans? Because I have sometimes thought about getting a tumblr just to follow the *eight thousand* awesome comics tumblrs.

      /cool story bro

  16. *insert a really good comment here, because I am left speechless at the photo quality and the absolute beauty portrayed here*

  17. My tumblr tries really hard to be sexpositive/gender queer aware/ about my life all at the same time


  18. I CAN’T STAND JUSTIN BLUBBER! I’M BI AND I SPELLED HIS NAME LIKE THAT TO EMPHASIS MY POINT! I agree with everything else on this list EXCEPT for #10 & #11

  19. As much as I love the alternative lifestyle haircut SO many people have them.

    And I don’t understand the Bieber craze either.

  20. Logged in for the first time in a while (not that you guys would remember me, lol) to say, I searched tumblr for “couch”, 7th post down, white girl on it. You guys were right.

    Carry on.

      • I am alive!
        And I need to start reading ever day like I used to.

        I’ve failed you, AS. I apologize. Take my pictures of tender naked womyn and aerial views of baths as a token of my sincerest miss-you-much?

        Cause really that’s what lesbian tumblrs ARE like.

  21. Question. I may have misunderstood this.

    This is about lesbian tumblrs right? Why is James Darling on here?

    Most people who have top surgery do not identify as lesbian. In fact, I’m female assigned at birth and don’t identify as a lesbian, because I’m genderqueer. James Darling transitioned to male… he IS male, so he can not be a lesbian. Yes, he identifies as queer, but since he is male, he is not a lesbian.

    I hope I’m just misunderstanding that.

    • I think Riese predicted that someone would say this, which is why she wrote this:


      also this: Who Are the Lesbians and Otherwise-Identified Queers of Tumblr?

      Also those awkward straight girls aren’t lesbians and neither is Justin Bieber. Thank god.

      • Oops! My oversight. I figured it had to be since this is awesome Autostraddle, but I do naturally get defensive about that since it has been done (elsewhere) before. Thanks for pointing that out.

      • Also, though, I don’t think trans guys typically have what we could call “lesbian-themed tumblrs”. I’m not trying to be a thorn, I promise.

        • Sometimes pictures of ftms are posted on lesbian tumblrs. idk, as a lesbian I don’t make a habit of looking at pictures of shirtless guys, but it’s a thing. Also Autostraddle/Laneia uses every opportunity to plug Amos Mac(see: here, here, and here)

          But where is Katastrophe.

          • i don’t know katastrophe as well as i personally know amos. i’d love to, but, i mean, i’m just a girl who isn’t good at talking to people, so um. i really don’t understand this comment i guess.

  22. I love how gay tumblr is getting, I follow a lot of those tumblrs…it’s addicting and interesting to see what others post ;p

  23. I’m a gay trans man. I’ve had three surgeries, been on testosterone for years, and have never identified as a lesbian. I date a gay cis man who introduced me to James Darling, a trans man who primarily is attracted to men. Why can’t you lesbians admit that not all people assigned female at birth are attracted to women? Some trans men have no interest in being lesbian icons, particularly those of us who don’t find women attractive. There are plenty of trans women who are lesbians who belong on your pages. Why not cover them and leave trans fags alone! We are not women, we do not want women sexually, and we are tired of the way you treat trans women (as well as our gay or bi cis boyfriends).

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