34 Feelings You Have About Voting For Joe Biden

On our most recent reader survey, we asked quite a few questions regarding the upcoming election. One of those questions/answers was taken from a Monmouth survey of Democratic voters in eight states regarding voter enthusiasm around Joe Biden. Monmouth found 33% of their sample enthusiastic about Joe Biden as the nominee, compared to 1.33% of the Democratic voters on our survey.

Which best describes your feelings about Joe Biden as the likely Democratic nominee?

Sample: All U.S.-based Autostraddle survey-takers who consider themselves Democrats

Enthusiastic 1.3%
Satisfied 16.4%
Dissatisfied 44.2%
Upset 20.32%
Neutral 16.12%
Not sure 1.67%

Of Monmouth’s panel of Democrats in Arizona, California, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Virginia; 93% said they intend to vote for Biden. On ours, 96.6% of Democrats said they intend to, and 92% of our entire group does (our entire group is 78% Democrat, .11% Independent, 10.6% Other, and less than one percent Republican.) The remaining 8% are split pretty evenly between Unsure, Voting for a Third Party Candidate and Not Voting, with a whopping .30%, or six people, of the 1,969 U.S. residents who took the survey, pledging their support to Trump.

But my friends, your comments on the “how do you feel about voting for Joe Biden” question were real shimmers of dark sunshine on a bright night. Therefore I present to you, wrestled out of context and pasted here for your entertainment, a plethora of feelings you expressed regarding your intention to vote for Joe Biden this November:

1. Fuck that dude, but also I will vote for him

2. Sigh.

3. Not a good choice, but I’d vote for a potted plant before Trump

4. I can’t believe we could have had Warren or Sanders and we went with Biden???

5. I mean I’m gonna vote for him but only because his competition is literally modern Hitler.

6. I literally hate how he managed to fail up

7. Of course I’ll vote for him over Cheetos

8. Ugh. Of all the options, this is where we ended up—?

9. We need sweeping change, not a damp water cracker.

10. I would vote for a dead dog if it was running against Trump.

11. I would vote for my dog if it was running against Trump

12. Harm reduction it is, i guess.

13. Dreaming of a day when we can get another candidate who, at the bare minimum, has zero sexual assault allegations.

14. He’s not Warren but our choices are milk that’s just started to turn sour or milk that has festered in the depths of a cave for millenia, where the combination of minerals and bat droppings have combined to form a satanic force to destroy the world.

15. I’ll vote for him but I’m gonna whine about it. And I hope he picks a good running mate so I can be happy voting for her.

16. Look, I’ve vote for a stale ham sandwich if it was running against Trump but that by no means should be taken as an endorsement of Biden

17. My Slytherin ass will still vote for him because SCOTUS, but god why can we not have a candidate who isn’t an old white man with rape allegations?

18. I’m camp Any-Idiot-But-Tr*mp 00

19. Not my first choice, but I’ll still walk on broken glass to make sure he’s elected

20. Jesus fuck I hate that Biden is the nominee and that I have to vote for him to get fuckface out of office. Middle fingers to the entire Dem establishment that made it happen.

21. He has a pulse

22. I don’t like him, but I’ll vote for him… An online comedian (I forget his name) said,”To me, voting Democrat is like condoms. Like, I’m not excited about it, but I guess it’s better than the alternative?” and I really felt that.

23. I’m dead inside at this point tbh

24. This election is cool because i get to pick between two different conservative rapists

25. Yet, I will still vote for him before a trump kills us all

26. I was way more upset/super pissed before but I’ve been worn down to dissatisfied

27. I would trust a Canadian goose over Biden! He’s the candidate I’m least enthusiastic about and I actively dislike him, but I’m fairly certain he won’t try to kill me, my friends, or my family, so vote blue no matter who.

28. I think he’ll work with party members who are committed to a functional and conventional White House, but I do not believe he will make any meaningful effort to advance progressive policies. Also I think he’s a bigot, an asshole, and probably a sexual offender. I think I have to vote for him anyway, as the best-case scenario, and I resent that enormously.

29. Any sentient adult

30. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. But I’m still gonna vote for him.

31. I cannot even begin to describe how upset it makes me that the most diverse democratic race gave us Joe Biden. The only reason I am going to vote for him is because Angela Davis said we have to

32. Honestly I’m upset but resigned and will vote for him because the world is on fire and my alternate act would be high treason which is fine I just don’t have the skills I need to see it through so I guess it’s Biden and maybe he gets replaced real fast by his VP

33. But I’m still going to vote for him, of course, because treading water is better than drowning.

34. We could have had literally anyone!!! But I guess not!!!!

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  1. Ah, Riese. I’d almost forgotten that survey and that it means we have stats and analyses and posts like this. Something to look forward to in 2020!

    I wonder about those six people. Are they actual supporters of that thing’s policies? Or are they worried people will stop fighting injustice if we get another president who says the right things (ha! Not happening with Biden) but maintains the racist, sexist, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic, ableist status quo?

    Are they queer? Are they trolls? So many questions diverting my attention from all the potted plant comparisons.

    • Not denying that hateful and bigoted queer folks do exist, but at least one of the 6 must have accidentally clicked the wrong spot.

    • I too am so excited for more stats and analyses ands posts like this! I LOVE DATA.

      despite my very intense feelings around it that i’m sure we all share, i don’t wanna say *too* much because confidentiality is for everybody, even people voting for Trump, and it is such a small group! but no, not rich. the common threads i noticed on this survey and in prior surveys where a few republicans or trump voters popped up were personal or family involvement in certain lines of work that trump is seen as an ally towards. also sometimes, living in conservative areas? most (maybe all?) also added that they were socially liberal.

      and also yes there is one person who i’m pretty sure just checked the wrong box.

    • I know at least a few people who actually do think that another 4 years of Trump would be good because it will radicalize more people. I think that logic is right up there with anti-vaxxers having “measles parties” to get their kids sick with a deadly illness on purpose. But yeah, even those idiots wouldn’t actively vote for him, they just won’t vote at all. Which is pretty much just as bad.

  2. I’m hoping that Biden gets elected, the Democrats sweep Congress, and then Biden just largely sits back as the ladies of Congress get this whole mess sorted out…..GO WARREN!

    • As a Canadian, my only meaningful contribution to this discussion is that it’s *Canada* Goose. Canada, not Canadian. And the store where we buy camouflage hip waders and auto parts is *Canadian* Tire, not Canada Tire. My American wife insists on intentionally mixing the two up to torment me and it’s WRONG AND BAD and I WON’T STAND FOR IT sorry wait where am I?

  3. Honestly at this point I’ve lost all hope in American politics. We simply aren’t going to see the progressive movements this country desperately needs to survive during our lifetimes. As of now I’m just hoping I can make it through this election and the pandemic until borders open up and I’m getting the fuck out of here. I can’t stand living in this country anymore.

  4. Hmmm 11 made me think that maybe Carol (Aird Tinkerbell Junior Bernard Sullivan) the dog could take over from Biden? If she could run Carolstraddle she can run the country

  5. v proud that my Canadian goose comment resonated this is a true honor

    also my whole election mood is just the “I guess!??” comic

  6. I don’t remember what I wrote, but the “Sigh.” one was probably mine.

    But yeah, I agree with all those sentiments for the most part. We could have had Warren or Sanders, but unless Biden surprises us we’ll probably just see a reprise of the Obama era… which wasn’t particularly great for those on the bottom of society until its last two years. But more to the point, it may well end up stalling a lot of desperately needed long-term improvements to the country by “rebuilding” much of the unsustainable pre-Trump status quo.

    Still better than being constantly on fire. And Biden *is* a functional adult…

  7. Maybe instead of spending energy reflecting on responses from a survey from when the primary was wide open, we could, however begrudgingly, do everything in our power to elect the Democratic nominee and salvage what’s left of our democracy?

  8. May all your dogs live long happy lives full of walks, enrichment, cuddles and tasty eats.

    I don’t remember what I wrote but honestly most of these could be mine. Hoping Joe gets elected, very quickly decides he’s too tired for this and just moves aside.

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