Also.Also.Also: Kamala Harris Picked as VP, Officially Becomes Straight Bette Porter

I’m in a small room with no air-conditioning as I type this.. and yeah that’s as awful as it sounds. But at least we have Vice President Bette Porter to keep the party going.

Queer as in F*ck You

Black Lives Matter: An LGBTQ+ Roundtable With Patrisse Cullors. The BLM cofounder discusses what’s next with LGBTQ+ activists Ashlee Marie Preston, Aaryn Lang, Alphonso David, Rashad Robinson, and Alicia Garza. MUST READ!

Also(also.also.), Read the Report of the 2019 Southern LGBTQ Health Survey

This Queer Couple Has Sued New York Magazine for Defamation. “The Most Gullible Man in Cambridge” was one of New York’s most widely read stories of 2019. A pair of recently filed lawsuits now allege many of its claims are false.

Someone slide this into Abeni‘s email, and she obviously wanted to make sure you all knew about it: Black Trans record label, Trans Trenderz, announces new signings and virtual conference,The Ghostly Beats Conference.

Saw This, Thought of You

Scrapbooking As an Act of “Radical Self-Care.” People of color who craft are done being overlooked as customers and designers. (As a woman of color who loves scrapbooking shit, this is the kind of content I live for!)

Let Megan Thee Stallion Teach You a Perfect Cat Eye. WAP Summer.

A photo taken on a smartphone by a teenager at school shows a crowded hallway of students standing shoulder to shoulder, breathing on each other, with very few wearing masks.

The Truth Behind That Viral Picture Of A Reopening School Is Worse Than It Looked

“If you’ve ever been to Dollywood (or Gatlingburg or Pigeon Forge) this really does capture the whole entire thing. Maybe just me and Laneia, but! it does!” — Heather Anne Hogan, my favorite forever Southerner, discussing The Road to Dollywood.

Political Snacks

The Nudes Aren’t Going Away. Katie Hill’s OK With That. She’s such a boss.

Women Of Color Are Running For Congress At An All-Time High. I like to think of this as the Squad Effect. And our whole squad big, word to Ayanna Pressley.

Kamala Harris has become first Black woman and the first person of Indian descent to be nominated for national office by a major party. And here’s some links that Natalie wants to make sure you read today as we reflect on this major occasion (and she’s working on a longer, thoughtful piece for you to mull over your coffee and get REAL smart in the days to come):

+ “There Are So Many Examples”: Kamala Harris Opened Up About How She Was Covered As A Black Candidate

+ The Progressive Indian Grandfather Who Inspired Kamala Harris

+ ‘I Am Who I Am’: Kamala Harris, Daughter of Indian and Jamaican Immigrants, Defines Herself Simply as ‘American’

+ A Political Awakening: How Howard University Shaped Kamala Harris’ Identity

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  1. i’m allowed to say this because i’m black, but bette porter would never be a cop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i’m happy for her though? idk carmen i really don’t know

    • Yes, I too, am holding a lot of feelings all at once in my heart and head right now.

      (And sorry to bust the bubble on this, but Bette completely narc’d on Angie and then put her on punishment over a little vape. She the feds.)

      • bette porter went to jail and had wall sex there

        just want to make sure everyone remembers that during these trying times

    • I don’t think anyone is excited about the choices (hell, I haven’t been excited since Obama) but as a black mother to a little girl, who not only values equal rights but our health, I believe that our chances might be slightly better with Biden/Harris than with the orange kumquat. I will rally my energy and vote not because I want to but because this really is a life or death situation. As conflicted as black people are about Harris, we need to remember what’s going on right now and what role the current administration has had in not helping resolve any of it. There. That is my inspirational speech for the day. I’m tired.

    • I wish the thumbs up function still existed on here so I could thumbs up this comment. Straight Bette Porter is 🔥

  2. It’s not a party for sex workers, whose lives have been made exponentially more precarious because of Senator Harris specifically.

    • So, she’s going end the first season by r*ping her life partner and then get off scott free in the fandom?

      You couldn’t force me at gunpoint to vote for “Shoot protestors in the knee” Biden or this woman who worked to keep trans women in men’s prisons. They are both representatives of the fascist US status quo.

  3. ah, going from “biden, i guess” to “biden and harris, i guess”

    to paraphrase half of twitter, least maya rudolph will be gracing our screens more

  4. I’m also a southerner and found that Dollywood piece to be…not good. Yes, there’s a place for critique of Dolly the Brand, but the piece is so full of disdain for poor people, poor and working class southerners, that I found it hard to stomach.

  5. Kamala Harris was fighting for gay rights looong before Obama or Clinton or Biden were on board. She was publicly supporting gay marriage before Buttigieg was even out of his own closet. Is she perfect on all the issues? No. But y’all. I can’t stand to see people be melancholy about this. A second Trump/Pence term is one breath away from a Pence presidency. Do not underestimate the damage that man can do to gay marriage, adoption rights, discrimination laws. Our choices are the woman who has been fighting for gay rights since 2004 or the man who was passing anti gay laws what, 5 years ago???? The man who openly hates us. Let’s get the yard signs out people. We need this. We need to be supporting the candidates who support us. Or they will stop. And then where will we be? Yes, I’m ranting. But gay kids are headed back to their homophobic classrooms this week and you know Betsy DeVoss doesn’t care one bit.

  6. Highly recommend adrienne maree brown’s reminder that we engage with electoral politics is NOT a political home, but we must engage strategically with it to protect people most vulnerable. We let our critiques and feelings help us develop a political home. Encourage everyone to read all of it here: An excerpt is: “and it’s OK to feel excited if you see yourself in kamala, to be excited about representation, or even to feel amused by uncle joe.

    and it’s OK to feel the flood of critique, the way this ticket runs the faultlines of race and power. it’s OK to feel disappointed and/or bamboozled by the closing off of significantly more thrilling alternative futures (like an abrams/warren/knowles ticket).

    either way, the strategic next move is to vote on november 3 and now you know the other name on the ballot.

    feel all your feelings along the way, but don’t let those feelings keep you from seeing the biggest picture, the one that includes those more vulnerable than you.

    let those feelings clarify and grow your political home, even as you create the external conditions in which having a political home can and will matter.”

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