31 Puff Puff Pastry Recipes You’ll Wanna Pass Around

Hello and welcome to this thing we’re doing where we help you figure out what you’re gonna put in your mouth this week. Some of these are recipes we’ve tried, some of these are recipes we’re looking forward to trying, all of them are fucking delicious. Tell us what you want to put in your piehole or suggest your own recipes, and we’ll talk about which things we made, which things we loved, and which things have changed us irreversibly as people. Last week we got sweet and tart with cranberries


Puff pastry is fluffy, flaky magic. It simultaneously elevates your cooking and evokes comfort food feelings. It’s the lazy femme of baking: effortlessly gorgeous, equal parts heart and finesse. So roll out a sheet and pass that puff pastry to the left hand side.

1. Vegan Mushroom Rolls

2. Apple Pie Fries

3. Buffalo Chicken Waffles

4. Easy Puff Pastry Pizza

5. Puff Pastry Cronuts

6. Fig and Gorgonzola Bites

7. Romano Ribbons

8. Cinnamon Roll Twists

9. Ginger Pear Tart

10. Kale and Cheese Pastry

11. Fruit-Filled Donuts with Lemon Glaze

12. Swan Cream Puffs

13. Onion Simosas

14. Avocado Mozza Puffs

15. Balsamic White Wine Strawberry Tarts

16. Pastrami Pockets

17. Cinnamon Rolls

18. Chinese Egg Tarts (Dan Tat) 蛋挞

19. Butternut Squash Vegan Mac n’ Cheese

20. Korean Ground Beef & Kimchi Rounds

21. Pastry Cornucopias with Pumpkin-Coconut Mousse

22. Baklava

23. Candy Bar Bites

24. Vegetable Curry Potato Puffs

25. Cinnamon Cream Cheese Puffs

26. English Pot Pie

27. Three Ingredient Banana and Nutella Hand Pies

28. Nian Gao

29. Vegan Pizza Waffles

30. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Tarts

31. Basil, Bacon & Peach Baked Brie

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  1. Rie

    I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so maybe looking at this roundup wasn’t the best idea. That croissant will be really good, though.

    • I did eat breakfast, but I’m hungry again now. Wish someone would bring me a croissant…

  2. AG

    Wow, I’ve never heard of nian gao done as individually wrapped bits! Always seen it out of a glass pan. That spring roll wrapper variant sounds fantastic.

  3. So many delicious ideas! Those bacon, egg & cheese breakfast tarts are looking especially tasty… gonna have to give ’em a try tomorrow, methinks! :9


    The things I’ve been making lately include

    – tomato or mushroom or whatever vegetable tarts: puff pastry + goat cheese + tomato slices/sauteed mushrooms/asparagus/broccolini/whatever, layered like a pizza

    – dessert things: puff pastry + jam/lemon curd/honey goat cheese + berries/fruit/both, layered same^

    – breakfast muffins?: puff pastry squares shoved in muffin tins + scrambled egg poured in + vegan chorizo/green onions/cheese/sauteed mushrooms/cherry tomato/whatever

    Al cooked at 400 degrees between 20-30 minutes! So easy, all of them look way more impressive than they are, and that shit is DELICIOUS.

    Loved this list, too!! Definitely gotta experiment a little now!

        • Lex

          It is.
          Just use the same amount of orange juice as you would lemon, the same amount of zest but half lemon and half orange then continue to follow what ever your standard lemon curd recipe requires of you.
          And ta-taaa orange curd, a substance better than marmalade.

    • YUM. Great ideas! Thanks! I am definitely going to make breakfast muffins this way next time I pick up some puff pastry!

  5. All of the yes. Also my partner and I have been marathoning the Great British Bake Off so lately all I’ve been wanting to do it bake while speaking in a British accent.

  6. Lex

    Yass puff pastry pizza, the best non traditional pizza ever. It can be done without meat or cheese just needs sun dried tomato paste, ripe vine tomatoes herbs and it’ll be the best pizza you’ve ever had I swear.

    Ooh and pastelitos.

    They’re not hard just need guava paste and know how do hand pies or “turn overs”.

    Bless this list and who ever invented puff pastry.
    I’m so hungry tho.

      • Lex

        Strawberry pastelitos, an great idea I wouldn’t of had if not for this list.
        You helped made a birthday awesome.

        • If I have helped one person have strawberry pastelitos, I have done enough.

          • Lex


    • I discovered magical puff pastry when I was vegan! The Pepperidge Farm brand is vegan and DELICIOUS. I think most of these recipes could easily be veganized, actually….yum!

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