30 Days of Carol: Day 9 – Let’s Play “Which Co-Star is Rooney Mara With?”

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What’s in a name? A character. What’s in a face? A story. Here are the nominees for best cinematography. *I stare into the camera along with my co-presenter, Stanley Tucci, and we hold for five-more-than-anticipated seconds in silence as we wait for a delayed b-roll also someone coughs in the background*

Our faces: they can affirm or betray us. They are our narratives laid bare. And since we’ve talked a lot about Cate’s, it’s only fair we turn the camera around to Rooney’s. Where we were able to use Cate’s face as it related to Carol, Rooney’s face as Therese was necessarily restrictive, so we’ll have to take this outside the confines of the screen. For no reason, I’ve chosen to analyze Rooney’s face as it relates to every co-star she’s been with on a press tour or at an award ceremony and made it into a fun game.

It’s called “Which Co-Star is Rooney With?”, and because I still want to keep this Carol themed, your answers will either be “Cate Blanchett” or “Not Cate Blanchett.”  Take it slow on the scroll – you don’t want to spoil the answer! I’ll let you decide the story Rooney’s face is telling, and don’t forget to comment with your score! Are you ready to play?

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