23 Zucchini Recipes for Good People of the World

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Once again, I’m here to defend a delicious and nutritious food that every person with a heart loves and adores. Zucchinis are one of my top all-time favorite plant-based foods. I call them a plant-based food because I usually say vegetable, but they’re a squash, so like, does that mean they’re not literally vegetables? Or like, they’re culinary vegetables but not botanical vegetables? Who knows? Really, all that I know is that zucchinis (or zukes, as I like to call them) are damn healthy, damn versatile and damn delicious. They really are so terrific that every good person likes them.

You can make zoodles (zucchini noodles), you can use them as a ingredient in soups or pasta, you can eat them as appetizers or side dishes, you can even make them into absolutely wonderful baked goods (probably my favorite). There’s a kind of zucchini dish for everyone.

Look at the pure joy (get it? because her wife’s name is Jenny Owen Youngs) on Kristin Russo’s face while she holds a zoodle. How you can you look at that beautiful, adorable face and say that zucchinis aren’t wonderful and liked by everyone? Only a bad person, someone who truly doesn’t have your best interests in mind, would say that.

Now, So, if you love Zucchinis (and who doesn’t) or Kristin, or hey, even just me, please comment below.


1. Zucchini Parmesan Crisps


2. Zucchini Muffins


3. Zoodle Pad Thai


4. Fried Zucchini


5. Creamy Red Pepper Zoodle Alfredo


6. Zucchini Brownies


7. Zucchini Hash Browns

Zucchini Bread Ice Cream

8. Zucchini Bread Ice Cream


9. Zesty Zucchini Spaghetti


10. Summer Squash Carpaccio


11. Dark Chocolate Zucchini Waffles


12. Potato and Zucchini Frittata


13. Zoodle Pappardelle with Tomatoes and Feta


14. Zoodles with Kale Pesto and Edamame


15. Silky Zucchini Soup


16. Flourless Peanut Butter Zucchini Brownies


17. Whole-Wheat Cherry Tomato and Zucchini Pan Pizza


18. Zoodles with Chicken and Ginger Dressing


19. Shrimp and Zucchini Barley Risotto

Scallops in Zucchini Nests

20. Scallops in Zoodle Nests


21. Zucchini Fettuccine and Cauliflower Alfredo


22. Crunchy Zucchini Rounds with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese


23. Zucchini Cake

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Mey Rude is a fat, trans, Latina lesbian living in LA. She's a writer, journalist, and a trans consultant and sensitivity reader. You can follow her on twitter, or go to her website if you want to hire her.

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  1. Yummeh!

    I had the most amazing dish with zucchini once, don’t know what it’s called (not quite an omelette since it’s not folded) so here it is:

    Sautee thin-sliced zucchini coins in olive oil and salt until a little brown and crispy;
    Pour 2 whipped eggs (with garlic if you like) over the zucchini slices and heat until eggs are cooked; turning once.
    After you flip the eggs, sprinkle some parmesan on top and cover with lid to cook / melt.
    Garnish with your choice of fresh basil/green onion / cilantro.

    Goes great with hot sauce or salsa, or without.
    Best thing to happen to squash since sliced zucchini bread. :v

    • I learned a new word u guize: this is a frittata.

      Idk it’s hard to set up the mild flavor and unassertive texture of a zucchini in a recipe, which is why I think it unfairly has a poor reputation (coff coff Erin coff coff) but a few recipes, like Minestroni soup and zucchini bread really show off this veggie’s strengths, instead of trying to turn it into the cooked version of a failed cucumber.

  2. I came to Autostraddle just now, because i am hungry and i thought, why not read some articles on to distract myself, and what do i see at top of the site. Food. The Universe is out to punish me, but i must say i totally agree, Zucchini awesome. I even love it raw.

  3. ok but HERE’S the thing: like 85% of these recipes are zucchini pretending to be something else like noodles or muffins or waffles. i feel like this is proof that zucchini is only good if you can act as though it doesn’t exist.

  4. I currently have zucchini muffins baking in the oven! I was trying to find a recipe this morning and should have know to look on Autostraddle (which I often do but this time I didn’t). The last two years I’ve tried to grow zucchinis in my garden without much success. Maybe next year! My raspberries and peaches did well and the grapes were pretty good, but none of my veggies did much.

  5. I only ever eat zucchini in baked goods (that chocolate waffle looks amazing!) so I’m a bit undecided on this one. In savory things I personally don’t like it, but my mom always has, so I have a nostalgic admiration for it I guess.

  6. Mey, as usual you are absolutely right. I don’t know why Autostraddle’s editors keep disagreeing with you when it’s clear you have the best food taste, but I won’t complain as we get great recipes out of it. Just know that in my opinion you are always right.

  7. Zucchini is great. My mom used to cut them horizontally, cover them with sliced mozzarella and roll them up, throw shredded cheese on top, and stick them in the oven. They were like the chips, but with melted cheese inside. They were amazing!

  8. I’m definitely on the pro-zucchini side, I just wish this list had been around a few weeks ago when my mom bought the ridiculous zucchini pictured below:

    (Fingers crossed that the photo works b/c I think this is my first time posting a comment photo.)

  9. Imo yellow summer squash is a bit better than zucchini on it’s own but I’m still #teamzucchini. Yeah Erin’s recipes are great but can I eat them while eating zucchini too? Yeah. Like I just made the best zucchini pasta a few nights ago.

    Also I forgot that zucchini cake is a thing, I need to do that!

  10. Thanks for this list Mey. These look great. I hope to be able to eat all the nightshade related plants again soon it’s driving me nuts not being able to but I’m seeing the immunologist again soon so …..with luck….who knows?

  11. Wait, what about
    … zucchini boats
    … stuffed zucchini flowers
    … zucchini roulades
    … semi-hot zucchini salad (which I learned from my landlady when I was an intern in Vienna one summer and survived because zucchini were the cheapest food to grab)

    Of course you might over-eat, thats what my best friend did once, when their mother grew zucchini in their garden and served it each and every day, each and every day… ;) But there are so many options to vary, so it should take a week or two ;)

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