21 “Orange is the New Black” Premiere Pics to Sustain You ‘Til June 6th

You guys! Orange is the New Black comes back in 21 days! (Or about 20 days 5 hours, depending on when you read this post — the official countdown clock is on Netflix.) Are you amped? Have you seen the trailer already? Okay, well, have you seen it today?


Take a good look, because I want you to remember how these ladies look in their prison jumpsuits.

Netflix put out 17 character posters this week.

In preparation for season two, Netflix is rolling out 17 character posters. They launched this week.

Last night, the cast of Orange is the New Black descended on the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City for the red carpet premiere of season two. All the major characters from the cast were there, along with many minor ones and a few unexpected guests. An hour and a half before the show started, the line of fans hoping to get in went all the way down the block, around the corner, around the next corner, and about halfway down that block.

Happily, you don’t need to wait in line to see your favorite characters! Here are my 21 favorite shots from last night. It’s up to you whether you want to ration them over the next few weeks or binge on them all right now.

Don't mess with these two... #Vee #Daya #OITNB
Lorraine Toussaint (Vee) and Dascha Polanco (Daya) looking fierce. Via OITNB Instagram.

Laura Prepon (Alex) hugs Taylor Schilling (Piper).

Samira Wiley at the OITNB premiere. Via OITNB Facebook.

Samira Wiley looking stunning, per ushe. Via OITNB Facebook.

Lin Tucci biting her purse at the OITNB premiere.

Lin Tucci (Anita) killing it in the gif photo booth. Via OITNB Tumblr.

Uzo Aduba (Suzanne/Crazy Eyes) and Rosie O’Donnell. I didn’t quite catch what happened here, but I like it.

Laverne Cox at the OITNB premiere

Oh Laverne Cox (Sophia), why are you so perfect? Via Daily Mail.

Natasha Lyonne (Nicky) poses like my adorable grade school aged cousin. I mean that as a compliment to both of them.

Catching selfies with #jenjikohan @oitnb and her beautiful daughter #oitnbpremiere #june6 #taystee

Danielle Brooks (Tasha/Taystee), Jenji Kohan (show creator) and her guest. Three person selfies are tricky, but they did pretty well!

Diane Guerrero (Maritza) and Jackie Cruz (Flaca). Werk.

Abigail Savage and a mysterious stranger

Abigail Savage (Gina) and a mysterious cutie (!!!). Via OITNB Tumblr.

Laura Mandanas and Vicky Jeudy.

Laura Mandanas (me!) and Vicky Jeudy (Janae). Vicky said we should get ready to binge watch the whole season in one sitting.

With my lover @emmacat @_emmamyles #OITNBPremiere #season2

Kimiko Glenn (Brooke) and Emma Myles (Leanne). Via ohlittleasianone Instagram. Kimiko’s caption: “With my lover @emmacat @_emmamyles #OITNBPremiere #season2.”

Barbara Rosenblat (Miss Rosa). I’m happy to learn more about this character!

Wishful thinking.

Via Orange Is The New Black Facebook.

Dasha. Oof. Via Orange is the New Black Facebook.

Beth Fowler (Sister Ingalls). Do you think Sister is really a nun?

Fig & Tucky #OITNB

Alysia Reiner (Natalie/Fig) and Taryn Manning (Tiffany/Pennsatucky). Via OITNB Instagram. (And for the record, they both have perfect teeth.)

Hahaha Awww @realleadelaria & @biggsjason ! #oitnbpremiere #bigboo #orangeisthenewblack #jasonbiggs #leadelaria

Lea Delaria (Big Boo) and Jason Biggs (Larry). Via teamoitnb Instagram. <3

More Lea! Love her.

Premiere of season 2!! #oitnb #alexvause #nyc

Do you think she ever tried that spoon winged eyeliner tutorial? Or does she just innately know how to do it [by hiring a makeup artist]? Via Laura Prepon Instagram.

Piper Kerman (author) and guest at the after party. Most of the cast stayed out until the wee hours of the morning.

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    • Samira definitely plays with her gender presentation quite a bit. She’s always SUPER femme-y at red carpet events, but if you go to her Instagram, she dresses with a lot of variety. If nothing else, she’s a fan of white t’s, baggie jeans, and construction boots. I’ve also seen her wear an adorable bow-tie and button down with glasses on occasion.

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