VIDEO: The “Orange Is The New Black” Season Two Trailer Is Here, Lovely, Amazing

If you’re anything like me, you simply CANNOT WAIT for Season Two of Orange is the New Black to drop right into your lap and change your life forever and inspire you to spend a series of perfectly lovely midsummer evenings watching every episode over and over again until you can basically perform the entire series for your cat. This new trailer is chock-full of new characters, drama, sex, intrigue and shit hitting the proverbial fan.

You can also witness this video featuring cast attempting to define Season Two in three words. Here, I have three: LESBIANS LESBIANS LESBIANS.


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  1. *excited flailing*

    That trailer included snippets of so many characters! I hope this means that we’ll be seeing plenty more action/backstory from characters like Taystee and Sister Ingalls and the newbies, and maybe not so much focus on Piper? (Not that I really have a problem with Piper, per se, I just find her less compelling than a lot of the other characters.)

        • Evidently the Game of Thrones premiere crashed HBO. Yes, all these sites have a limited amount of bandwidth they can carry and I’ve certainly had times when, during peak hours, it was hard to get on Netflix to watch what I wanted (I think they assign ‘lower demand’ items to a different set of servers, so you can always watch something). Try to imagine several million people watching all 13 episodes of OITNB in order and how much strain that will make on their system. Which is why Netflix has been trying to make arrangements with certain oinkier corporate entities to share bandwidth in future.

  2. I think I was made even more excited by the cast interview video than the trailer. They are all so fucking pumped about it!!

    June 6th I have a giant watch party planned with like, 20 Autostraddle-reading people. This is gonna be so epic.

  3. “A storm is coming.”

    “I am a lone wolf. And a vicious one. Don’t make me rip your throat out.”

    So, basically season 2 is Game of Thrones but with a higher women/queer lady to heterosexual male ratio.


  4. Damn, I am excited to see them address head-on the fucked up aspects of Bennett/Dayanara. Sorry but I can’t get over the skin-crawling power imbalance there no matter how many ~cute~ shows of affection happen between those two, so hell yeah for this show actually pointing this out and having it come from Dayanara’s mouth. Like, I’m not against fucked up fictional pairings (hello Piper/Alex), but only if they actually acknowledge that it’s fucked up.

    And oh my god SO EXCITED FOR VEE??? Look at her swagger. Look at how cute she and Sue are. She and Red have a history? TELL ME MORE.

    It’s funny, I’m already so invested in a dozen of these characters that I didn’t think I’d have room to be excited about new inmates. But I’m all for Vee and also the girl who says “This is not how I imagined prison to be at all” — it’d be nice to see an Asian character who isn’t this weird caricature. Anyone have any details on her?

    • The actress in the last part of your comment is Kimiko Glenn. She mostly does theatre (including a national tour of Spring Awakening that I was like deeply & obsessively invested in) and is a super sweetheart who can sing her freaking face off. The character’s name is Brook Soso and I know nothing about what she will be like/how featured she is at all.

      • Thank you so much!! I’ve never heard of Kimiko Glenn before, but OMG can we say OITNB musical episode? haha

        I saw her in at least another clip, and the IMDB credits lists her in a few episodes, so I’m pretty excited to see what they do with this character.

  5. The ONLY bad thing about the timing of A-Camp this year is the side-eye I’d get for requesting June 6th off work to stay home to binge this like a madwoman. You know, since I’ll have just been gone for a week for a mysterious trip to CA.

    Seriously cannot wait for Sue’s story most of all.

  6. GAAAH!! This is like right after camp so we deal with our feelings easier?? Also SO MUCH BACK STORY. I’m really really excited to see more on Poussey and Taystee. They are def two of my fave characters on the show!! And the recaps we’re going to have!!! What about a Boo back story?

  7. I cannot even!!! – and my last exam is 7th July – but due to the time difference oitnb will only air here early 7th July morning – so hopefully when I get back from the exam it will all be up on *cough* helpful websites for those of us who don’t have netflix *cough* and then I should have just about 13 hours to watch it all non-stop before I have to rapidly pack and go home for the summer holidays.

  8. Notable absence of Pennsatucky from either video. I wonder if that’s just so that they can keep the suspense up until the season starts?

    I’m looking forward to the recaps almost as much as the episodes themselves.

    • I noticed that too. We can only hope…
      (and yes I do kinda feel bad for her, but it’s mostly overwhelmed by utter hatred and disgust)

      And yes, recaps are going to be amazing. Even though I’m absolutely going to watch the entire season in one sitting. My poor roommate has no idea what’s coming… she finds “Grey’s Anatomy” to be risqué.

      • Yeah, she’s pretty awful, but I also find her kind of… weirdly compelling? And she certainly makes things interesting. I’d like to see the writers add a bit more nuance to her so she’s not just the cardboard evil antagonist. (If they didn’t in fact kill her off, of course.)

  9. Can we form a club of people who plan to disappear into their rooms for thirteen hours of June 6? I’m worried that this is going to genuinely interfere with my productivity and sleep, like, in a significant way. But it looks like I may not be alone in that.

    I want to see everybody do everything all the time. Including Larry because hating him feels so delicious.

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