100 Pictures of Shane

Sometimes you just want 100 pictures of Shane.

All photos are from my hard drive, though I imagine a lot of those come from this kate moennig fansite.

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  1. Some may see this as just a superfluous, uneducational post because it’s just a bunch of photos…but I learned that Kate Moennig can make smoke rings…so.

  2. all these pictures are of skinny white girls!! MOAR DIVERSITY

    jk. thanks for putting this together riese.

  3. Never got the appeal. Meh. But hello pic with Carmen. Love that it’s named notmadatthis.jpg

    • YES. Carmen…

      I pretty much watch everything I can with Sarah Shahi in it and not because I like the show. =)

  4. I’m actually getting ready to get my hair cut like her’s. Its going to be a huge change but I’ve been wearing my hair the same way for 5 years. I’ve been unsure if I wanted to do it or not but I’ll take this post as a sign from the lesbian Gods to do it. =)

  5. this is has come at a particularly relevant time for me.. been catching up on the L word in the last few months, never really got the Shane thing before but started crushing on her bad about halfway through season 5 (now just have a few eps left of s6, woot). cue 2+ hours of typing ‘kate moennig’ into youtube and watching all the random CSI, 3 rivers, young americans.. sigh.
    so, yay for pictures!

  6. Of all the things to love about this post, I would like to thank Riese in particular for including a Young Americans pic! :) Kate, I’ve loved you since way before you had your hair cut seventeen different ways of Shane.

  7. I am more attracted to the Tina Fey kind of girl more than the the cool, hip kind of girl like Shane. But I have always found Shane really attractive in some primal, animal way. It was a little eye-opening to me that I recognize most of these pictures…clearly there is something in her that really catches my eye…

  8. This is just one of the literally dozens of reasons why I love and support Autostraddle. ;-)

  9. I’m so impressed that these all came from your hard drive. Your computer is so much sexier than mine.

  10. Um…in a few of these pictures she totally looks like my ex-boyfriend. Probably should have realised I was a homo sooner given that I only liked boys who looked like lesbians.

    • I realized I was a homo when it suddenly dawned on me that all the guys I’ve dated/liked looked like girls.

  11. i never felt any sexual attraction to shane.

    i mean, i GET IT…but I’ve just never felt it. I’m cool with that…

    I was way more of a Carmen girl…and then it was all about Alice…and then surprisingly, I developed a thing for Tasha.

    • well it was exactly the opposite for me :P
      i never got the appeal people have for carmen – she was too standard beauty, playboy kind of style :P and so obviously straight ;)
      but i actualy got hooked for this series because of characters like shane – realy presenting the lesbians, kate moenning just plyed her character in the most believable way, you realy can feel that this person- shane actualy can exsist :)))

  12. I tried to watch the L Word for Shane, but mostly I just wanted her to stop slouching and wash her hair. And Jenny made my skin crawl, so while I liked Bettina and Alice and Dana and the soup chef, I stopped pretty quick. But Kate Moenig’s hands!!! Holy fuck!!! Especially in the top left pic of #83/veryshane, with her hand up near her mouth…. jfc. I may have to give the L Word another chance, and I definitely am not going to feel like my large-for-a-women hands are not sexy ever again.

  13. 22 year old me appreciates this but 17 year old me would have absolutely exploded of happiness.

  14. Yes, sometimes you *do* just need 100 pictures of Shane. Like right now! I needed it right now! How did you know?

    I have the houseguests from hell who WILL NOT LEAVE (seriously, they’re going to be staying a week longer than they were supposed to, and that’s assuming they actually leave on Monday which is looking iffy) and I was about ready to open a vein, but how can I do that when there are 100 pictures of Shane to look at? I can’t! It’s Shane!

    • I sincerely feel for you, I’ve been there, but feel guilty that it made me LOL. :)

      • The worst part is, they’re family so I can’t just, y’know, call the sheriff and tell them there are crazy people squatting in my house!

        But when there are 100 pictures of Shane to look at, that stuff just fades into the background :D

        • LOL I totally know what you mean. Sounds like the Shane pictures came at exactly the right time. Chock one up for AS and their perfect timing! :)

  15. I don’t care if this is pageview pandering or what (does it count as more pageviews with those popovers?), I’m excited. Still not a single haircut I’d call good though

    • no it doesn’t count as more pageviews with this gallery plugin, it’s all the same page. JUST FO R YOU

  16. You have way too many pics of those sexy Shane lips..Just curious if that was coincidence? Omg that mouth!
    I know it’s been said more than a few times already but thanks for this!

  17. thanks for this:)) it is great:)
    i also like to collect pics of artist that i like :P ;) but not as a fetish just for fun and for a keepsake.
    but 100 pics of shane is not just showing a crush on somebody for me. i like the post, because i think this was realy original and exciting character that you don’t see a lot on tv and pushed a lot of boundaries in my perseption of the world. i guess i have to thank kate moenning for playing her so good.

    • uff :P i realy didn’t looked at the pics before posting my comment so i have to correct myself: these are actually 100 pics of kate moennning not shane ;)but still i think it is great to have a reminder of this talented actress who we see rarely these days on screen which is such a pity. i like actors who are bold and can present characters who are not conventional and kate does it very well.:))

  18. what happened to that really cute one of her in the green chair? that’s my fave and i can’t find it anywhere!

  19. If you were Kate M, would you not totally be weirded out by that look-alike model? She has the same tattoos as her! ahhhhhhhhhhggggggggggg. Alas, a lime painted yellow, does not a lemon make!

  20. I’m adding this page to my internet favorites so that Shane’s only a click away, in ways more than one.

  21. I just love Kate, even though she smokes (I really hate when people do).
    Thanks to a best friend at the time, I watched The L Word and that
    was it. She was my first on-screen female crush.
    I’ve adored her ever since and I’m so deeply jealous of her body.

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