100 Pictures of Shane

Sometimes you just want 100 pictures of Shane.



All photos are from my hard drive, though I imagine a lot of those come from this kate moennig fansite.


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    I’m actually getting ready to get my hair cut like her’s. Its going to be a huge change but I’ve been wearing my hair the same way for 5 years. I’ve been unsure if I wanted to do it or not but I’ll take this post as a sign from the lesbian Gods to do it. =)

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    this is has come at a particularly relevant time for me.. been catching up on the L word in the last few months, never really got the Shane thing before but started crushing on her bad about halfway through season 5 (now just have a few eps left of s6, woot). cue 2+ hours of typing ‘kate moennig’ into youtube and watching all the random CSI, 3 rivers, young americans.. sigh.
    so, yay for pictures!

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    I am more attracted to the Tina Fey kind of girl more than the the cool, hip kind of girl like Shane. But I have always found Shane really attractive in some primal, animal way. It was a little eye-opening to me that I recognize most of these pictures…clearly there is something in her that really catches my eye…

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    Um…in a few of these pictures she totally looks like my ex-boyfriend. Probably should have realised I was a homo sooner given that I only liked boys who looked like lesbians.

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    i never felt any sexual attraction to shane.

    i mean, i GET IT…but I’ve just never felt it. I’m cool with that…

    I was way more of a Carmen girl…and then it was all about Alice…and then surprisingly, I developed a thing for Tasha.

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      well it was exactly the opposite for me 😛
      i never got the appeal people have for carmen – she was too standard beauty, playboy kind of style 😛 and so obviously straight 😉
      but i actualy got hooked for this series because of characters like shane – realy presenting the lesbians, kate moenning just plyed her character in the most believable way, you realy can feel that this person- shane actualy can exsist :)))

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    I tried to watch the L Word for Shane, but mostly I just wanted her to stop slouching and wash her hair. And Jenny made my skin crawl, so while I liked Bettina and Alice and Dana and the soup chef, I stopped pretty quick. But Kate Moenig’s hands!!! Holy fuck!!! Especially in the top left pic of #83/veryshane, with her hand up near her mouth…. jfc. I may have to give the L Word another chance, and I definitely am not going to feel like my large-for-a-women hands are not sexy ever again.

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    Yes, sometimes you *do* just need 100 pictures of Shane. Like right now! I needed it right now! How did you know?

    I have the houseguests from hell who WILL NOT LEAVE (seriously, they’re going to be staying a week longer than they were supposed to, and that’s assuming they actually leave on Monday which is looking iffy) and I was about ready to open a vein, but how can I do that when there are 100 pictures of Shane to look at? I can’t! It’s Shane!

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    I don’t care if this is pageview pandering or what (does it count as more pageviews with those popovers?), I’m excited. Still not a single haircut I’d call good though

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    thanks for this:)) it is great:)
    i also like to collect pics of artist that i like 😛 😉 but not as a fetish just for fun and for a keepsake.
    but 100 pics of shane is not just showing a crush on somebody for me. i like the post, because i think this was realy original and exciting character that you don’t see a lot on tv and pushed a lot of boundaries in my perseption of the world. i guess i have to thank kate moenning for playing her so good.

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      uff 😛 i realy didn’t looked at the pics before posting my comment so i have to correct myself: these are actually 100 pics of kate moennning not shane ;)but still i think it is great to have a reminder of this talented actress who we see rarely these days on screen which is such a pity. i like actors who are bold and can present characters who are not conventional and kate does it very well.:))

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    If you were Kate M, would you not totally be weirded out by that look-alike model? She has the same tattoos as her! ahhhhhhhhhhggggggggggg. Alas, a lime painted yellow, does not a lemon make!

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